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The Girdlestone family of Kelling

An abbreviated tree to show the Kelling Girdlestones and how
the Rectors of Salthouse and Kelling are related

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This tree is simplified. Many brothers or uncles have been left out for economy of space


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Robert Baker Girdlestone, author
of the Genealogical Notes on the Girdlestone family, published 1904.


The Girdlestones are of interest to Salthouse, as well as to Kelling, since they owned land here, provided us with a lord and lady of the manor, and supplied us with three rectors, over a period of ninety-nine years. A large number of the Girdlestones of the present day are undoubtedly descended from these Girdlestones originating in Kelling, and they have been faithfully recorded by members of the family.

Robert Baker Girdlestone's description of his genealogical search in the late 1800s may be of interest to researchers of today who can get so much from the internet at the click of a mouse! (click on Robert Baker Girdlestone's name on the bottom line of the tree, to read an excerpt from his notes)

All the photographs and information below have been taken from the wealth of material, kindly made available to this site by present-day members of the Girdlestone family. The main source of information being the 'Genealogical Notes on the Girdlestone Family' which is the work of Edward and Robert Girdlestone who could trace their own direct descent from their great-great-great-great-great-great-grandfather, who was a Yeoman of Kelling in the 1560s (see the first entry on the portion of family tree above ).

There were Girldestones listed with various spellings in the 1538 Salthouse Register (now damaged and unavailable) for the 16th century:

Christopher Gyrleton, last of October 1576, Ellen Gyrlestone, 13 April 1592, Humfrie son of John Gyrleston, 2 June 1593, Henry Gyrlestonne, last of August 1595, and for the 17th century: Helen Girlton, 23 April 1600, Cicelye Girdlestonne widow, 1st May1638, Margerye wife of Edmond Girdlestonne, 17th Nov 1620, Edmond Girdlestonne, 23rd Sept 1623. Of these, only Edmund and his wife Margery are certain ancestors of the Kelling Girdlestones who produced the lord of the manor of Salthouse and Kelling, and the three Rectors.

visit Dave Addy's site at:     http://www.addyd.freeserve.co.uk/genology/intro.htm
for samples of Dave's records on the descendants of the Kelling Girdlestones:

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Members of the Girdlestone family who so generously provided this site with such masses of information:

Gathorne Girdlestone who is directly descended from the Kelling branch

David Addy descended
from the Girdlestones

Liz and David Girdleston
living in the North of England

Liz Girdlestone says:

"I have done extensive research on the Girdlestone family myself and a few others are currently working to prove the link between the Girdlestones of Kelling and the Wramplingham Girdlestones. As you know, this is not a vast area, I can not believe that there were two unrelated families of the same name is an area of only a few miles"

Gathorne says:

"Edward Deacon G. and Robert Baker G. were two of my great-grandfather's six brothers.  RBG had a son Gathorne Robert Girdlestone. Gathorne and my father were both interested in 'family' and were good friends despite the age gap.  I was named after him but he refused to be my godfather as he said he was too old.  When Gathorne died I assume he left several of his father's books and a few other papers, which we now have, to my father.  Where I am also very fortunate is that I have portraits, (and later photos) to bring my ancestors to 'life'.  I have grown up with them, and see them every day.  Samuel Rainbow, as I said earlier, sits above where I am typing.  He would be 240 next year !  His male descendants range around the room down to my brother.  Strictly speaking the portraits are my brother's, although I have my own copy of SRG in the hall, but he doesn't have room at the moment.

"I notice several different spellings of Girdlestone - Girdleston Girdlestonne etc.  Are these as shown in the original records ? or dare I say errors ?  With names like Gathorne and Girdlestone I am used to losing 'e's and gaining 'y's (Gaythorn Girdlston) ! (One of my godfathers even gave me a silver spoon for my christening engraved 'Gaythorne')."


An American branch of the Girdlestone family

Lisa Dayley in Burley, Idaho, USA, says:

"I'm descended from the "other" branch of the Girdlestone family tree. My bunch lived in Wramplingham/ /Marlingford/Great Melton.
I do believe, as Liz has written above, that both families were related.

My line goes as follows:
my great-great-grandmother Emma who emmigrated;
her parents Thomas and Mary Betts Girdlestone;
Thomas' parents Joseph and Elizabeth Jones Girdlestone;
Joseph's parents Ishmael and Sarah Hunt Girdlestone (he later married Sarah Kiddel/Kittle);
Ishmael's parents were Jon and Elizabeth Fuller Girdlestone;
Jon's parents were Willimus and Ursula Tydd  Girdlestones; Willimus' father was William Girdlestone.
I don't know who William's wife was but know he had a sister named Alice.

The man in the background is my brother Paul Westenskow.
Also, I think you'll notice a resemblance between David and myself. My cousin Jeff Smith - another Yankee!!!!!!!!! - looks a lot like David as
well. Amazing how genetics work.

visit Lisa's webpage to see photos and details. Click on the link:
or this: www.webspawner.com/users/westenskow/henrygirdleston.html


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