The pictures of the 1953 flood are mainly those of the damage after the waters had receded. Pictures of what it was like on the night itself - don't exist!

for an interesting article on the whole of the east coast in the 1953 flood, with many pictures including some of Holland, go to: snowwatch forum and scroll down a bit past the Boscastle flood.

SALTHOUSE the North Norfolk village with the Fascinating History

From the heath c.1820
 1953     FLOOD
An aerial view of the village green on the morning after the great flood of 1953

The sea has receded.

It is hard to imagine what the view from here would have been like during the night before, but no plane could have remained in the sky!




looking from the post office towards the east.
All these houses had sea water up to the top of their staircases. All their possessions were ruined and all
their wash houses and out-buildings were demolished.

This was the flood that killed people all over East Anglia and destroyed many houses'
In Salthouse only one person was drowned but many were made homeless

The other end of the village, opposite beach road

Clem Holman stands in the ruin of his wash house. The children with him are probably Coopers who lived at that time in the cottage which is now the Crab Shop.
Behind Clem, in this picture, is Cliff  Woodhouse's house which was battered but remained standing. He escaped  by breaking a hole in the upper storey

(see the picture on the right) —>




The same house from behind. Cliff Woodhouse made the round hole you can see to the left of the chimney, and he and his wife escaped through it from the rising water



Roy Holman and his mother sitting in the ruin of their
wash house opposite the duck pond on the coast road.

Val Fiddian 2005

MORE destruction pictures, some incolour
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