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Charles Barsted (born 1848 in Blakeney), married Sarah Ann High (born 1852 in Salthouse) Oct 1871 at Salthouse

The following five children were all born in Salthouse before the family moved to South Shields

Sarah Ann Barsted b. 1873
Charles High Barsted b. 1874
Martha Ann Barsted b. 1876
James Edward Barsted b. 1878
Thomas William Barsted b. 1882 ( of Salthouse).

also see: Salthouse families in South Shields in 1891



coat of arms from www.houseofnames.com

The Brown family
Coat of Arms

Charlie Brown and Eva his wifeCharles Brown
married Evangeline High, who was one of the daughters of Levi and Elizabeth High.

a page of Browns at

For a page of the Brown family click

The children of Charlie and Evangeline Brown

the six Browns: Vera, Norah, Russell, Phyllis,Joan and Kenneth
Vera, Norah, Russell, Phyllis, Joan and Kenneth


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George William Cooke

Esther Susannah Summers
see also

and they had
11 children 

Cook family crest fromwww.houseofnames.com

Their children were:

Emma Jane Sophia (1883)

Mary Jane (1884)

Francis Marshall

Selina (1889)

Edith Elizabeth (1890)

Isaac (1892)

Rachel (1893)

Stephen Summers (1895)

Priscilla (1896)

David (1898)  Killed in 1st World War

Robin (1900)

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Isaac Cooke

Isaac m. Winnie and    they had one son

Isaac 'Dyke' Cooke

Winnie Cooke



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Frances Marshall
('York') Cooke

Selina Cooke







Robin Cooke

to see the family group click here










Leslie Cooke

Leslie Cooke m. Beryl and they had two sons


(no photo yet of John)





Marshall Cooke

 The children of Marshall and Alice Cooke

Molly (Mickey) Cooke
Marshall Cooke  m.  Alice Holman
Jack Cooke
George Cooke
Bob Cooke
Nancy Cooke
Molly Cooke

Their children were:

Jack                    Basil
George              June
Bob                     Ruth
Molly ('Micky') Charlie


Ruth Cooke
Basil Cooke
June Cooke
Charlie Cooke

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From the Arch deacon's and Bishop's Transcripts
for the 19th century

Courtesy of Honor Jones and Francis Wright              

Charles Cubitt and his son Gerald harrowing a field in the east of the village early 1900s


Baptisms in Salthouse Church

Robert son of William Cubitt & Elizabeth late Strutt born 17th bapt 18 /4 /1801

William son of William Cubitt & Elizabeth late Strutt born 25th bapt 26/ 3 /1804

James son of William Cubitt & Elizabeth late Strutt born 7th bapt 11/ 5/ 1807

Mary Ann daughter of William Cubitt & Mary late High born 27th bapt 30/ 9 /1810

Frances daughter of William & Mary Cubitt born 6th bapt 9 /1/1813

Barbara daughter of William & Mary Cubitt born 5th bapt 9/ 7 /1815

Elizabeth daughter of Thomas & Mary Cubitt born 13th bapt 17 / 3 /1816

Sarah Ann daughter of Thomas & Mary Cubitt born 5th bapt 12 /10 /1817

Thomas Dennis son of William & Mary Cubitt born & bapt 12 /4 /1818

William Arnold son of Thomas & Mary Cubitt bapt 6th born 7 /11 /1819

Robert son of William & Mary Cubitt born 5th bapt 7 /5 /1820

Susanna daughter of Thomas & Mary Cubitt bapt 3 /3 /1822

William son of William & Mary Cubitt bapt 14 /7 /1822

Elizabeth daughter of William & Mary Cubitt bapt 30 /1 /1825 for more on Elizabeth click

Henry son of William & Mary Cubitt bapt 8 /7 /1827

John Bishop son of William & Mary Cubitt bapt 17 /7 /1830

Hannah Sarah Ann daughter of William & Mary Cubitt bapt 6 /4 /1834

Martha Matilda daughter of Thomas & Mary Cubitt bapt 12 /10 /1834

William Robert son of William & Mary Ann Cubitt bapt 28 /9 /1851

Mary Elizabeth daughter of Robert & Mary Anne Cubitt bapt 5 /3 /1854

Sarah Ann daughter of Robert & Mary Anne Cubitt bapt 17 /4 /1856

Barbara daughter of Robert & Mary Anne Cubitt bapt 30 /8 /1857

Thomas Levi son of Thomas & Ann Cubitt bapt 11 /2 /1859

William son of William Robert & Martha Ann Cubitt bapt 26 /11 /1876


Burials of Cubitts 1801-

Robert Cubitt son of William & Elizabeth 20 /4 /1801

James Cubitt aged 22 years 26 /10 /1829

William Cubitt aged 73 years 8 /9 /1833

Elizabeth Cubitt aged 73 years 5 /10 /1834

William Cubitt aged 50 years 29 /5 /1854

Sarah Ann Cubitt aged 3 months17 /7 /1856

William Cubitt aged 77 years 18 /4 /1863

Mary Elizabeth Cubitt aged 17 years 12 /5 /1870

Mary Cubitt aged 82 years 28 /4 /1871

Mary Ann Cubitt aged 57 years 14 /3 /1878

Barbara Cubitt aged 29 years  23 /4 /1887

Robert Cubitt aged 72 years   12 /5 /1892  

Cubitt Marriages and Banns

William Cubitt b 1787 in Blakeney & Mary High b 1790 married 14 /6 /1810 - Banns recorded 20th 27th May & 3rd June 1810 in Salthouse

Thomas Cubitt & Mary Arnold - Banns recorded 10th 17th 24th Sept 1815

Robert Cubitt & Mary Ann Williamson - Banns recorded 24th Sept & 1st & 8th Oct 1848


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Mathew Dack, (son of Matthew Twite Dack, born Beetley in 1819 and died in Holt in 1900), was born in Whissonsett, Norfolk 12 march 1848 and died in Salthouse 22nd March 1933. He married Mary Alice Taylor in March 2/7/1871 in Orsdon.
By 1880 Mathew and his family had moved to Salthouse in Norfolk.

Their children were:

George William Dack, born 24/4/1873 in Northumberland and died 29/5/1954 in Blakeney, Norfolk
Mary Ann Dack, born 15/11/1875 in Holt
Alice Dack, born 5/11/1877 in Yorkshire and died May c. 1964 in Salthouse
       Alice married Richard May Lynn in June 1902 in the Erpingham area
Matthew Dack, born 7/2/1880 in Salthouse and died 23/3/1935 in Salthouse
Alfred (known as Joe) Dack, born 16/2/1882 in Salthouse and died c. 1964 in Salthouse
James Dack, born 7/11/1883 in Salthouse and died c. June 1918 in Canada
Eleanor Rebecca Dack, born 26/01/1886 in Salthouse and died o9/12/1941
Ernest Dack, born 22/01/1889 in Salthouse and died 31/05/1976 in Cawston, Norfolk
       Ernest married Jean Appleton c. 1912 in Smallburgh, Norfolk
Hetty Isabella Dack, born 19/11/1892 in Salthouse, married Arthur Shales c. March 1917

The above information is kindly donated to the site by
Jenny Adams who is descended from the family

for pictures: see the Salthouse Dack family page





coat of arms from www.houseofnames.com

Philip Dawson, married Sylvia Duffield.

see:the Dawson family page

Jack Dawson married Ethel High

and see Mary Lemmon née Dawson's story



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coat of arms from www.houseofnames.com

1868 Susannah Dew, shopkeeper of Salthouse, was recorded in the Wells Register of Shipping as the owner of all 64 shares of a brig or brigantine called the Ionian, built at Prince Edward Island, Canada.
When Susannah died in 1878, she left 22 of her shares in the ship to William Dew, mariner of Salthouse, who was master of the ship at that time, and 42 to George Dew, labourer of Salthouse.
In 1879 George Dew transferred his shares to William John Dew of Salthouse, farm labourer, and the following year William Dew (the mariner) transferred his 22 shares to Richard Lynn, farm labourer of Salthouse.
In 1882 they sold their combined holdings to William Crathorne of Sunderland.

The above information was supplied by Mike Stammers who was lately in charge of the Maritime Museum at Liverpool and has written many articles on local shipping.

Richard (Dick) Dew married Harriette High (a daughter of Levi High) and they lived in the house now called 'Shenstone' in Grouts Lane in
the 1930-40s




Harriet Dew and May Wall

George Dew married Edie Lynn and lived in Church Lane
his brother Henry lived with sisters Annie Wills (who had married a Canadian in the first world war), Dorothy and Sybil, in Keymer Cottage.

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coat of arms from www.houseofnames.com

18th century Dixes from NRO, AT's supplied by Chris Watson

Click here to see them

Samuel Dix born abt. 1869 Wiveton, Norfolk and baptised 21st March 1869 St. Mary The Virgin, Wiveton (source www.freereg.org.uk) married Charlotte Pigott of Salthouse on the 13th of January 1894 at the St. Nicholas Church Salthouse.
Samuel Dix's line and that of his children does not currently fit in with the line of John Dix b. abt 1804 Salthouse who's line has been compiled by Rexie Akwei-Fraser - click here and contains a number of Dix family members who moved to South Shields & County Durham
Samuel & Charltotte had 8 children born in Salthouse between 1894 & 1906 namely -
Sidney Dix b. abt 1894, known as Sammy
Herbert Dix b. abt 1895 died abt 1964
Thomas Nicholas Dix b. abt 1898
Elsie Maria Dix b. abt 1899 married William Albert V Clarke
Margaret Dix b. abt 1901 married Richard Edward Lines
William Ernest Dix b. after 1901
Charlotte Dix b. 30th December 1903 married John W Dennis
Alice Dix b. abt. 1906 married Walter Graveling
All the female lines continue on as they had children, but it looks the 4 male lines did not.
William & Thomas died at Flanders, France during WW1. William dies first on the 25th of May 1916, Thomas died on the 2nd of October 1917, further details as to the location of their memorial and the conflict they were engaged in can be seen at the commonwealth war grave commissions website.
On the 1901 census the family were living on Cley Road in Salthouse and Samuel was described as a Agricultural Labourer



Chris Watson - whose husband is descended from Salthouse Dixes sent this email last year:

Sent: to: <valfiddian@salthousehistory.co.uk>Thursday, August 26, 2004 9:31 AM
Subject: James DIX

Hi Val,

I know you said that you haven't researched the DIX family, but I just wondered whether you might know who the parents were of James DIX, Master Mariner, please?  We have a suspicion that he might be connected with the family.  It is my husband's family that have DIX ancestors.  His mother is in her late 80's and has often said that her Great Grandfather was a ship's captain.  We treated this quite 'cautiously' - especially when we found him recorded as a waterman on the 1881 census!!  However, having now found the DIX connection, plus the fact that the family moved from Norfolk to Northumberland during the 1800's, makes me wonder whether there may have been an element of truth in the story - maybe Great Grandfather should have been Great Uncle?

I know that Elizabeth DIX had a brother, John, who married Elizabeth JARY in 1829 at Salthouse.  I have found one of their sons, Ansell DIX, born at Salthouse in 1835, living in South Shields in 1881.  I'm wondering whether James could have been his brother?

I would really appreciate any information which you may have.

Many thanks,
Chris Watson.

Val says: This interesting email made me look in the Salthouse marriage register for 19th c. but all I've got starts in 1839. (Chris Watson supplied the first three on this list.)

living in Salthouse
father's name
1798 17th September John Dix   yes
  Ann Dyball   yes Matthew Dyball (?)  
1829 10th November
John Dix
  Elizabeth Jary   yes    
1831 28th October William Dix   yes    
  Martha   yes    
1848 14th October William Dix (widower) Deborah Moy
Thomas Dix
Domestic servant
John Moy
Thomas High
Susan Dix
Thomas High
Domestic servant
Thomas Dix
1854 19th April
Frederick Moy
Jane Dix
John Moy
Thomas Dix
1859 7th April
James Dix
Mary Hancock
William Dix
Domestic servant
Samuel Hancock Baker
1873 29th October Isaac Cawthorne (widower) Honour Dix
Coastguard Officer
Salthouse John Dix Labourer
1878 September John William Elsy
Christianna Dix
Henry Elsy Sailor
yes William Dix Labourer
1878 Oct William Dix
Ellen Ann Jenkinson
Labourer yes William Dix Labourer
Domestic Servant Holt Stephen Jenkinson Labourer
1882 March James Lynard Plummer Dix
Mary Ann High
Labourer Salthouse
yes Richard Joseph High Labourer
1884 November Levi High Labourer yes Richard Joseph High Labourer
Elizabeth Ann Dix Domestic Servant yes William Dix Labourer
1894 January Samuel Dix Labourer yes Robert Dix Labourer
Charlotte Pigott Domestic Servant yes Richard Copling Pigott Gardener
1921 October William Albert Clarke Carpenter Wroxham Jell Clarke Seargent
Elsie Maria Dix Spinster yes Samuel Dix deceased

to some more recent Dixes and James Dix Master Mariner

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Many thanks to Glen Matthews (see his first message to this site, below) for this photo of Elsy descendants (click on the thumbnail to see it bigger)



and Many thanks to Glen Matthews for this message with information on one or two members of the Elsys of Salthouse

Salthouse ancestors

To: valfiddian@salthousehistory.co.uk
Sent: Tuesday, January 11, 2005 3:37 PM

Dear Val

I subscribe to the Blakeney family history and was therefore the recipient of their BAHS newsletter, which mentioned your site. I found it exceptionally good, user friendly and well thought out. I wish other villages in Norfolk would do the same!.

I thought you might be interested in my knowledge of those of my relatives that lived in Salthouse. Although not direct ancestors Henry Cornelius ELSY was my great great grandfathers brother. Their father was the postmaster of Cley. Henry married Martha Geary on the 9th March 1846 at St Margaret in Cley. The registrar reads as follows: Both of full age. Mariner and spinster. Martha's surname may be Jary (See witness). Wedding witnessed by William C ELSY, Elizabeth Jary, and Mary Ann ELSY. No details of Martha's father or his occupation and she made her mark. The curate was Chas Morson. William and Elizabeth ELSY were brother and sister of the groom. Martha was born in Salthouse in 1825 and died in Cley and buried on the 21 December 1873 Burial ceremony performed by Thomas J Bewsher Burial register gave her age as 47 years.

At the time of the 1851 census Henry was living with his wife and son in the High Street in Cley next Sea and was employed as a mariner.

His mother in law Sarah Geary was living with them at the time and she was 78 and a widow.

In 1861 He was still living at the same address with his wife, daughter and mother in law.

 One of their children, John William ELSY who I believe was born in Salthouse in 1846 married Christiana Dix on the 26 September 1878 at Salthouse Parish Church. Christiana was born in Salthouse and her father was William Dix born c1808. At the time of his daughters wedding he was a labourer and in 1881 he was described as an ag. lab. and was living with his son and daughter in law in Salthouse.

John & Christiana’s children were:

Deborah Martha ELSY born Q 4 1879 Salthouse

Anthony WilliamELSY Q3 1883 Salthouse Died Q1 1940 South Shields

Morris G ELSY I born Q 4 1885 Salthouse Died Q1 1941 South Shields

John Henry ELSY born Q 4 1887 South Shields Died Q3 1957 South Shields

Arthur JamesELSY born Q3 1890 South Shields Burial 28 February 1922 Blackhill Cemetery Consett. He was a gunner in the Royal Garrison Artillery in the 1st World War

 John, like his father Henry, and Uncle’s William and Joseph were mariners and apart from Henry they all moved to South Shields, which is where, I was born.
I hope that the above is of some use and if you can supply me with any of the birth/baptism dates for those born in Salthouse it would be most appreciated.

Glen Matthews

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Horace Foulger, tenant farmer at the Hall farm - for picture see farming groups page



Walter Graveling, Blacksmith and Publican at the Dun Cow, married Alice Dix


see the Girdlestone page





stand watch and do not be afraid










The following information about the Harmer family has been supplied recently (17th June '05) by Peter Harmer (see the messages page)

Francis Harmer was listed in the 1841 Census for Salthouse living at the Green. Francis and his family emigrated to South Australia in 1848, and have many descendants across Australia and elsewhere.

His first wife Ann Christmas née Barrett had died in Kelling in Jan 1845, after adding two more children to those listed in the 1841 census:

William Harmer and Francis Henry Harmer, and in October of that year Francis married Maria Larkman, with whom he had three more children Edward, Thomas and Sarah.

Francis Harmer 1810-1892

click on the picture
to se
e it full size

Francis Henry Harmer (1810-1892) m Ann Barrett at Bodham in 1831

They had the following children:

Hannah b 1832 Norfolk d Australia
Margaret b 1833 Norfolk d 1916 Broken Hill, NSW
Elias b 1837 Salthouse d 1906 Hopetoun, Victoria
James b 1840 Norfolk christened 1842 Salthouse, d 1898 Blyth, South Australia
William b 1842 Norfolk christened 1842 Salthouse, d abt1920 South Australia
Francis Henry b 1844 Kelling d 1935 Werrimull, Victoria
Francis' wife Ann died at Kelling in Jan 1845 and was buried there.

 Francis remarried Maria Larkman in 1845 at Kelling and they had the following children:

Edward christened 1847 at Kelling, probably died before 1848 when the family emigrated to Adelaide South Australia
Thomas b 1850 Mt Barker South Australia
Sarah b 1853 Bugle Ranges, South Australia d 1898 Adelaide South Australia

Maria died sometime between 1853 and 1861 in South Australia and Francis married again to Ellen Withers née Hopkins, who died in 1887, hence he outlived his three wives. 

While Francis was living in Norfolk his occupation was listed as a farm labourer.In South Australia he was also employed as a farm labourer but later his occupation is listed on certificates as a farmer.

Judging by the information we have gathered thus far, his family was living at Salthouse  at the Green during the late 1830's until the early 1840's after which the family seem to have moved to Kelling and then emigrated in 1848 on the ship "Bolton". Most of his male children were subsequently employed in farming too. 

We are currently working at tracing Francis' ancestry back further as it appears that his parents, grandparents and great grandparents lived in the Kelling/Salthouse/Weybourne areas going back to the early 1700's

Peter Harmer  



coat of arms from www.houseofnames.com


see Hancock family page







High family coat of arms supplied by Fred High1700s
William born in Salthouse around 1705-1710. He married Hestor about 1734. They had at least 3 children (probably more): Sarah born 1735,   Edmund born1736 and Benjamin born 1741 who died in Salthouse 24April 1829.

Benjamin married Ann (or Amy) Dennis (born 1747 and died in Salthouse 6 October 1818) in about 1769. Their known children were John born 15 April 1770, Barbara born 12 May 1771, Ann born 3 April 1774, Benjamin 1776, Henry born 1784 and Thomas born 1787, Mary born 1790. All were born in Salthouse.

Benjamin (b 1776) married Francis Youngs in about 1803, and they had at least 8 children born in Salthouse: Benjamin Youngs born 21 January 1804, John born 17 February 1807 and died 2 August 1807, Mary Ann born 5 October 1808, Amy born 22 April 1811, Christopher born 26 December 1813, Louisa born 17 October 1816, John born 18 November 1819 and Robert born 16 January 1822.
This branch of the family moved to Whissonsett in the late 1820s- early 1830s and by 2004 have spread around the world.

(b 1784 in Salthouse and died 1856 in Salthouse) married Lydia Dickens in 1810 in Fakenham. Their son Henry born abt. 1826 settled in Colkirk, Norfolk.

Thomas (b 1787 in Salthouse and died 6 July 1875) married Ann Williamson in Salthouse 13 September 1811 (Ann was born 1788 in Beeston Regis and died 6 July 1875 in Salthouse). Their children were Henry born 1813, Ann Barbara born 1814, Mary born 1815, Elizabeth 1817, Thomas born 1819, Susan born 1822, Charles born 1823 and died 1894 in Salthouse, Richard Joseph born 1825 and died in Salthouse 1887, Sarah Ann born 1828 died aged 4 months, Amy born 1829 and Sarah Ann born 1831

Henry (b 1813) married Rebecca Ives (I'm still working on this)

Fred High of Australia is descended from the Salthouse Highs and has done extensive research on his family Tree or

Go to Fred's page        

or, for pictures and stories, go to the
High selection page                                                      

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click here to see it

Newly made Holman Tree

coat of arms from www.house of names.com

bpt:15 10 1826 at Thursford
m. (November 1851) Susanna Ives
William John born 1851,
Mary Ann born 1857, 
Herbert born 1858.
William John m. Maria
children: Mabel b 1889,
Bessie b 1900, Frank b 1904, Reginald b c 1906

All three brothers Brandon, Isaac and Matthew,  came to Salthouse from Thursford in the early 1850s.
They were sons of Mary (née Morter
baptised 16. 1.1799, Thursford, dau of John & Ann late Clarke) who married William Holman in Thursford.

Matthew baptised 2 4 1833
m. (December 1858) Hannah Pegg

Isaac  baptised 5 4 1836
m. (September 1858)
Ann Ives
sons: Clement born1859,
born 1864 (see below)
          William born 1865 

  Some of the children of Ruth and John Holman:
John Holman born 1864, m. Ruth Pigott 
  their children were:

Clement  (and see below),
Walter ('Rooter')
(see below)
Hezekiah ('Butcher'),




John (Hopper)



 m.  Marshall Cooke

(see Cookes)  

Alph Dawson




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The children of Walter and Sarah






Walter Holman
Walter Holman m. Sarah


   Clement Holman  m. Maggie
                        and they had one son

Clem Holman

Alan Holman


  Billy Holman  m. Alice Woodhouse  
They had one  son Brian       
Alice had Jasper    
  who married Olive

Bertie 'Billy' Holman and Alice,  ran the teahouse on Great Eye. The flag was used to signal when they needed more milk, and Vivian High as a boy, would bike over with a churn on his handle bar

Alice Holman

Brian 'Brock ' Holman

Jasper Woodhouse

Olive and Sandra


Olive and Jasper had one daughter Sandra

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Francis Ives (born in Letheringsett) married Sarah Jackson (born in Hickling) on 29th January 1814 at Salthouse. They had the following children all born at Salthouse
Robert born c1815
Mary Ann born c1820
1.Francis born c1821
Jane born c1822
Sarah born c1825
Susannah born 1827 Salthouse occupation dressmaker
Henry born c 1829 Salthouse occupation mariner but living in Langham in 1901 retired labourer
Rebecca born c 1831Jane c 1861

2John born c1832
Ann born c 1839 Salthouse
1.Francis married Ann Burton on 25th June 1851 at Langham Episcopi Church
They had the following children born  at Salthouse
Alfred born c1853
Susanna c1856
Constance  12th November 1857 - who married Stephen Rutland in Colkirk and eventually lived in Blakeney
Jane c 1861

 2.John married Lydia from Guestwick

They had the following children all born in Salthouse
Mary c 1860
Maria c 1863
Frank c 1867
John c1869
Lydia c 1870 married Robert Rogers Spencer Pigott

John was still in Salthouse in 1901 and was by that time also a shepherd.

(this information supplied by Jean Jeggo, who would welcome any more information on the Ives family)

See Family Tree showing R.R.S.Pigott and Lydia click here  


coat of arms from www.houseofnames.com

To: "Val Fiddian" <valfiddian@salthousehistory.co.uk>
Sent: Thursday, August 26, 2004 10:08 am
Subject: Salthouse Jarvis

I said I would come back to you on my Jarvis family.
John Dewing born in Aylsham 1814, (click on his name for pictures of the family supplied by Janine Cole)
married Sarah Ann Perfrement b Salthouse 1815
Their children, all born in Salthouse:

Robert John b Dec 1843 died 1863
Susanna (Maria) b March 1845
Alice Phebe b 1846
Edward b March 1848 (my gt grandfather)
David b July 1851
John Dodman b 1855
(click on his name for pictures)
Georgiana b 1857

I am quite happy for you to put these
on the website if you so wish.

All the best Margaret

I also have John Dewing's siblings and parents but these are all for Aylsham.

David married Emma who died in Feb 1909 (gravestone) and I believe he remarried in Dec 1909 but don't know who yet.
There is a photo of David and wife and child in your book so this may nudge somebody - it possibly looks like the photo of Amelia Pigott on your website.  David's son Arthur married
in Dec 1902 I believe it was Sarah Ann Pigott. 
Percival Dewing (David's son) married also in Dec 1902 perhaps to either Susan May Dennis or Agnes Ruth Kaberry.

david jarvis and wife and child Cross Street

David Jarvis and family,
outside Well Cottage at the bottom of Cross Street

(the photo mentioned by Margaret from the Salthouse book)

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Henry Elsy married Martha GEARY on the 9th March 1846 at St Margaret in Cley. The registrar reads as follows: Both of full age. Mariner and spinster. Martha's surname may be JARY (See witness). Wedding witnessed by William C. Elsy, Elizabeth JARY, and Mary Ann Elsy. No details of Martha's father or his occupation and she made her mark. The curate was Chas Morson. William and Elizabeth Elsy were brother and sister of the groom.
Martha was born in Salthouse in 1825 and died in Cley and buried on the 21 December 1873 Burial ceremony performed by Thomas J Bewsher Burial register gave her age as 47 years.

From the 19th century list of Salthouse graves:
John JARY died June 3rd 1853, aged 60 years.   Sarah JARY died November 10th 1870, aged 70 years.

from the 1861 Census James JARY aged 40 was living in Kelling Road Salthouse with his wife Susanna aged 41 and his niece Sarah A. Pigot aged 6

ee a picture of another grandmother GEARY in the midst of her daughter Mary ('Polly')'s family in Salthouse in 1892. She could be Susanna in above entry?

See the Poor Prisoners Petition for John JEARY imprisoned in 1815 for taking wreckage from the beach.

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coat of arms from www.houseofnames.com

The Johnson family lived in the Manor house

William Johnson m Miss ? Massingham c 1740s and had:

William Johnson born 1750, buried in Salthouse Church 1814  
Frances Johnson  
John Johnson  
Christian Johnson m William Jex in 1773, and had: Johnson Jex born 1779  

William Johnson (1750-1814) m. Hannah, and had:
John (died 1789 at 2 weeks)
Esther, born 1790, m. John Bolding and had: William John Jennis Bolding, born 1815, Hannah, born 1816, Esther, 1820
Hannah, born 1792 m. William Monement and had:11 children
Frances, born 1794, m. (1) Mr Cook (2) Mr Buck
Mary, born 1796, m. Thomas Purdy
John Francis, born 1798, m. Elizabeth and had:  
William, born 1838, m. Sarah Ann Pigott  

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KEYMERcoat of arms from www.houseofnames.com

Robert Keymer b 1747, Plumstead. Yeoman farmer landowner in Salthouse,
m. Elizabeth Balls of Plumstead, and had:
William Keymer b 1775, freehold farmer in Salthouse, m. Sarah Warnes and had:
William Warnes 'Fiddler' Keymer b. 1809, m. Sarah Burton, widow of Beverley, Yorks
Robert Keymer b1812, farm labourer and Warrener, m.
3 daughters
Philip Keymer b 1815 Millwright m Frances Cubitt of Salthouse had:

Philip Keymer b 1836 in Salthouse, m. Mary Ann Howard of Drayton,
and had 22 children in Gorleston
William Keymer b 1842 in Salthouse, m. Jane Self went to East Dereham, had 5 children
Henry Keymer b1849 in Drayton, m. Fanny Page 1850 was Salthouse engineer and millwright
This information is taken from Dr Ian Keymer's family tree, which appeared in the Salthouse book

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Charles Lewis born in Salthouse, died 9.Oct 1834 married Susannah Coe on 10th June 1805  
their son Fenn Lewis was born in Salthouse in 1811 died 1861 married Ann Barnes in 1841
their son Henry Lewis was born 1814 and died 1898 (see his grave) He married Elizabeth Keymer.

for the family tree click on itand description compiled by Jackie Harris who is descended from Charles Lewis click here


LYNNLynn family crest from www.houseofnames.com

William Lynn was in Salthouse in 1838 according to Edward Houghton's Survey of that year.

In 1891 according to the census, a William Lynn, a bricklayer's labourer, was living in Cley Road (now the Coast Road) with his wife Maria, son William and daughter Sarah. Also in 1891, Hannah Lynn, widow aged 71, was living in Kelling Road (now Cross Street)
and her son Richard was 34.
Lynn was living in the Holt Road (now Purdy Street) with his wife Elizabeth,
and sons, William and Peter. see the Lynn page Click here


Robert Lynn
son of Peter Lynn

thanks to Richard and Barbara Lynn for this photograph


If you read the history of the Oddfellows, you'll see that both the Oddfellows and the Masons can trace their roots back to the Trade Guilds of the 12th and 13th centuries. In addition, the Oddfellows does have some ceremonial aspects - a link to the heritage and traditions of the past (see History of the Oddfellows). http://www.oddfellows.co.uk/history.htm

Alfie Lynn

who was killed when a tractor he was driving overturned in Salthouse


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MoyMoy family crest from www.houseofnames.com

Susannah Bullen nee Moy with her mother Elizabeth Moy and Sydney and Wesley Bullen

Above: Susanna Bullen (née Moy) with her mother Elizabeth Moy and Sydney and Wesley Bullen.

John Moy, born 177o in Weybourne,
John's son
John born 1797 Salthouse, married Susanna Thompson in 1764
their son
William born 1821 Salthouse, married Marie ? born 1822 Wiverton
William & Marie's son
William, born 1847 in Salthouse, married Elizabeth ? born 1859 in Oxfield, Norfolk
William & Elizabeth's daughter
Susanna, born 1880 inHope St. Hedworth Monkton & Jarrow, married William Bullen and died 1937 in Northumberland.

Sarah Ann Moy (of Salthouse) 1799-1880 (daughter of John above?) married William Pigott and had 7 children (see Pigott)
Martha Ann 1827- ? married Charles High (of Salthouse) in 1846

In the 1891 census there is a John Moy in Salthouse a glazier,
aged 60 with his wife Lydia aged 62



Myngs family crest from www.houseofnames.com

Sir Christopher Myngs, born in 1625 at the Manor House Salthouse 1625 see the Parr tree The name Mings or Myngs was first found in Bedfordshire
where they were anciently seated as Lords of the Manor. back to top






James Olley - survivor of the famous 'Charge of the Light Brigade' in the Crimean War. He lived in Salthouse toward the end of his life and was churchwarden. His story is told by Steve Benson, Director, Independent Schools Council information service (ISCis)
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a Pedigree of the Parrs of Salthouse

click this image to see the Parr tree

Henry Parr of Salthouse 16th century, ancestor of Admiral Sir Christopher Myngs born in Salthouse


First found in Lancashire where they were seated from early times and their first records appeared on the early census rolls taken by the early Kings of Britain to determine the rate of taxation of their subjects.



Francis Barnaby Pegg, lived and farmed in Salthouse for some years. The 1853 Inclosure Map shows land leased by him. Francis married Mary Ann Cubitt (daughter of William and Mary (nee High)) in
Salthouse on 18 June 1835, and they had ten children, all baptised in the village.

They were: Thomas William (b.1836), Henry Alexander Francis (b.1837), William (1839), Hannah Sarah Anne (b.1840), Barbara Mary Ann (b.1842), Susanna Elizabeth (1845-84), Marianne Francis (b.1846), Elizabeth Ann (b.1849), John Bishop Cubitt (1851-1912) and Frances (b.1854).

Hannah Sarah Anne Pegg married Matthew Holman from Thursford at Salthouse in December 1858. Shortly after that the family moved up to the South Shields area, settling in Westoe. Some of the men in the family were seamen, and others, including Francis, found work in chemical factories. Francis died in 1875, and his widow, who had become blind, died in 1894.

also see ''Salthouse families in South Shields in 1891"


see family booklet made by Alison Jarvis for much information on the name, and on her ancestor Samuel Perfrement born 1775, who married a Salthouse girl Susannah Payne, and settled in Salthouse.


First found in Cheshire where they were seated from very early times and were granted lands by Duke William of Normandy, their liege Lord, for their distinguished assistance at the Battle of Hastings in 1066 A.D.

Pigott family coat of arms from www.houseofnames.comRobert (1718-1797) m. Ann Porter (1729-17??) they lived in Southery.
his son William (1768-1845) married Ann Larkman, and moved to Weybourne in 1790  daughter Ann was born in the same year. (She married Robert Long and had a son Robert Pigott Long in 1823).           
his son William (1799[or 1801?]-1874) m. Sarah Ann Moy of Salthouse. The Edward Houghton survey of 1838 lists a WILLIAM PIGOTT living in a cottage owned by JOHN MOY senior. It is quite possible William was living in the house of his father-in-law to be. Their sons and daughters belong to the 19th century:


Gabriel Pigott (1821-1889)  m. (October 1851) Elizabeth Pane - see Gabriel's family tree
John m. Sarah Ives, Robert m.1846 Hannah Spence,
Hannah m. Richard Joseph High,
Sarah Ann m. William Johnson, Richard m. Sarah Ann Williams

for Gabriel's daughters and who they married go to the 1st Pigott page in the families selection page for Gabriel's descendants click here:

To see another tree made by Stuart Ritson, a descendant of Robert Rogers Spence Pigott, click here (it will need to be printed out and pasted together to be seen in full)



The children of Edmund and Mary Platten all born in Salthouse:

   Edmund born 2nd August 1731
   Mary[?] born 7th Feb bpt. April 1733
   Samuel [?] born 14th Jan 1734 bpt Jan 1735

   Thomas [or Francis?] born 8th April 1737 bpt 19th January 1739

married Ann Cock or Cook [?] 7th December 1778 in Salthouse
   William born 2nd May 1739 bpt 9th March 1739  
   William born 2nd Jan 1741 and bpt the same
   Samuel born 18th June 1744 bpt. 21st July [?]1745
   - rk [?] born 15th Nov 1746 bpt.?




The children of Samuel and Mary Platten

   Sarah Platten bpt. 5 feb 1767 at Salthouse
   William Platten born in Salthouse c. 1769,William was a vermin killer (1851 Letheringsett census)
   Elisabeth born 20th Jan 1771

The children of Thomas & Ann Platten 

   Christopher born in Salthouse 7th March 1778
   Robert born Salthouse 1780 Robert was a Master Mariner (1851 Cley census), he married (1)Mary Matthews 15th December 1808 in Cley
(2)Mary Howard 20th December 1810 in Cley They had 3 children:
  Anne born 1811, died 1818 (gravestone in Cley churchyard)
Mary born 1813, died 1815 (gravestone in Cley churchyard)
Henry born 1817, died 1852 in Dreadnought Hospital Ship, Greenwich, of Phithisis Pulmonalis.
   Richard born 1782
   Henry Platten bpt 20th April 1787 in Salthouse, illeg. son of Anne Platten widow, (née Cook )
Henry Jackson Plattin married Maria Ramm of Cley, the daughter of Luke & Mary Ramm (née Howard)
on the 19th May 1817 in the parish of St. Mary le Bone, Middx. They had 7 children.
Henry was a Gentleman's servant and then an inn Keeper at Wells. He was buried 5th Nov 1828 aged 41 in Wells.
Maria married again (Anthony Warren) and had a further 4 children, only one of which survived. maria was buried 15th June 1836 at Wells aged 40 yrs.
  One of her orphaned children was brought up by the above Robert & Mary( née Howard) Platten
see Derek Schofield's article
on 'Relief of the Poor' . The 'Widow Platten' mentioned in this article could have been Mary b.1733 - or Ann ??


Purdy family coat of arms from www.houseofnames.comIn 1838 William Purdy was the occupier of Salthouse Hall and owner of the 440 acres of farm land
of which a large part was farmed by Robert Purdy until his death in 1857 aged 50. William Purdy
lived on as owner till 1884 when he died at the age of 81. and see messages (26 April)

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for Bryan Gilbert's tree of his Ramm ancestors's click here



Percy Radley married Florence High daughter of James and Mary High. They had sons Peter High and James Radley


Spence family crest from www.houseofnames.com


Robert Spence, born 1696, buried at Salthouse 1773
m Elizabeth Hall c 1722 and had:

Edmund, a Mariner, born c 1723
John, a Carpenter, born c 1725 -(see below(left) for his issue).
Elizabeth, baptised at Salthouse 1725 m Henry Pyle c 1749 (buried at Salthouse 1765)
Frances, baptised at Salthouse 1736
John Spence (above) (born 1725, buried at Salthouse 1810
m Sarah Thirtle in 1759 at Salthouse and had:

baptised at Salthouse 1758, buried 1796 at Salthouse. (see below left)
Edmund, a Mariner, of Great Yarmouth,
baptised at Salthouse 1763
Charles, baptised at Salthouse 1768
m Elizabeth Archer of Weybourne and had: Edmund Spence
Elizabeth, baptised at Salthouse1770 buried 1795, m John Clarke of Salthouse
Sarah, baptised at Salthouse 1772
Frances, baptised at Salthouse 1775
m Thomas Proudfoot of Salthouse in 1779 and had:

John Spence Proudfoot,
born 1804
Robert Spence (b 1758, buried 1796 at Salthouse),
m Ann Gogle in 1779 at Salthouse and had:

, baptised at Salthouse 1779
Robert [NB this is probably the Robt Spence who was in gaol for taking wreckage off the beach in 1815 see the Poor Prisoners' Petition
John, baptised at Salthouse 1782  
Edmund, a labourer (see below left for his issue)  
Elizabeth, baptised at Salthouse 1786  
Maria, baptised at Salthouse 1788,
m James Ayton, 1809 in Salthouse
Mary Anne, baptised at Salthouse 1792  
Edmund Spence (a labourer)
m Elizabeth Wilson and had:

, baptised at Salthouse 1808
Mary Anne, baptised at Salthouse 1816  

This information on the Salthouse Spence family has been researched by C. E. Tongue who is descended from Elizabeth Spence who married Henry Pyle of Sheringham, who was buried in Salthouse churchyard in 1765

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Wodhouse family coat of arms from www.houseofnames.comWoodhouses are yet to be listed but see the Woodhouse selection page



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