The rocket House on Great Eye is surrounded by sea water, and the caravan type holiday hut  where the mill used to stand is an island The sign post points to Weybourne, Sheringham and Cromer to the right, and Cley, Wells and Kings Lynn, to the left.
On the sky-line behind it Great Eye - a mound on the edge of the marsh - has become an island.

The building on Great Eye,  is the Rocket House (known also as Great Eye Folly). 
The building in the water to the right was a  holiday home belonging to people from Sheffield. It was made from an old motor bus or railway carriage and it stood on the exact spot where the windmill on the marsh used to stand.
Madge and Kathleen Haylock tied to a telegrapg pole

Madge and Kath Haylock moored to a telegraph pole on the coast road

They lived with their parents in the post office stores on the green. They arrived in 1936, and This was the first of the three floods that they experienced during their 17 years in Salthouse.

They described the 1938 flood as a one footer, the 1947 ( or was it 1949?) as 3 feet deep, and in 1953 it was 'up to the ceiling'. 
The boat belonged to Alan Holman who lived just here on the right, he had taken them on a trip over the marshes to the beach!

Kathleen Thomas nee haylock

Kath Thomas and Madge Barker today.

Click on their pictures to read their own accounts of the 1953 flood


Here (left) is the post office with its petrol pump after the flood has subsided a little.
The nearest telegraph pole is the one the girls' boat was tied to earlier.



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Val Fiddian 2005