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 The North Norfolk village with the Fascinating History

Salthouse church and sea from an old painting   
from the heath c 1820  

Walton Dew

Walton Dew was a grand old man who tramped the graveyards in the HUNDRED OF HOLT in the late 1800's recording all the A part of the graveyard to the north of Salthouse church, overlooking the sea gravestones and memorial inscriptions.

Many of the inscriptions he recorded are no longer visible and many of the graves themselves listed here have crumbled and gone.

the punctuation and capitalisation
are as Mr Walton Dew had them.
Only the names have been altered
by putting them all into capitals.






In this overgrown corner
(right side in the picture left)

many graves were hidden
until recently the undergrowth
has been cleared

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PARISH OF SALTHOUSE NORFOLK, Recorded by Walton DEW, c 1885.

The Church, dedicated to St. Nicholas, was built in 1508 by Sir Henry Heydon. It consists on plan of chancel, nave with clerestory, aisles, porches, and a square embattled tower. The chancel contains piscina and sedilia. There is also a piscina at the east end of the south aisle. Several poppy-headed benches and carved tracery remain; a screen, presumably in situ of the Lady Chapel, bears serveral initial letters H, surmounted by what appears to be mitres. The font is sculptured with the evangelistic emblems: Passion, Trinity, &c. Over two of the arches of the nave are carved on shields: . . . . a cross engrailed * . . . . impaling, quarterly, 1st and 4th, . . . a chevron . . . . between three bulls' heads . . . . 2nd and 3rd per pale . . . .

* Heydon, the founder and patron, bore: A cross engrailed, argent and gaules, counterhanged.


1. Brass. I Fhr. Robite Fevyr was so'time As thou arte and thou shalbe as i am, whatsomeu' you be pray for the soule of f Robite Fevyr for charite. quj obijt viii° die october A° d'ni m°.b°. xix°. ( with the chalice and host above it ).a photograph of the first page of the Salthouse grave inscriptions made by Walton Dew in 1885

the image (left) is part of the original first page of the Salthouse graves in Walton Dew's book. To see the full page, click the image.


2. Here lyeth ye Body of Capt. Jno. PARR, who Departed this life the 22 of
May 1742, Aged 77 years.

3. Here lyeth interr'd the body of Mary MYNGS, Daughter of the Late Valiant
and Renowned Sr Christopher MYNGS. She departed this life 27th day of January
Anno Domj 1697/8.

4. Here lyeth ye Body of Richard BURRAGE Late Preacher of Gods Word at
Happisburgh Who Dyed ye 4 day of Januari An'o Dn'í 1638 Aged 63.

5. In Memory of Mary STANFORTH, Relict of Henry STANFORTH, Merchant. She
departed this life Sept. 16th 1761, Aged 73 years.

6. In Memory of Mr. Henry STANFORTH, Merchant, whose character in life was
Amiable he was an Affectionate Husband an Indulgent Parent and a Generous
Friend, he died July the 13th 1751, Aged 69 years. Much Beloved Much Lamented.

7. In Memory of Mr Henry STANFORTH, Mercht, Who departed this Life
the 14th Day of February 178. . Aged 64 years.

The above listed graves can be seen in this interior photo                   © David Lincoln 2004

8. Beneath this Stone are deposited the remains of Hannah JOHNSON Relict of
William JOHNSON, Gent. Late of this Parish who departed this Life Feby. 12th 1837,
Aged 81 years.

9. Beneath this Stone are deposited the Remains of William JOHNSON, Gent.
( Late of this Parish ) who departed this Life Feby. 4th 1814 Aged 65.

10. Beneath this Stone are deposited the Remains of Hannah JOHNSON, Second
Daughter of Wm. and Hannah JOHNSON, who departed this Life March the . .1812,
Aged 19 years.

11. To the Memory of William HARVEY, Gent. who departed this Life the 18th
Day of May 1775, Aged 63 years.

12. In Memory of the Rev. Mr Robert STANFORTH Son of Mr. Henry STANFORTH,
Merchant, Whose Sobriety Modesty and Temperance with many other Virtues
were Conspicuous, he died the 22nd November 1751 Aged 24 years. Much Lamented.

13. In Memory of Ann STANFORTH Wife of Henry STANFORTH Merchant, She
departed this Life June ye 18th 1780, Aged 57 years.


1. Elizabeth PURDY died April 21st 1881, Aged 85 years.

2. Hannah PURDY died Janry. 5th 1878, Aged 80 years.

3. Ann SPENCE died May 27th 1862. Aged 72 years.
        Robert SPENCE died Octr. 14th 1871, Aged 83 years.

4. Mary HURST died Octr. 17th 1740, Aged 30 years.

5. Catharine PARTLETT died May 28th 1846, Aged 58 years.

6. Peter ABRAHAM, died Novr. 9th 1774, Aged 67 yrs.

7. Rebecca HIGH died Febry. 17th 1881, Aged 17 years.

8. William CUBITT died Septr. 3rd 1833, Aged 73 years.
      Elizabeth CUBITT died Septr. 30th 1834, Aged 73 years.

9. Hannah GROUT died Febry. 12th 1878, Aged 63 years.
     Mary Ann LAWRENCE died July 15th 1849, aged 29 years.

10. James POOLEY died August 14th 1846, Aged 75 years.

11. Massa POOLEY died July 20th 1860, Aged 85 years.

12. Ann POOLEY died March 24th 1877, Aged 70 yrs.

13. Charles STARLING died July 9th 1789, Aged 44 years.
      Sarah STARLING died Oct 21st 1831, Aged 83 years.

14. Rob. STARLING died June 7th 1776, Aged 61 years.
      John STARLING died May 25th 1800, Aged 20 yrs.

15. Robert STARLING died Novr. 15th 1793, Aged 18 years.
      Samuel STARLING died May 2nd 1797, aged 22 years.
      Ann STARLING, died June 17th, 1795 aged 22 years.

16. Thomas STARLING died April 14th 1798, Aged 17 years.
       Mary STARLING died Febry. 23rd 1800, Aged 16 years.

17. Robert STANFORTH Gent. d. June 14th 1711, Aged 72 years.

18. John STANFORTH, died Octr. 27th 1742, Aged 74 yrs.

19. William ROBERTS died Febry. 2nd 1836, Aged 92 years

20. Mary PARSON died Septr. 9th 1826, Aged 82 yrs.

21. John PARSON died Decbr. 24th 1830 Aged 64 yrs.

22. Altar tomb. Sacred to the Memory of Robert PURDY
who died 21st Novr. 1857, Aged 60 years.

23. Thomas William PURDY died July 16th 1868, Aged 24 years.

24. Mary PURDY died July 29th 1875, Aged 75 years.

25. Robert STA . . . . (STANFORTH ?) died Octr. 20th 1717, Aged 58 years.

26. Moon CHAPLIN died Octr 16th 1774, Aged 63 years.

27. Henry CHAPLIN died May 18th 1794, Aged 50 years.

28. Altar tomb. Henry CHAPLIN died 1st Octr. 1750, aged 41 years.

29. Susanna CHAPLIN died Decbr. 1st 1748, aged 73 years.

30. Marthe SEAMES died August 19th 1722.

31. (a. ) Here lyeth the Body of Elizabeth the second Wife of Robert Colls
who departed this Life the fifth day of Febr. Ann Dom 1731/2. Aged 80 years
ye 28 of Jan last. Rob. And Elizabeth COLLS do agree to give ye minister ten
shillings apece yearly to preach A funeral Sermon on each of our Burial days
each serm' to hold A full houre or money not to be paid ham ( him ? ) wee
do give to ye poore five shillin worth of Bread after my serm' and 5s. wor'
after my wife's Serm' and 5s worth at Christmas and 5s. wor' at easter ye
Clarke to have one of the loaves every time to keep ye letters cleare of
Moss all those three stones it is our will y' all should Be fulfiled as long as
ye world endure ye Bre' be given at Church.
Writ by my own hand Rob. Colls 1733.
Annales Dei pace hic.
Here lyeth the Body of Robert Colls who Departed this Life the 19th of Sept
1744, Aged 71 years.

(b.) Here lyeth ye Body of Martha ye first wife of Robert Colls who Departed
this Life ye 13 day of March in ye 37 year of her Age Anno Dom 1699. Here
also lieth ye Body of Sarah ye third wife of ye sd Robt. Colls who Died April
ye 24th 1732, aged 36 years.

(c.) Here lieth ye Body of Rob. ye son of Robt. Colls who departed this life
ye 8 day of Sept' in ye 20th year of his Age Anno Dom 1718.

32. Robert MAGNUS, died Novbr. 21st, 1771. Aged 67 years.

33. Amy HOWARD, died April 19th 1762 aged 62 years.

34. John HOWARD, died Dec 18th, . . . .

35. Deborah PANE died April 9th, 1807 . . . .

36. Samuel PERFREMENT died Septr 21st, 1864, aged 86 years.
           Susanna PERFREMENT died Decr 6th, 1846.

37. Sarah A. JARVIS, died Aug. 28th 1877, Aged 63 years.
           Robert John JARVIS, died Septr. 1st 1863. aged 22 years.

38. Ann GIBBS, died Jan 21st 1805, Aged 45 years.
           Richard PLATTEN died April 29th, 1805 Aged 23 years.

39. Sibb DANIEL died Decr. 1777, Aged 77 years. Sarah DANIEL,
           died Augst. 1791, Age 87 yrs

40. William HARDINGHAM died June 14th 1877, Aged 86 years.
           Sarah HARDINGHAM died Septr 2nd 1877, Aged 86 years.

41. Thomas GRANT drowned Octr. 31st 1823, Aged 27 years.

42. Frederic THORPE died April 17th, 1832 aged 65 yrs.

43. John JORDAN, died March 16th, 1832. Aged 60 years.
            Elizabeth JORDAN died June 12th, 1848. Aged 87 years.
           John JORDAN, died Octr 31st, 1823 aged 21 years.

44. Thomas DEW died Novbr. 26th 1859, Aged 29 years.
           Hannah DEW, died Aug 3rd, 1860 aged 22 yrs.

45. John DEW, died Octr 21st, 1872 aged 29 yrs.
           46. Robert MASH, died May 3rd 1846, Aged 85 yrs.
           Elizabeth MASH, died Aug 26th 1855, Aged 85 yrs.

47. Peter WILLIAMS, died June 10th 1848, Aged 59 yrs.
           Charlotte WILLIAMS, died Sept 7th 1877, Aged 85 yrs.

48. Robert KEYMER died April 5th 1874 Aged 62 yrs.

49. Israel KEYMER, died July 31st 1790 . . . . . .

50. William BRERETON died June 18th 1814, Aged 87 yrs.

51. Robert KEYMER died July 25th 1782, Aged 76 yrs.

52. Altar tomb. In Memory of William HEREBIN of this parish who departed
           this life March the 17th 1765, Aged 63 years.

53. William WILLIAMS died Decr. 15th 1859, Aged 41 years.

54. Mary Ann WILLIAMS, died April 30th 1855, Aged 34 years.

55. William JOHNSON, died Novr. 29th 1875, Aged 37 years.

56. John SMITH, died Septr. 22nd 1826, Aged 86 years.

57. Henry SPRATLING, died Decbr. 5th, 1861 aged 3 years.

58. Jane POOLE, died March 5th 1855, Aged 34 years.

59. Fenn LEWIS, born Octr. 4th 1849, Died Septr. 5th 1856.

60. Thomas DEW died Novr. 22nd 1873, Aged 72 years.
           Susanna DEW died Septr. 27th 1874, Aged 68 years.

61. Thomas DEW died Decbr. 3rd 1842, Aged 62 years.
          Ann DEW died March 4th 1859, Aged 81 years.

62. Charles LEWIS died Oct. 9th 1834, Aged 65 years.
           Susan LEWIS died May 20th 1858, Aged 84 years.
           Susan PARK, died Janry. 11th 1846, Aged 23 years.

63. Jane MAYS died March 30th 1743, Aged 57 years.

64. William PIGOTT died Novr. 12th 1874, Aged 75 years.
           Sarah Ann PIGOTT died Febry. 1st 1880, Aged 82 years.
           Thomas PIGOTT died Octr. 31st 1843, Aged 3 years.
           James PIGOTT died June 2nd 1850, Aged 20 years.

65. Edmund LEWIS, died March 25th 1740, Aged 51 years.

66. Thomas MASON died July 23rd 1824, Aged 60 years.

67. Elizabeth PENTNEY died June 7th 1842, Aged 41 years.

68. Christiana MOY died April 7th 1787, Aged 35 years.

69. Drury PIGGE died Novr. 19th 1757, Aged 45 years.
           Mary PIGGE died May 10th 1791, Aged 80 years.
           Drury PIGGE, Andrew PIGGE, Mary PIGGE, infants.

70. Adam BLOGG died June 21st 1827, Aged 55 years.

71. John SPENCE died August 9th 1816, Aged 85 years.

72. Robert SPENCE died June 2nd 1773, Aged 77 years.

73. Elizabeth SPENCE died Septr. 9th 1706, Aged 70 years.
           Mary SPENCE died June 12th 1875, Aged 73 years.

74. Robert WHITE died June 1st 1772 . . . . . .

75. Ann BUNTING, died Octr. 4th 1812, Aged 67 years.

76. Altar tomb. Sacred to the Memory of John Francis JOHNSON who died 20th
           Octr. 1844, In the 47th year of his life. Also Eliz. Martha wife of the above
          who died Octr. 9th 1857, in the 55th year of her age.

77. Altar tomb. Sacred to the Memory of Jane, wife of William PURDY, who
           departed this life Febry 9th 1838, Aged 66 years. Also Hannah PURDY, Daughter of
           William and Jane PURDY who died August 15th 1842, Aged 5 years.

78. Robert OVERTON died Decr. 13th 1881, Aged 64 years.

79. William LOWN died July 13th 1863, Aged 58 years.

80. Elizabeth CORBEN died May 1st 1808, Aged 72 years.

81. Joseph CORBEN died May 9th 1810, aged 76 years.

82. Margaret PROUDFOOT died July 31st 1831, Aged 79 years.
          Jno. PROUDFOOT died Decr. 19th 1841, Aged 87 years.

83. John JARY died June 3rd 1853, Aged 60 years.
          Sarah JARY died Novr 10th 1870, aged 70 years.

84. Robert FARTHING died Febry. 17th 1852, Aged 72 years.
           Ann FARTHING died Janry. 29th 1864, Aged 94 years.

85. William LYNN died Febry. 4th 1882, Aged 70 years.

86. Robina WOODHOUSE died Novr. 19th 1868, Aged 85 years.

87. Mary ANDREWS died July 24th 1825, Aged 73 years.

88. John DANIEL died May 25th 1796, Aged 55 years.
           Mary DANIEL died Septr. 15th 1803, Aged 71 years.

89. John DANIEL died May 21st 1771, Aged 20 years.

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A part of the graveyard to the south west of Salthouse church





A part of the graveyard, south west of the church

Val Fiddian 2005

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