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view from here
see the  old mill from here
see the Dun Cow 1908
see Ivy Hall 1908
see the village green 1950
Mill drift begins here
see the duck pond
see beach road early 1900s
see inside the church at Cristingle
see Cross Street
view the church from here with the marsh and sea beyond
see bard hill early 1900s
harrowing above the marsh
look east along the road
see the green from here
see the Manor House
see the Marl pit

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The North Norfolk village with the Fascinating History

thumbnail of view from the heath

sketch-map of Salthouse village  with hotspots

Home from the west looking east along the 'crick' , you can see where the old mill once stood a view of the houses along the south side of the green as they were before the flood of '53 The Dun Cow public house as it was in 1908 Salthouse Hall in 1908 Bard Hill before the road was tarred the view from Bloomstiles field  of the church in 1940s-1950s halfway down Cross Stree beach road from the coast road from the bottom of Mill drift before the 1st World War inside the church 2003

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Val Fiddian 2005