There was a book . . .

The Book was inspired by a type-written manuscript by a naval Commander Frank Noel STAGG in the 1930s -   a history of Salthouse from Doomsday up to 1840 - lost for many years and rediscovered in 2000.

It was edited and  published together with all sorts of contributions from Salthouse people past and  present, and it was a wonderful mixture of personal and archive material.

The book 'SALTHOUSE the story of a Norfolk village' published July18 2003

The Book, together with an Exhibition in Salthouse church in the summer of 2003, was a big project financed by a Grant from:
The Local Heritage Initiative - a partnership between The Heritage Lottery Fund, The Nationwide Building Society and the Countryside Agency - visit their site

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Frank Noel Stagg

Frank Noel Stagg
who loved Salthouse and devoted many years to writing and researching its past history

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Somebody, Val (the editor of the book), Keith Waters,
Jane Waters, Henry Cordeaux, Sue Andrews (copy-editor and index-maker) at the Book Launch 18 July 2003 in the Dun Cow, Salthouse.

Instead of a second edition, the editor decided to make some of the material from the book - and much of the material that never made it into the book- (especially  photographs) available on the World Wide Web . . .











Click on a pic below to see Val's daughter Sue who did the index and much of the rearranging of pages to enormous advantage, and who vigilantly checked spelling and punctuation


here, Sue has been glueing in end-maps; husband Michael looks on.













Personal stories from the book:

now made available to read here

Jimmy High

Janette Cooper


Ray High



Jim Radley

Jim Radley son of Florence nee High
now available
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Phyllis Jackson
Phyllis Jackson nee Brownnow available
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Kenneth Brown
Kenneth Brownnow available

Vivian High

now available
Florence Radley
Florence Radley      

Freda Morse (née High)
Freda Morse nee High as a young girl
Freda High aged 16
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read about her in her

below: Freda aged 96,
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read her story
Freda Morse aged 96


Florence Radley née High aged 80
click on her pic to read her description of her father's boyhood

Florence Radley


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Daphne Hanlon

Head mistress

Daphne Hanlon Head mistress of kelling School 1848-1979

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Jasper Woodhouse
Jasper Woodhouse
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