Here is the actual map made in 1649 by the Surveyor, John Hunt

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The left side of the original 1649 John Hunt map of Salthouse marshes  

the right hand side of the John Hunt map
The second half of the map showing the scroll
    on the right of it


Below:  The transcription of the scroll with John Hunt's wording:

Salthouse & Kelling Marishes in the County of Norfolk as they were imbanked & Divided into Common & Severell inclosures Anno Dom 1648 & 1649. as appeareth by this plot the Whole Contents are inscribed every particular thereof surveyed by
me Jn Hunt 


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The wording on the right hand side of the John Hunt map enlarged

        Right: A hand drawn copy of John Hunt's map,   made with the help of photographs of the original, and traced from a copy found in the church chest.

It is shown here in tiny size. To see it in large size and be able to read the names of the marshes etc, click here

copy drawn by Val Fiddian of the John Hunt map    

The green lumps are hills (or 'Eyes') in the marsh mid centre: Little Eye, Great Eye, Flat Eye (here  joined to Little Eye)  and Gramborough Hill.  Today only a part of Little Eye and Gramborough Hill  remain - the sea has taken all the rest.    


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Val Fiddian 2005