Kelling St Mary

Outside in Graveyard : first two are Slabs next to church, last is built up memorial in far corner of yard [ near to his bee hive ]

lie the remains of Three Children of the Rev Wm GIRDLESTONE
and M[ary] his wife

JAMES who died Aug 3rd 1820 [1826?] aged 2 months
CHARLES OSBORNE who died Nov 23 1828 aged 9 yrs
and ELIZABETH who died 4 Apr 1821 aged 10 yrs

also of ZURISHADDAI who died 28 Jan 188_
LOUISA who died 2 Apr 188_

In memory of the Rev'd Wm EWIN GIRDLSTONE
18 yrs rector of this parish & Salthouse
bn 1 Nov 1786 died 3 Jan 1840
also of Mariane wife of the above who died at Cringleford 1 Sep 1879 aged 90 yrs

Beneath this stone are deposited the remains of ZURISHADDAI GIRDLESTONE who departed this life aged 72 yrs
also of PHEBE MARIA wife of the above named Zurishaddai Girdlestone who died 1 Dec 181_ aged 63 [ or 65 ] yrs

In Side room:

HENRY GIRDLESTONE  Surgeon , who died April 12 1788 aged 71 years 
also THOMAS  his son died age 1 year and  
MARGARET wife of Henry who died 3rd Jun 1793 aged 72 years

In Nave :

In memory of the Rev Wm EWIN GIRDLESTONE
18 years rector of Salthouse
born Nov 1 1785 died 3rd Jan 1840
Blessed are the dead that die in the Lord

In memory of the Rev Wm GIRDLESTONE
39 years rector of this parish with Salthouse
He died and was buried at Bromley in the county of Kent in the 64th year of his age March 19 1821
Whom the lord loveth he chasteneth

To the memory of ELIZABETH JESSIP GIRDLESTONE late EWIN spinster,
the much loved wife of the Rev'd Wm Girdlestone rector of this parish
born 12 Oct 1748 died 18 Feb 1816
Oh death where is thy sting


Chart of Rectors :


William Girdlestone
William Ewin Girdlestone

John Gay Girdlestone