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Assessment for Michaelmas 1664

from 'The Norfolk Hearth Tax Assessment, Michaelmas 1664',
published by the Norfolk and Norwich Genealogical Society in 1983. 

This was transcribed by M.S. F
rankel, M.A.( Oxon), and P. J. Seaman, M.A. (Oxon)
donated to the site by Honor Jones www.norfolkhistory.co.uk

The figures on the right denote the numbers of hearths in each house. They are Roman numerals in lowercase, the j stands for I as also does the lowercase i.

The Standforths were merchants and would be expected to have a larger house - Henry Standforth has 5 hearths, his son Robert 4.

Edward Dauny (or Dawney) the Parson, had 4 in his rectory (which occupied the land where the British Columbia Hall - Salthouse's village hall - now stands).

Edward Dawney became rector in 1643, his father Thomas Dawney had been the Priest in charge since 1613


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