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A Selection of 19th century Highs
  Jimmy High with his mother 1892      Henry High, the father of Jimmy Mary High nee Pigott      Richard Joseph High, named after his grandfather and known as Dick     


Jimmy High
and his mother Mary 1892


Jimmy's father
Henry High


Mary High née Pigott born 1853 married her cousin James


Richard Joseph (Dick) High born 1877 eldest son of Mary and James


Hannah High ( née Pigott)
who was wife of Richard
Joseph High
(the grandfather of
the Richard Joseph in the picture on the left).

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      Hannah Pigott and Richard Joseph High
     |                                                |
    Henry High was the brother of James High who married Mary (3rd pic above)
      |                                                                             |
Mary, Ethel, Tom,                    Richard Joseph ( Dick), Alice, Amelia, Hannah,
Jimmy and Jack          
              Margaret, Florence, Edmund and Muriel




For a complete and amazing research on the Highs descended
from 18th century William High of Salthouse, see Fred High's pages






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