the Dawson family

Grandmother Dawson
Mrs Philip Dawson

Philip Dawson and his son Alphie


Philip Dawson was a shepherd employed by Horace Foulger of the Hall farm, and he is seen here with his son Alph and his sheep dog at a hall farm gathering of staff at the beginning of the 1900s.

Hall farm workers and staff 1908

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Philip's son Alph Dawson married Gertie Holman (below).

'They met on Sheringham Promenade', said Primrose, their daughter (but they both lived in Salthouse).
Gertie Dawson (nee Holman)







and their children were Philip
(who was killed in the war),
Jasper, Margery, and
Primrose (far right).

Jasper Dawson
Jasper Dawson

Primrose Dawson

Primrose Dawson

Primrose said of her mother:

"When my Mum used to go to school, she was very good at sewing and knitting and she used to do all the things for the teacher's kids, so Mother didn't learn nothing at school, you see. But then when she left school she came to old Hannah Pigott's shop in Sheringham, and that's where they learned her to add up. And by Jingo nobody could add up quicker than what she could, although she never did learn when she went to school. She could add up, the old girl could!"

Primrose remembers her grandfather:

" My Dad's father was lovely, he had a great big white beard and he was a shepherd.
In the autumn he used to take his flock right from Salthouse as far as Yarmouth, and back again in the Spring when the sheep were due to have their young. He'd stop on the way, feeding of course. He was a lay preacher, and Mother would say 'And how many more have we got laying out at Yarmouth?' (how many more cousins and relations?). The old man was gone all that while."


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