Salthouse Beach

Salthouse beach in the 1930s. How flat it was where the marsh joins the shingle —
cars could park on the beach! It was not unknown for them to get stuck, Gerald Cubitt can remember small boys piling the shingle round the wheels while the owners were picnicking, and then earning pennies to help clear them away.

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This is a very old photo, it
shows remains of the construction on Great Eye made by Onesiphorus Randall to drive his coach and horses over onto 'Flat Eye' which is no longer there.


c. 1935 a little of Flat Eye
remaining on the shingle
(you can see it when the whole picture is there)



1923 - a mackerel catch on the
beach by Friday Forsdick.

Friday Forsdick's pony Lizzie harnessed to pull his boat up the beach

This photo, taken by Madge
Haylock in the 30s, shows the old railway carriage where Ruth Holman served tea to visitors
(when it is in full size).


Val Fiddian 2005