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Salthouse Graves revealed
by recent clearance in June 2006

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1 William Lown

2 Henry Lewis, died 1898

Robert Farthing, died 1851
       Ann his wife died 1864.

Private Potton

6 William Lynn, died 1882.

Elizabeth, wife of Joseph Corben,
8 Maria Owen, wife of Robert Owen,
    died 1888.
9 Joseph Corben, died 1870.

10 Robina Woodhouse

11 John Dewing Jarvis

12 Sarah Ann Jarvis?, died 1877.
Unnumbered (Behind): John Daniel and Mary his wife
13 Robert Owen, died 1900.
14 Samuel Perfrement and Susan his wife.
Unnumbered (Behind): John, the son of John Daniel,     died1771, aged 20
15 Deborah, wife of Robert Pane,  died 1807
16 Amy, wife of Robert Howard, died 1702


John Daniel's grave is hidden behind the others This is the roof of the British Colombia Hall (Salthouse village hall) Manor Farm buildings The cottage belonging to the Manor House just too hard to read - John somebody