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Will for JOHN SMITH of Salthouse, Mariner. 1819

Specific bequests.

1. To son Francis SMITH , who live at this time at Portsmouth the sum of 10 Pounds Stirling of lawful money of Great Britain .

2. I give and bequeath to my son Thomas SMITH, one half part or share of my good ship called the Bank Nole, of Clay with the tackle, apparel and furniture thereunto belonging.

3. I give and devise to my Sister in Law Mary MACK, my other half part or share of my good ship Bank Nole, of Clay aforesaid with the tackle furniture thereto belonging. Also all my household furniture, money and debts to me and all other personals of what kind or nature soever for her natural life and if anything should remain after my said Sister in Law decease and her funeral expenses paid the same to be equally divided amongst my children then living.

Mary MACK my said Sister in Law appointed my sole Executrix.

Will was written 30 Dec 1819 .

Witnessed by John JARY , Michl. BURGESS, Thos. GIRLDESTONE .

Will was proved in the Consistorial Court of Norwich, at Holt.on Oct 3, 1820 , with Mary MACK executrix.

Note: The transcriber has listed the specific bequests only, for this JOHN SMITH, mariner of Salthouse
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Transcription©Honor Jones 2007