1891 Salthouse Census
Living in the Holt Road:

Edward High - Head - 31
Anna M High - wife - 28
Charles High - son - 2

References of Charles Edward High born 21st January 1889.

From his previous employer and from the local rector —

Charles High
I can with pleasure give you a good character as during the three years you were with me at Salthouse you were a good Industrious lad and made good headway on the Farm. My Bailiff "Crowe" always spoke well of you. I understand you are going to Australia. If so I wish you Good Health and Every Success in your undertaking, Yours Truly M B Sands

The Rector of Salthouse and Kelling, William Bramley Sayle Dalby, wrote a reference for Charlie:

Mr Charles High,

You are at liberty to state that I knew you as a lad to be steady and industious when you were living with your late aunt Mrs Moy in Salthouse, and that I believe you regularly contributed towards the support of the home.
It is now however some little time since I saw or heard of you and I have no information as to what you have been doing in the interval.
I wish you success in your endeavour to emigrate to Australia.

Yours faithfully










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 And a reference (left) from the Great Central Railway at Tibshelf Town Station where he had been working for three and a half years.
The sta
tion must have looked like this in Charles High's time.

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Information from the Australian Agency — (below)

and, once in Australia, a letter from one boss to another —

Dear Paddy,
Having heard you were up here doing the Platelaying of which I was pleased to hear it, I am going to ask you a favour and that is if you would oblige me by giving the bearer Charles High a start in your Gang. I'm sure if you do you will never regret it, as he is a first class man with plenty of experience, you can't put him wrong at any of the work, he is very reliable and a tip-top worker, by so doing you will greatly oblige me.

Yours faithfully
H. Willard

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instructions on arrival
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The letter of introduction (right) seems to have been written in 'Karden' ( or does it say Warden?) in June 1913

"Paddy" would certainly not have had any doubts about employing him!