Sheila looks back at her earliest school memory

Sheila Harrison of Kelling remembers Kelling school — 1926

They used to pull the partition back in the big room and everyone was there for Assembly. I always remember an incident with Mr Ridley, I must have been in the infants.
A girl from Weybourne — I don't know what she did, she made a noise or something — and he put her over a desk and took up a cane, or a ruler, and he set about her bottom.

We used to have desks with two seats and ink wells. She took the ink well up and threw it all over him! He used to wear a sort of tan suit of — not 'plus fours' but nearly that, and she put ink all over him and then she ran away from him, and out of the door to Weybourne!

As a child I was shaking with fear. Every child was really afraid of him, he was a hard man. People were just terrified you know, and I don't think you ever learn when you are in that state.

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