SALTHOUSE The North Norfolk village with the Fascinating History    




In 1531 the clergy were required to designate the King as ‘Protector and only Supreme Head of the Church and Clergy of England’. This many of them did, with the reservation ‘so far as is allowed by the law of Christ’. Stephen Prowet was rector here when this ‘Submission of the Clergy’ was required, and it is likely that he willingly submitted, for he was the nominee of John Heydon who was a vigorous supporter of Henry VIII.

The Heydon family had about a century of greatness - the century of the Tudor monarchy - and when Sir William Heydon, who as Deputy Lieutenant of the County was put in charge of the "Home Guard" arrangements in case of a Spanish invasion in 1588, got into financial difficulties, he sold most of his estates. Part of those at Salthouse were bought by Sir Henry Sidney of Walsingham (cousin of Sir Philip who wrote the Arcadia), and they remained in the possession of Lady Sidney after his death. The remains of the Heydon estates were purchased at the time of the Restoration by a Mr Daniel Bridges, a woolen draper of St. Paul's Churchyard, on whose bankruptcy they passed to Dr Zurishaddai Lang. In 1754, Dr Lang's son, John Lang, left the estates of Baconsthorpe, Kelling and Salthouse to the rector of Baconsthorpe, the Rev Zurishaddai girdlestone, in whose family they remained for more than a century, and from 1782-1881 three generations of Girdlestones were rectors of Salthouse


1266 Robert de Salthouse
12 -- Symon de Bodham
1322 John de Oxenden Sir Walter de Holwell  
1327 Robert inge
1337 William de Rythere
13-- John de Rose

(Possibly instituted in 1349-50, the year of the Black Death, when there were enormous numbers of institutions in the Diocese of Norwich by William Bateman, Bishop of Norwich)

1360 John Blaunchard Sir Warine de Bessingbourne and Mary his wife    
1361 Henery Attewell John de Avernel    
13-- Henry knoff
1370 Robert Archer Nicholas de Stevekele    
1397 John Clerk The Crown    
1398 John Playford
the Crown
1409 John Wychingham Nicholas Kynbell    
1416 Nicholas Kent John Cornwaleys and John Torell    
1417 Henry Bamme Thomas Walsingham    
1420 Kyrre
1421 Edward le Ker
1458 William Brewster
1476 William Rougham John Heydon    
1495 William Hewar Sir Henry Heydon    
1500 Robert Fevyr
(The first Rector of the rebuilt church)
Sir Henry Heydon    
1520 Stephen Prowet ?    
1559 Gregory Madys Sir Christopher Heydon    
1560 Christopher Nuttall "    
1589 Stephen Gervys Sir William Heydon    
1592 Robert Hetherington Sir William Heydon    
c 1613 Thomas Dawney Lady Sidney
see the description of the
'Parsonage house' in Salthouse
from a glebe terrier of 1735
1643 Edward Dawney Lady Sidney
1680 Charles Worsley Zurishaddai Lang, M.D.
1682 Thomas Bainbrigg
1714 Thomas Turner John Lang    
1745 John Beale John Lang    
1778 William Brooke Zurishaddai Girdlestone    
1782 William Girdlestone
1821 William Ewen Girdlestone
1840 John Gay Girdleston Phoebe Maria Girdlestone    
1881 John Webb Flavell
1884 Charles Ernest Lowe John Savory    
1896 William Bramley Sale Dalby Robert Mather    
1914 James Richard Bowden Bishop of Liverpool    
1930 Charles Swainson
1945 George Hodson Foote
1949 Felix Young
1964 Giles Butler Hunt
1968 Jeremy Saville
1971 Harry Oldale
1984 Michael H. Sellors
1992 Peter Barnes-Clay
1998 Angela Dugdale (Curate)
2004 Nicholas Varnon
2007 Philip Blamire


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