possibly Robert Rogers Spence Pigott

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Stuart Ritson who is descended from
Robert Rogers Spence Pigott says:

Here’s something that might interest you.
Recently my Grandmother passed away. As is the norm when these sad events occur old photos that have been hidden away come to light. Two photographs were found in a box of photos which my Great Grandmother (Margaret Pigott) left my Grandmother. Therefore we’re assuming that they are of Pigotts.

 The first one titled “possibly RRS Pigott” we’re hoping is a picture of Robert Rogers Spence Pigott. We’re basing this on two things, the age of the photo looks like early 1900’s and the fact he has a “bushy” beard – as is the fashion with Gabriel and John Pigott who feature on your website. We cannot confirm this but I’ve forward this to you in case you have seen this person on other pics and you may be able to confirm or deny he is a Pigott

The second photo titled “family group” is a complete mystery. Again it looks as if it’s a very old photo. The lady at the back with her hand on another ladys shoulder rings a bell with me. I’m sure I’ve seen her before somewhere but cannot think where or who she is. Again as this photo belonged to Margaret we’re assuming a Pigott connection.

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The last photo “Lydia and Children”, I’ve sent this to you in response to your last statement where you showed concerns of Lydias life, how she suffered etc. I thought it nice to show you a picture of Lydia in happier times. This is a picture of her and some of her Children. Lydia is Central to the Picture. My Grandmother Margaret is the little girl front left with her arms behind her back. Hilda May is the other little girl. The tall girl at the back is Adelaide. The boys we’ve not really studied to be honest, maybe one day we’ll try and work those out!

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