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This is the 2nd message from Lisa Dayley in the USA
(the first is below it).
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Sent: Tuesday, August 02, 2005 6:06 AM
Subject: Girdlestones again

Dear Val:
Sorry to keep pestering you.
But, just so you'll know, I'm descended from the "other" branch of the Girdlestone family tree. My bunch lived in Wramplingham/Marlingford/Great Melton.
I do believe, as Liz has written on your webpage, that both families were related.
My line goes as follows; my great-great-grandmother Emma who emmigrated; her parents Thomas and Mary Betts Girdlestone; Thomas' parents Joseph and Elizabeth Jones Girdlestone; Joseph's parents Ishmael and Sarah Hunt Girdlestone (he later married Sarah Kiddel/Kittle); Ishmael's parents were Jon and Elizabeth Fuller Girdlestone; Jon's parents were Willimus and Ursula Tydd  Girdlestones; Willimus' father was William Girdlestone. I don't know who William's wife was but know he had a sister named Alice.
Would love to hear from you.
Lisa Dayley
Burley, Idaho

have a look at Lisa's website

and click here to see Lisa's picture on the Salthouse and Kelling Girdlestone page (on this Salthouse history site)

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From: "C" <>To: <>Sent: Tuesday, August 02, 2005 5:57 AM
Subject: Girdlestones

well, hello there.
I am a Girdlestone researcher and know David, Gathorne and Liz. They are cousins of mine.
am quite interested in what you've got here.
what a wonderful webpage you've got.
I am quite familiar with Salt House and Kelling as lots of the Girdlestones lived there.
Would like to know how you're related to the family. You can check out my webpage at

looking forward to hearing from you
Lisa Dayley
Burley, Idaho USA

Hello to you Lisa,

 First - I am no relation to the Girdlestone family, my interest in them is simply that they produced three rectors of  Kelling and Salthouse parishes. The information on my Girdlestone page comes entirely from those three cousins of yours. I found your web page most interesting about the origins of surnames as well as all your information, and I will put a link to it on my Girdlestone page!

 PS Admiral Nelson, not Neilson!

Kindest regards

 Val Fiddian



To: Sent: Friday, July 29, 2005 6:12 PM
Subject: Phillip Keymer, millwright, born in Salthouse.

Hello, my name is Michael Roots and I have been researching the windmills and millwrights of Norwich for a number of years. The result of  my research is being published on the Norfolk Mills website by Jonathan Neville. One of the millwrights is Phillip Keymer, who was born in Salthouse c.1815. I noticed on your mystery mill page on your website that Dr. Tony Palmer has corresponded with a Great-Grandson of Philip Keymer. Would it be possible for you to put me in contact with Tony Palmer so that I can then be put in contact with his correspondant. The following is all the information I have on Phillip Keymer. You have my permission to pass it on to Tony Palmer so that he can pass it onto his correspondant. You may also publish it free on charge on your website on condition that I am credited as the author. 

Phillip Keymer – 1849 to 1881 Phillip Keymer was born c.1815 in Salthouse, Norfolk, the son of William and Sarah Keymer (née Warnes)1. He married Frances, daughter of one William Cubitt1a. In 1835 the had a daughter, Mary Ann. In 1838 they had a son, Philip Thomas Cubitt. In 1840 they had a daughter Charlotte. In 1842 they had a son, William Thomas Cubitt. In 1845 they had a daughter, Sarah Elizabeth. In 1847 they had a daughter, Sarah Barbara. She died in 1849. In 1849 they had a son, Henry John Cubitt. He was the first child to be born in Drayton, the others were all born in Salthouse1. In 1851 he was given as a millwright aged 36 living in Drayton with his wife Frances, 38, sons Phillip, 13, William, 8, and Henry, 1, and daughters Maryann, 15, Charlotte, 11, and Elizabeth, 52. Phillip Keymer had been a millwright in Salthouse before moving to Drayton1. In 1853 another son, Robert Samuel, was born in Drayton1. In 1860 he may have been in the employment of Thomas Smithdale. An employee named Keymer was working on Bird’s mill, Philadelphia Lane (Mill 36) in April 18602. In 1861 he was given as a millwright aged 46 living on the west side of Hall Road, Lakenham with his wife Frances, 48, sons Henry, 11, and Robert, 8, and daughter Charlotte, 213. In 1871 he was given as a millwright aged 56 living in Carrow Road, St. Matthew’s with his wife Frances, 58, son Robert S., 18, widowed daughter Charlotte Hood, 37, granddaughter Fanny Hood, 3 and widowed sister Elizabeth Youngs, 604. In 1881 he was given as a millwright aged 66 living in St. Catherines Place, St. John de Sepulchre with his wife Frances, 68, and granddaughter Fanny Hood, 135. Philip Keymer died in Gorleston, Norfolk in 18901. 1. Honor Shaw by e-mail 1a. Honor Shaw by e-mail – not the famous Sir William Cubitt!2. 1851 Census.3. Norfolk County Records Office BR.136/5.4. 1861 Census.5. 1871 Census.

6. 1881 Census. The dates quoted after his name are when he was known to have been active as a millwright. As you see, my source shows Phillip Keymer dying in 1890,  but your site gives the date of 1887. I have been through the Gorleston Parish Registers and Phillip Keymer does not appear to have been buried in Gorleston, nor does his wife. Best wishes, Michael Roots. 
P.S. You need to remove the 0 in the phone number on your contacts page for international callers.
To: Sent: Thursday, July 28, 2005 10:37 PM
Rocket House residents

Dear Editor

Having just spent a week holidaying in Salthouse and being fascinated by its incrediby rich history it was a delight to see the website.Whilst on holiday, I managed to glance through a copy of the Salthouse book and was particulary fascinated by the historyof the Rocket House.   I seem to remember mention of two ladies who holidayed there and that the account was taken from a book - either a biography/autobiography of one of them.  I couldn't find reference to this on the website and would be most grateful if you have further information on this (or maybe it is the site and I've just missed it?). Any assistance you could offer would be gratefully appreciated.Thank you.Linda Christie.
Dear Linda, It was the famous novelist Sylvia Townsend Warner who stayed in the Rocket House. The reason I can't put those excerpts from her diary onto the website, is that they come from her published Diary and I had to pay £60 to the publishers to be allowed to put that bit in the book!!  It was one of the best bits. It comes from: 'The Diaries of Sylvia Townsend Warner', published by Virago Press, 1995. 
Here's the bit from the book which introduces her bit:

One wild winter, the Joplings let the Folly to Sylvia Townsend Warner, novelist and poet, a communist and a lesbian. She shared her time in Randall's Folly with her friend 'the extraordinary Valentine Ackland', a six foot, boy-like, 'alcoholic Amazon'. The following extracts, chosen to show what their life in the Folly was like, are from 'The Diaries of Sylvia Townsend Warner', published by Virago Press, 1995. Unfortunately there is space here only for her sea and marsh description, references to her letters written, books read or worked on and news from home, have had to be omitted.

Best Regards 

Val Fiddian

To: Sent: Wednesday, July 27, 2005 2:06 AM
Subject: Brian Larkman Letter

Dear Val,
Thanks for the letter from Brian Larkman.
I will take up his offer of helping us trace the Harmer/Larkman link. It would be wonderful to have someone on the ground there who can help us.I have passed on a copy of his letter to the research secretary of the Harmer Family Association in Australia, Cora Num, so either her or I or both will write. The Association is based in England, with branches elsewhere.I am very interested in what Brian has found from the Kelling registers, as there must be some more details from this that could help, and also the neighbouring villages/towns, such as Salthouse, Bodham, Weybourne (which Cora Num has been recently looking at LDS microfilms for Harmers) etc. We have some of what he has already reported, but we are still trying to find birth/christening details of Francis, and his two wifes Ann and Maria. Also confirmation of the children births/deaths etc, and information on Francis' siblings. And going back to earlier generations too. Francis' parents were Elias Harmer and Sarah Betts.Kind Regards

Peter Harmer

To: val fiddian Sent: Monday, June 27, 2005 8:10 PM
Subject: you're doing a grand job

Hi Val Have seen the page's and it's brilliant. As you can see other member's of the family are getting interested so I might  be able to find out more. I had my mother stay over the weekend and we think we have identified some of the photo's no 2 Sidney Pigott & wife ?  {son of Richard Pigott} no 6 an older Richard Pigottno 16 a younger Sarah Ann Pigott {nee Williams} no 25 Sidney Pigott's Children we don't know the name's no 26 Herbert Pigott  {son of Richard Pigott}
no 27 Herbert Pigott & Amelia Hancock  
Hope this is helpful Linda

If you are interested to see these pages of Pigott photos, click here and have a look at the ones Linda mentions.

The only two that I disagree about, are Nos 26 and 27 which I am sure are not Herbert and Amelia Pigott.

If anyone has ideas about these photos please let us know!

To: Sent: Sunday, June 19, 2005 5:49 PM
Hi Val,

Recently I have been in contact with another Pigott researcher and we have been mulling over a Salthouse Pigott quandry which also affects the
High family and possibly others, please can you post this query to the website in the hope someone might know a little about it.

In Salthouse on 25 June 1874 there was an Edith Pigott Born to a Mary Pigott who was a domestic servant, no father was named. I know that this
Mary Pigott is the one who later married James High in 1876 in Salthouse. Also This Edith moved up to Middlesbrough by 1900 and was brought up
by her grandfather Gabriel Pigott b. 1822. My Nana Alice Elizabeth Clancey Nee Cunningham (daughter of Elizabeth Pigott b. 1889) remembers there was an Edith Pigott in Middlesbrough who was supposedly the illegitemate daughter of a lord. This lord supposedly paid Ediths two sons through private school and university in order for them to become Solic itors. Thouugh i am not sure of the lord thing it looks likely that the father could have been linked to the family she worked for 1871-1874 in Salthouse. Is there any way of finding out who she worked for? Were there many Affluent families in Salthouse or close by in 1874? Do any of the older residents or High family of Salthouse know anything about this quandry.


From: Carol & Steve
To: Friday, June 17, 2005 4:45 PMSubject: Park family of Salthouse

Hi Val

 What a lovely site, and great to find it the day before visiting Norfolk for a holiday. My grandmother's grandmother was Martha Park and she was born in Salthouse in 1847, she moved first to London and then to Hull as a domestic servant.  In Hull, she met and married William Dobney and they had two children, Edith, who was my great grandmother and John William. Her parents were John Park and Charlotte, they were on the census in Salthouse from 1851 to 1891, living in Cross Street, John was an agricultural labourer who was born in Hunworth and Charlotte was born in Costessey.  They had 6 children in all, Sarah Ann who married Abel Beans and stayed in Salthouse and had 5 children herself, Joshua, who I belive died young, the above mentioned Martha, Mary who married Robert Woodhouse and had a son Bertie born in 1882 (wonder if he was related to any of the Woodhouses mentioned on your page), Matilda who married Herbert Hitchcock and moved to Leeds, and another son John who I also believe died young. I am hoping to visit both Salthouse and Cossey in the next few days and take some photographs of where my ancestors came from. Thanks for sharing the site with us, would be interested in hearing from anyone who knows anything about the above families. Best Carol
Hull, East Yorkshire
From: Harmer, Peter
To: Sent: Thursday, June 16, 2005 2:52 AMSubject: Salthouse and the Harmers

Dear Val,

I have come by your website from information given to me by Gill Price of the Harmer Family Association, and would like to let you know that I claim descendancy from Francis Harmer listed in the 1841 Census for Salthouse living at the Green. Francis and his family emigrated to South Australia in 1848, and have many descendants across Australia and elsewhere.

A number of people from the HFA are currently working on Francis' ancestry as it is understood he was born at Kelling in about 1810, and this includes getting access to films of parish records.

I have a photo of Francis taken when he was quite elderly in Adelaide I can share, along with lots of others.

Please let me know if there is anything I can contribute to your excellent website.
For those of us who live a long distance from Salthouse, seeing the photos of the village and the other information is wonderful.

Kind Regards
Peter Harmer

From: Harmer, Peter (his second letter)
To: Val Fiddian Sent: Friday, June 17, 2005 3:50 AM

Subject: RE: Salthouse and the Harmers

(The photo below is not the whole photo, but
just a cut version. The whole will be available
from the alphabetical list of names under 'H')

Dear Val, 
I attach a photo taken of Francis when he was quite elderly. He died in Adelaide South Australia in 1892, aged 82 years. His first wife Ann Christmas nee Barrett had died in Kelling in Jan 1845 after adding two more children to those listed in the 1841 census: William and Francis Henry, and in October of that year Francis married Maria Larkman, with whom he had three more children Edward, Thomas and Sarah.  As a summary I provide the following: Francis Henry Harmer (1810-1892) m Ann Barrett at Bodham in 1831They had the following children:Hannah b 1832 Norfolk d Australia Margaret b 1833 Norfolk d 1916 Broken Hill, NSWElias b 1837 Salthouse d 1906 Hopetoun, VictoriaJames b 1840 Norfolk christened 1842 Salthouse, d 1898 Blyth, South AustraliaWilliam b 1842 Norfolk christened 1842 Salthouse, d abt1920 South AustraliaFrancis Henry b 1844 Kelling d 1935 Werrimull, VictoriaFrancis' wife Ann died at Kelling in Jan 1845 and was buried there.  Francis remarried Maria Larkman in 1845 at KellingThey had the following children:Edward christened 1847 at Kelling, probably died before 1848 when the family emigrated to Adelaide South AustraliaThomas b 1850 Mt Barker South AustraliaSarah b 1853 Bugle Ranges, South Australia d 1898 Adelaide South AustraliaMaria died sometime between 1853 and 1861 in South Australia when Francis married again to Ellen Withers nee Hopkins, who died in 1887, hence he outlived his three wives. In South Australia Francis was employed as a farm labourer, later  his occupation is listed on certificates as a farmer. Whilst he lived in Norfolk, his occupation was also as a farm labourer. Judging by the information we have gathered thus far, his family was living at Salthouse  at the Green during the late 1830's to the early 1840's when they seem to have moved to Kelling and then emigrated in 1848 on the ship "Bolton". Most of his male children were subsequently employed in farming too. We are currently working at tracing Francis' ancestry back further as it appears that his parents, grandparents and great grandparents lived in the Kelling/Salthouse/Weybourne areas going back to the early 1700's Welcome to put my message on your website, and what I have added here. If you would like any further information or photos, let me know.

Would love to have a contact on the ground in the Salthouse area who could help with our research.
Brian Larkman turned out to be a magnificent 'contact on the ground' ! click here to see his letter and here to see some of his recent results (21 Sept '05
Kind Regards 
Peter Harmer

From: Jean Jeggo
To: Sent: Monday, June 13, 2005 9:27 AM
Subject: Ives

Dear ValThanks for a great site. I came across it by accident and can't think why I haven't found it before. My great grandmother was Constance Ives - daughter of Francis Ives and Ann Ives formerly Burton from Langham. Constance went to work in Colkirk looking after the three children of Stephen Rutland whose first wife had died from TB. Stephen and Constance married and lived for a while in Colkirk where Stephen's parents ran the Crown public house. Stephen then went to work as a carpenter on the re-furbishment of Glandford Church and they ended up living in Blakeney. I can send you a bit more of the research I have done on the Ives family in Salthouse if you are interested although I have not found out a great deal.Is it still possible to get a copy of your book as I know my uncle would be very interested. He has not got access to a computer but a book would be great.Many thanksBest Wishes
Jean Jeggo

From: Jean Jeggo this is her second letter below- the first is above
To: Val Fiddian Sent: Friday, June 17, 2005 12:23 PMSubject: Ives

Dear Val

Many thanks for your swift reply.It unfortunately went into my spam folder and I only noticed it today. I have now made sure that won't happen again. Here is what I have on the Ives family in Salthouse

Francis Ives (born in Letheringsett) married Sarah Jackson (born in Hickling) on 29th January 1814 at Salthouse. They had the following children all born at SalthouseRobert born c1815Mary Ann born c18201.Francis born c1821Jane born c1822Sarah born c1825Susannah born 1827 Salthouse occupation dressmakerHenry born c 1829 Salthouse occupation mariner but living in Langham in 1901 retired labourerRebecca born c 18312John born c1832Ann born c 1839 Salthouse  1.Francis married Ann Burton on 25th June 1851 at Langham Episcopi ChurchThey had the following children born  at Salthouse Alfred born c1853Susanna c1856Constance  12th November 1857 - my great grandmother who went on to marry Stephen Rutland in Colkirk and eventually lived in Blakeney
Jane c 1861
  2.John married Lydia from GuestwickThey had the following children all born in SalthouseMary c 1860Maria c 1863Frank c 1867John c1869 Lydia c 1870 John was still in Salthouse in 1901 and was by that time also a shepherd. I have only recently taken up this area of research so what I have is from censuses mostly. Feel free to put this on your message page with my address. I am afraid I have no photos - I am very envious of some of the photos you have on your site. I must also congratulate you on the Salthouse site. Just when I think I have seen it all I find another bit to look at. It really is most impressive. Regarding the book - my uncle is very keen on that area of Norfolk - he and my aunt have spent many,many holidays cycling and walking there. I can send you a photo of them in Salthouse Church taken earlier this year if you would like. Constance Ives was his grandmother and as children he and my mother spent all their summer holidays at Blakeney and grew to love that piece of coastline. I have seen there is also a book for sale through the Norfolk Family History Soc. but I am not sure if it is the same one as they are asking £22 for it. Thank you once again for all the wonderful information on your website and if I find out more I will let you knowVery best wishes

Dear Val attached is the photo of my uncle - Ted Heath grandson of Constance Ives with his wife Beryl and my husband Roger taken in Salthouse Church in May to enlarge

I note from your website that the church registers were buried during the war. Do you know if it is possible to view them on microfilm at the Norfolk Record Office as I think that must be the next step in my research.

Many thanks for your help and good luck with your ongoing project.Best wishes


(click on the picture to enlarge)

To: Sent: Tuesday, May 31, 2005 8:40 PMSubject: High Family Tree


 I am absolutely amazed at the content of this site.

I am helping a colleague trace her ancestors.   Her great grandmother was Ann High (1862-Salthouse).   Daughter of Charles High and Martha Ann Hoy. Ann High married Samuel Chatten and they had 4 sons, 3 of which died in WW1. Your site has been extremely helpful. Thank you. Regards
Janis Mahoney

CAN ANYBODY HELP Brian with the Purdy family ?
Brian Purdy
To: Sent: Tuesday, April 26, 2005 12:58 PM
Subject: purdyfamily history

dear sir          with referance to your website salthouse .my name is brian purdy and have been researching the name purdy in norfolk .so far i am back to william purdy and mary (clark ) born shipdham and mary born cranworth born 1784 they had children edmound,marianne.robert,thomas,charlot,mary ann, but cant find there father.Looking at your names from salthouse i wounder if there could be a link
From: Liz Girdlestone-
Monday, April 18, 2005 7:01 PM
Subject: Re: Girdlestones
well, what can i say other than absolutely fantastic, i am so pleased with the whole site it is truly brilliant, i hope lots and lots of historians and genealogists have great pleasure delving into all the information that you have managed to include. thank you val. for making such a site, and thanks to whomever for such a wonderful research tool as the internet.
 love lizxxx

From: Gathorne Girdlestone (after I sent him a preview of the Girdlestone page which is now available click here to see it)
To: <>
Sent: Thursday, March 17, 2005 9:46 PM
Subject: Re: Salthouse and the GirdlestonesWhat an amazing site you have on Salthouse. You must have put a lot of work into it - Congratulations. I must spend more time on it soon. Liz told me that she had contacted you. When you read the Commentary it will explain why Zurishaddai Girdlestone was so named. The two Johns (Lang and Girdlestone) were brothers-in-law - their wives Phoebe and Sarah being sisters. Girdlestone men always seem to have chosen wisely for their wives! And of course what would be more appropriate than for recently widowed and 'with child' Sarah G to turn to her land-owning brother-in-law for help and support. And what could be more natural than to ask John Lang to be godfather, and to ask if the fatherless baby could be named after John's father, (and also I think his recently died and sadly missed only son), Zurishaddai. I imagine Zurie's brothers who inherited a field here and a field there were a little jealous of their youngest brother's good fortune to inherit Kelling and Salthouse on John Lang's death.

I am a direct descendant of Zurishaddai, although by junior branches. Zurishaddai was my g-g-g-g grandfather. I am typing this under a portrait of his youngest son Samuel Rainbow G, and Zurishaddai's wife Sarah is next door ! I will attach photos of them if I remember.

[click here to see the Girdlestones of Kelling and Salthouse]


From: Glen matthews
To: Sent: Monday, April 18, 2005 10:36 AMSubject: The Elsy family

Hi ValThanks to your wonderful site and a bit of luck!  2 arms of the Elsy family met in Reading on the 9th April our direct ancestors probably last met about 125 years ago!I attach a photo of the occasion showing me with my cousins and Arnold with his cousin, as you recall it was Arnold who spotted the link on your site.The descendants on the picture are left to right:
Back Row: Me, Arthur Elsy, Victor Scott, Raymond Elsy, (Arnold’s cousin), and John Mole,
Front Row: Margaret Waugh (sister of Arthur Elsy), Arnold Elsy and Margaret Game (sister of John Mole.)
 Without your assistance this memorable occasion would never have happened. Many thanks.
 CLICK the thumbnail to see the picture

Glen Matthews

paula round
To: Sent: Sunday, March 27, 2005 8:21 PM
Subject: Salthouse History

Hi Val,

Sorry about the blank email!. I have recently been re-reading the Dix section of the people of Salthouse as they inter married a lot into the Pigott family. However I noticed on the record for Charlotte Dix you mention that she is the "widowed sister to Herbert Pigott (not related to Gabriel)" Im afraid Herbert and Charlotte were both related to Gabriel.
Gabriel b. 1821 was the brother of Richard Copling Pigott who was the father of Herbert and Charlotte, thereby making Gabriel their Uncle. So far it looks like all Pigott's in Norfolk are related, still working on the Cambridgeshire Pigott's though.

Kind Regards

From: Glen Matthews
To: Sent: Sunday, March 27, 2005 2:45 PM
Hi ValSubject: Poor Rates
Yet more titbits for your site!
Whilst analysing the information extracted from the poor law rates for Joseph Cornelius Elsy’s properties, I noticed that one of his cottages was occupied by a Anisiphorone Caston. I assume that this must be the son of Eliza Randall who married James Caston and who was the sister of
Onesiphorus referred to by Sue Howes email to you on the 14th February. I attach details of this information. Unfortunately there is a blank period of poor rate reporting between 1832 and 1842 so I do not know precisely when the Caston’s moved in but between July and October 1844 the Caston’s moved out and were replaced by W Hewitt.

The cottage in question was probably in the side lane abutting Whalebone house where Joseph lived and had his post office. There is photograph of the exact cottage in last year’s Glaven Calendar, which Sue may have seen. Regards

Glen Matthews

click HERE to see his enclosure

From: David Addy
To: Sent: Tuesday, March 15, 2005 10:14 PM
Subject: Girdlestones

Hi Val , i hear from Liz that you are interested in the Girdlestones of Kelling , and yes i agree the BMP's are a bit difficult to read , had a go at them a while ago and updated some of the info where i could find it - seems the original compiler was a bit of an Amnesiac with regard to less desirable portions of the family , . . . (I've) only included the first 13 of 80+ pages as thats all thats basically relevant to Kelling , . . . - it is complex later on with all the Zurie's and inbreeding with Lord Nelsons family etc , but thats another story as they say - have some info on my site - , and follow the lil tree at the top if you got a minute spare ,
Regards , David Addy , related to Ann Girdlestone of Gt Snoring
This correspondence with Liz
resulted in my meeting her cousin Gathorne and another relation Dave and finally a Girdlestone page on the site (see letter from Liz approving it! 18th April)
Sent: Sunday, March 13, 2005 2:37 PM

Subject: Re: Terrific!

hi val,thank you for that,i will send you the girdlestone family tree through the post,with the zurrie files,i have attached the photo,s i have and i certainly dont mind you putting anything on your web page,if you put my address,someone may e mail me with even more information,so i dont mind,i will send you what i can through e mail,are you aware of a book written in 1904 by robert baker girdlestone,entitled,the genealogical notes on the girdlestone family,i have the copy of the transcript i will also send you that,makes interesting reading and salthouse is mentioned quite alot,anway here goes with the e mails,enjoy lizxxx
From: Liz
To: Sent: Sunday, March 13, 2005 2:00 PM
Subject: Re: kelling hall

hi val,thank you for your e mail and the picture,way back in the 1700,s and 1800,s it was quite the norm for the landed gentry to have paintings of their land and homes,so i am sure there once was a picture of the old kelling hall,maybe it is hanging on the wall of a very old cottage or dwelling of some sort,in the attic or cellar,nice thought but i doubt that i would be lucky enough to ever hear of answer to your question,i have done extensive research on the girdlestone family,myself and a few others are currently working to prove the link between  the girdlestones of kelling and the wramplingham girdlestones,as you know this is not a vast area,i can not believe that there were two unrelated families of the same name is an area of only a few miles,i have alot of information if you are interested that i could send to you,including pictures of a few of the girdlestones,too much to send to you via e mail,but if you would give me your address i would be happy to post it on to you.i live in newcastle upon tyne,but have visited norfolk,mainly walsingham,great snoring,fakenham,very beautiful place,i felt an overwhelming feeling sitting on the wall at walsingham knowing that my great grandmother,great great grandfather would have sat on the same wall and walked the same streets as i ,if you have any other pictures of information on kelling i would love to see it,keep in touch,and i will post of the information you would like as soon as i have your address,thanks again lizxxx
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To: Sent: Friday, March 11, 2005 11:20 PM
Subject: kelling hall
hi val I have never spoken to you before now, I accidently fell on your web page and wondered if you could help me, have you any idea if there are any drawings or pictures of the old  kelling hall, I would love to know what it was like, I have trailed the internet . . ., if you know where I could obtain any pics or information re the hall I would be eternally grateful,thank you.

elizabeth girdlestone

Hi Elizabeth,
Delighted to hear from you! There are photographs of the old Hall in ruins - as it is now really. It lies in the estate of the new Hall and is visitable only when their gardens are open. Salthouse is right next door to Kelling as you probably know, and I used a picture of the ruin in the Salthouse book.
I also would love to know what it looked like in it's heyday!

If you are a Girdlestone, and interested in the Hall, surely you are descended from the Mrs. P.M Girdlestone who lived there and was lady of the manor in 1836?? and the three Reverend Girdlestones of Salthouse and Kelling churches. Have you done any Girdlestone family research? There is a certain amount of information about them in a manuscript on Salthouse and Kelling researched by a Naval Commander in the 1930s, which I published in the Salthouse Book. If you have any information about the Kelling Girdlestones, I would be eager to feature it on the web site. 
So do stay in touch!

PS I have scanned the picture of the ruin from the book for you.

Kindest regards