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From: Francis Wright
Sent: Tuesday, February 22, 2005 12:16 AM

Subject: William Holman
Hi Val
I have been looking at your site. On the name above, you say that his wife was Alice Morter when in fact she was Mary Morter baptised 16 1 1799 Thursford dau of John & Ann late Clarke
William Holman & Mary Morter married 19 2 1818 Thursford.
Also Brandon was not born 1831. He was baptised 15 10 1826 at Thursford.
Mathew was baptised 2 4 1833.
Isaac was baptised 5 4 1836. I know this from the Thursford PRs I am descended from Mary's sister Anne baptised 5 7 1803 Thursford.
I am also related to the Girdlestones.
Hope this helps

Yours Francis Wright
From: eric mason
Sent: Friday, February 18, 2005 4:48 PM
Subject: Rose Pigott

Hi Val.  We hope this finds you ok. Our investigations into Rose have revealed some surprising revelations, records show that she married Joseph John Mileham in the last qtr 1900, then a daughter was born Violet Gladys May Mileham B25.8.1901, it appears that she was the sister of John William Pigott b20.12.1899, Margaret's Father, then in the last qtr 1912 she married her sister Minnie's husband and became Mrs Godfrey.  More surpring They came to Fakenham and took over the Bull PH in 1916 until 1925,  they had two sons Arthur & Fred They both went to Fakenham PES school, Arthur won a scholarship to the Secondry shool Fred returned to Cawston.  Arthur joined the RAF and went to the officers training college at RAF Cranwell in communications and eventually emigrated to N Zealand, Fred finished up in London.   We have a lot more to check before we get to the end, its so exciting when the links all fall into place it becomes addictive. 
Our Love for now and hope to see you later in the year. Eric & Margaret

see the pages that have been made as a result of photos sent by Eric & Margaret click here
From: Sue HOWES
Sent: Monday, February 14, 2005 10:39 PM
Subject: Salthouse Website - Onesiphorus RANDALL

Hello Val,
What a fantastic website.  My 2xgreatgrandmother was Eliza RANDALL, sister of the famous Onesiphorus. She married James CASTON in 1816 at Cley.  I notice mention of the HIGH family on your webpage and letters, Willoughby CASTON, sister of James, married Henry HIGH.  I'd be very interested to hear of anyone else researching these families. 
Kind regards,
Sue Howes
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From: carolinaproperties
Sent: Friday, January 28, 2005 1:15 AM
Subject: Long Lost Decendent?

Greetings, My name is Christian Langdon Pigott . Son of Harry Langdon Pigott, son of Carl Clarence Pigott, son of Richard ? Pigott. Just saying hello from Ocean Isle Beach,North Carolina U.S.A

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From: arnold elsy
Sent: Wednesday, January 26, 2005 9:16 PM
Subject: re wonderful

Dear val, wonderful indeed, for me that is. You come across like a breath of fresh air, thank you for your interest,

and for contacting Glen so quickly, I have already had a welcoming message from him.see the welcoming message to his 2nd cousin several times removed! Please feel free to decide

whether or not to use my e-mail address. Hopefully I can put a face to a name at some future time. The pleasure
of meeting is all mine, thank you again.
kindest regards.
The green background is Arnold's second email. The blue (below) is his first!

To :
From: arnold elsy
Sent: Wednesday, January 26, 2005
subject: salthouse ancestors

Dear Val

I am indeed indebted to your interesting site, and in particular to the contributor to the Elsy page, Glen Matthews, for that valuable and hitherto unknown, to me, information. The wedding witness he mentions, William C Elsy, is my great grandfather.
I am a late entrant to family history, but I offer the information I presently hold.I knew my great grandfather was born in Norfolk but not the location.
He married Elizabeth Featherstone, of Rochester , Kent , at St. Nicholas Parish Church, Rochester .Date: 24 th August 1854 .The certificate shows: Both of full age, Elizabeth as spinster, and William as widower.He is listed as Waterman. (he is Master Mariner on my G/father's Marriage Cert in 1892 ). Her father too, is listed as Waterman and his father is listed as Joseph Elsy, Hair Dryer.

to see the rest of Arnold Elsy's information on the non-Salthouse Elsys click here and see Glen's reply, and more Elsy info: here
To: Val Fiddian
Sent: Tuesday, January 18, 2005 3:44 PM
Subject: RE: Salthouse

Hi Val

Glad you like the information.

I noticed that there was a Richard Platten in your memorial inscriptions by Dew. Richard may have been a brother of Robert. Robert was born 1781 and Richard would have been born the following year. Robert was living in Cley at the time he was master of the Sarah.

38. Ann GIBBS, died Jan 21st 1805, Aged 45 years.
           Richard PLATTEN died April 29th, 1805 Aged 23 years.

Re Jeremiah Moore. Looks like this is not the correct person as he was of full age in 1839, whereas the seaman John was only 18 in 1841 and was an apprentice so would more than likely be unmarried.


From: Glen matthews
To: Val Fiddian
Sent: Monday, January 17, 2005 5:30 PM
Subject: RE: your south shields stuff

Hi Val

Thanks for the last email its gratifying to know that I have been able to provide so much that links up with the information that you already had on your site. It all looks terrific.

With so much of your site being of people who were seafarers, I thought I would look up the information that I have on my own seafaring family connections to see if they would shed any light on fellow crewmembers from Salthouse. I have in fact managed to find a couple of pieces of information. 

One of the crew members was a John Moor??sh (its not very clear) He was 18 and from Salthouse. The ship was the Tamelane of Cley. The date of his apprentice’s indentures was 11 October 1841 and was registered in London. It was his first ship. It was the same ship that Robert Larkman my great great grandfather was on. Details of the voyages shared with Robert Larkman are attached.

The other person from Salthouse was Robert Platten aged 54 in 1835 he was master of the Sarah of Cley on which my other Great great grandfather Joseph Elsy was an apprentice. There was a James Randell on the same ship he was the mate but was from Clay. He was aged 30 in 1835,

I notice neither names appear on your family listings hopefully it may trigger a few peoples memories as I would be particularly interested in Robert Platten since Joseph Elsy was on his ship for quite some time.



   click here to see the Pigotts page that has been enhanced by Glen's info already, and here for his full list of Salthouse families in South Shields in 1891 or click on 'are attached' (above) to see details of voyages mentioned in this latest letter

From: Glen Matthews
To: Val Fiddian
Sent: Wednesday, January 12, 2005 5:44 PM

Hi Val

Many people moved to South Shields from in and around your area. I suppose with so much sea travel between the 2 areas and the decline in agriculture combined with the expansion of South Shields it was inevitable that so many people would be attracted to the north.
Should you wish for any information on those that moved to South Shields I have the 1891census for South Shields on CD and would be happy to provide any information you require? The following families all appear on the census as having been born in Salthouse

Barstad, Pigott, Thomas Dew (Master mariner), Charles William Grout (Mariner) Mary Ann Pegg (80 Mother and blind) Barbara Bullard wife of William Bullard master mariner of Blakeney, Arkle, Elsy and Larkman

  I am afraid I have now exhausted all the information I have on Salthouse.

Glen Matthews

[Click here to see the full list Glen sent of Salthouse families living in South Shields in 1891]

To: "Val Fiddian" <>
Sent: Tuesday, January 11, 2005 4:46 AM
Subject: A Salthouse entry

Hi Val,

I have been looking at a passenger list for 1637 from Yarmouth to Holland, and found these entries, one for Salthouse and one for Blakeney. No actual day data or month but certainly 1637.

"Examinatinon of Nicho. BARBER borne in Salthouse in Norfolk, ageed aboutt 37 is desirous to goe over to Sarve [Serve] on Mr.SMITH a Marchant  [merchant] and to retorne [return] with his sayd Master."

15 May 1637
"The examination of Thomas CORNEY, of Blackney [must be Blakeney] in Norff ageed 15 yeares with his frindes [friends] consent is desirous to pass to Rotterdam in Holland there to live as an aprintes [an apprentice]."

I find these little snippets so interesting, and we always said folks did not roam far from home !!!!


Sent: Tuesday, December 28, 2004 12:52 PM

Subject: Pigotts etc.

9th November 2004

Dear Val Fiddian,

My maiden name is Randall and whilst on holiday in August 2003 I visited the exhibiton at Salthouse church where I was bothe surprised and delighted to see several references to my ancestors by way of wills etc and particularly to Randall's folly built by Onesiphorus.
He was uncle to Capt. James Randall the paternal grandfather to my father, Everard Robert James who was born at 'Umgeni' opposite the beach road in Cley next the sea. Many of my father's paternal ancestors, who were Master Mariners, are buried there in St Margaret's churchyard together with maternal (Lewis) ancestors who were also Master Mariners.

At the time of my visit I did leave my contact details with one of the stewards at the exhibition and had hoped to follow up further research into my family ancestry through the Salthouse History Group records. At present time I have ascertained links back to Matthew Randall (1733-1808), grandfather to Onesiphorus.

I should be pleased to know whether or not your records are available for viewing or, in the first instance, could you let me have a resumé of information held in your records pertaining to the Randalls?

Kind regards

Ann Ward

Dear Val, First, belated season's greetings.  Second, sorry if I appear to have ignored your previous communications. This has been a combination of pressure of work (as ever) and a computer update. The latter resulted in a system where incoming read e-mail is NOT saved automatically. By the time I twigged this your previous communications - as I recall contact details for Jill West (and her married name), which I would appreciate again - and also your change of e-mail address were lost. Initial attempts to find you via your website (I recalled that the address had also changed) were abandoned in the face of 6750 results for Salthouse, but perseverance paid off, you are actually quite close to the front of the list.     There were some questions left hanging. The first was where Billy West lived. In the late 1940's he lived in Cross Street in a bungalow, further up than Cubitts, There was/is a barn on the end of the building (which looks very different now) where Billy used to keep an old red cow. Opposite was a vegetable garden which was used by Uncle Percy (Radley) but was rather overgrown Uncle Percy had been gassed in WW1 and never enjoyed good health. He died when I was quite young, but I do not remember the year. It would be before 1952 I think. That year my dog died (it was a bit older than me) not long before our holiday. I was very upset. When I got to Salthouse someone -and I now don't remember who, delivered a "replacement" little puppy, a black labrador. However within a day or so the puppy had a series of fits and was deemed incurable. Billy West took it away and shot it - a kindly act at the time.Sometime around then Billy moved to a house just south of the junction of Market Lane and Bard Hill On the left looking upwards. Not quite on the corner but very near. This was much closer to his stack yard where he kept his tractor and implements North corner of the same junction. His dairy and shippon was opposite the hall in a series of buildings where several farmers had accommodation. I remember trying (without success) to kill rats with bricks in the stable which belonged to Newton Lemmon I think the last man in Salthouse to farm with horses. He (Newton Lemmon) also had a very old (even at the time) Field Marshall tractor which he used for the harvest, He always got in trouble for this as it had iron wheels with spikes so it dug up the road surface when he crossed it! All the farmers had horses just after the war, even though they often had tractors as well. Billy West had 2 One was shire (a Suffolk Punch I think) called Pop which was enormous Somewhere there is a snapshot of me aged about 5 sat on Pop. You may have heard the expression "pea on a drum" -well it is a good description. The other horse was a mare which used to pull a dog cart. We went round the local auctions in this, although for those furthest away - such as Fakenham, we often took the alternative transport of Tommy Grey's van.  Must go now as my son has arrived to take me to lunch  

Best Wishes  

Geoff Pigott .   

--Unfortunately I (Val) had nothing more on Onesiphorus than Peter Brooks' article which I was allowed to use in the Salthouse Book and have not yet abridged for the website, so I let Ann know that it would be a case of her giving us information on the ancestors and relations of our famous lord of the manor!

Ann's most interesting reply is on the right - .
















From: Ann Ward
Sent: Tuesday, November 16, 2004 11:37 PM
Subject: The Randalls (& Lewis')

Dear Val,

Many thanks for your e-mail,11th Nov.04. We managed to have a quick look at your website before going off to London for a few days over the weekend. Now we are back we will trawl through the information in more depth to find out exactly what's there.

With reference to Onesiphorus we have not, unfortunately, seen your book. Are there still copies available for purchase? We do, however, have a copy of Jane Hales' book "The East Wind" in which father wrote margin notes/corrections. The section on Randell's (sic) Folly states that Onesiphorus was the youngest of a family of five children, which is technically correct although he also had a further four step-siblings. His mother was Elizabeth Hook, the second wife of John Randall (son of Matthew,1733-1808, (mentioned in my earlier letter). His first wife, Mary ?, was buried 11 July 1787, aged 29, just before her fourth child Anne who was buried 27 July 1787 (2 weeks old). The full list of siblings is:-
John,1781 (died in infancy); Matthew,1783-1845; Anne,1785-1786 (died in infancy); and Anne,1787 (died in infancy).
Sab(r)ina,1790-1874; Naomi,1792-?; Eliza,1794-?; John,1796-1821 (lost at sea); Onesiphorus,1798-1871 (1873 c.f.Jane Hales).

Onesiphorus' father John,1756-1816, was the eldest of ten children, the youngest being Richard, 1776-1806, who was my father's great-great-grand father.

Other names which have cropped up through marriage include Elizabeth Purdy who married Richard Randall,1776-1806 (incidentally Mary, Richard's eldest sister,1758-?, married a Robert Purdy); Elizabeth Alcock who married Richard's son James,1807-1880; Anna Elizabeth Waller who married Richard's grandson James,1848-1927; and he, in turn, was the father of Everard James who married Marionette Lewis (my father's parents). Marionette was the daughter of Captain R.W.Lewis of Cley who married Marion Adelaide Ward (!!!). She died of dysentery at sea and was buried at Las Palmas. They also had two sons, Edmund Francis and Ernest Robert.
Capt. Lewis subsequently married Dorothy Ward (Marion's sister) and had a further son, Roberts ("Bobs") who was my great uncle.

We are currently trying to flesh-out the Lewis side of the family so please feel free to put our correspondence on your messages page. Hopefully there are Randall and Lewis connections or memories still in the area.

I will be in touch with you later when we have had more time to absorb the wealth of detail on your own web pages.
Best wishes,

Ann Ward

message received 18 November 2004

Dear Val, 
my name is Josephine Stratton nee Holman. I was in Salthouse recently and visited the church and discovered to my delight that you now have a village web sight. I was born in the village in 1941 to Mary and Reggie Holman and when looking at the Holman page I discovered that you have got the names of Reggie and his brother Frank under the wrong photos.

I am finding the site fascinating especially the pictures of my family and I'm on a school photo 1949 Kelling that I haven't seen before  it's great. Lots more to see .wonderful memories. 

Dear Josie
wonderful!  I had already seen your message in the visitors book in the church and was about to look up Strattons in the phone book!  
THANKS for putting me right on mixing up Reggie and Frank Holman!! It was Derrick your brother(?) I got the pics from, and I don't think he's likely to see the website, and nor is Ivy Nightingale, the daughter of Frank. I'll change them in a minute!  Hope you don't mind if I put your message on the messages page? I wont put your email address though, unless you let me know that you'd like me to.
Maybe you can name some other people on those school photos? Also can you name everybody on Reggie's golden wedding photo - I think I put it in on the 'Reggie Holman' page. (the page you probably get when you click on Frank's picture . . .?). I must get it right. Your feed-back is a terrific help to me, so please tell me absolutely anything that is at all wrong. Also any photos you have of Salthouse days could be added to the site. I can copy them and send them back quickly if you'd like to send any.
Were you at the history exhibition summer 2003? I guess we must have met there?  
I'm busy getting connected to broadband which is at last available in the Cromer area.
Kindest regards
Sent: Tuesday, November 16, 2004 12:47 AM
Subject: Salthouse History Web Site.

Hullo Val

I have just heard from a relative in UK that there has been some family research on the Keymers of Salthouse and have found your site.   My great great grandmother was Sarah Keymer b. 23.2.1787 d.10.4.1861 m. 21.4.1817 to Robert Warr at Letheringsett.   I have found some information on your site but it doesn't seem to my direct line as the Robert  listed would have been a bit long in the tooth and the William a little young.
I find the site fascinating and will certainly return to it.

Do you have any further information on the Keymers of Salthouse?   Any advice of someone I can contact about the family history?
I live in Canberra Australia and while I have visited Norfolk several times as coincidentally two other branches of the family are from Norfolk got as close as Cromer and King's Lynn but didn't know about the connection with Saltouse at that time.   We love Norfolk and thought the seaside at Cromer was very impressive - it was early spring when we were there so it was a bit chilly.
I would be grateful for any information you could let me have.

Pat Wearne
From: Val
Sent: Tuesday, November 16, 2004 4:04 PM
Subject: Re: Salthouse History Web Site.

Hullo Pat,

lovely to get a letter like yours that is the result of the website!
Ian Keymer is your man! He has done a pile of research on his family and although he has never lived in Salthouse himself, there is a cottage here called 'Keymer Cottage' and when I edited a 365 page book on Salthouse in 2003, he did a piece for it on the Keymers of Salthouse and I was able to print a terrific family tree of Salthouse Keymers.
Unfortunately I haven't got his email address till he rings me with it -- I lost all my email addresses in a recent computer crash -- but I've just phoned him and left a message. He'll be contacting  you himself  I'm sure.

Meanwhile, from the bit of his tree in the Salthouse book, I've seen that your great great grandmother Sarah, is listed there, and all the dates you give are identical. Sarah ( who married Robert Warr 21. 4 .1817)'s elder brother William Keymer, born 12. 9 1775 is Ian's great, great grandfather!! So you are related.
He does not seem to have any information about Sarah and Robert's children. He just has that Robert was a 'Carrier' in Fakenham and died in 1825, and Sarah, as you say, died 10 . 4 .1861 in Norwich.

Kindest regards



Geoff Pigott, Consultant Toxicologist, Cheshire, UK , wrote this letter

Dear Val,
Thanks for the note Please find my cheque for a copy of Salthouse story.
I have fond memories of the village from visits when I was a child. My paternal grandparents (and most of their siblings on the Pigott side) "emigrated" to the (then) boom town of Middlesbrough in the early 1900s. My grandfather was Richard Pigott and he married Edith High (although her birth certificate gives her name as Pigott - I was told that the reason for this was that she was "boarded" with my grandfather's family as a baby because her father James(?) High had been fired for voting Liberal and the family had fallen on hard times. My middle name is Herbert and this was after the baker - who according to my father (Harry), was a very successful businessman prior to his relatively early death. It was hoped that I would emulate his success and perhaps to a degree I have.

I used to stay with Aunt Florrie (Radley née High) in Pear Tree Cottage. There really was a pear tree then, all over the end wall and a Victoria plum along the front. This was beaten by William Cubitt (further up Cross Street) who had a peach tree which bore fruit most years.

Aunt Alice (Hancock) lived further down the street and Aunt Margaret (Goodwin) was the schoolteacher in Weybourne [teaching at Kelling School]. The camp was in full swing then with very long military convoys through the village and all-night barrages out to sea.

The Website looks good, (although I was denied access to some of the Pigott pages) and I will certainly be revisiting it. The amount of work put into the High family tree is staggering and I hesitate to carp, but Edith (page 16- my grandmother) was born in 1874, not 1879, you may like to pass this on.
There is no-one left in Salthouse now that I remember, although doubtless some of the younger members of the old families are still about. As I recall Mary High (daughter of Haddon who inherited the manor farm from his brother Havelock) had a son whose name I forget. They used to live in the council houses just across from Pear Tree Cottage. He probably has the farm now. However there is at least some evidence of a return to the roots. My father had a brother (Norman) who had a son (Arthur) and a daughter (Susan). Cousin Arthur died a few years ago. He had two sons. I understand that one of them (Russell) moved to Sheringham within the last 10 years or so and is now active in the North Norfolk Railway. I do not get to Norfolk as often as I once did now that the MAFF lab had moved from Norwich, but I do try to keep at least some contact with the village.

I look forward to reading the book, and to more visits to the website.

Yours Sincerely

Geoff Pigott



Sent: Wednesday, October 20, 2004 1:32 AM
Subject: Re: the Pigotts


Thanks for the book its fascinating.
Thanks also for some of the additional information. I can tell you a bit more about the High sisters, Alice lived in Cross Street and had two sons.  Gordon was a builder and built Greystones - next door to his mother- and lived there, he used to give me 6d a bucket to collect snails from his garden. He died (I think of a heart attack) in the '60's. His widow Vera married Percy High (Florries elder son) later-second marriage for both. They went to live somewhere in the south-to be close to Percy's son who I think become a director of Bayer UK. Vera kept in touch with my mother until a couple of years ago. I assume she is now also deceased.  The second son was Eddie and I think he never married. He certainly lived with his mother in the 60's I remember that he was a member of the Oddfellows and could waggle his ears - at the time I thought the two were linked.

Margaret lived in Weybourne where she was the schoolteacher and thus she lived in the school house, though I don't remember exactly where it was.

Muriel went to live in Briston.

I remember Billy West. He was my father's cousin and when in Salthouse I used to spend most of my time helping him on his farm. He had two daughters Jill and Wendy (Lou). He lived in the bungalow on Cross street at l first and kept his old Lincoln red cow (which was the first he had and by the late 40s, was reputedly nearly 30)! in a shed/garage at the end of the house. I was surprised to note recently that the door is still the same one and does not seem to have even been painted. Billy moved to another house at the bottom of Bard Hill (just past the road junction) for a while and then took a better farm at Bergh Apton. We lost touch when Jill married and went to New Zealand, as the rest of the family were not good correspondents. There seems no trace of them in Bergh Apton now, but its a long time ago. I see that West's fish shop in Sheringham (Billy's Mother's) is now renamed and put to other use.  After Billy moved away I used to spend time with Harry High (Dew) and Peter Holman on his farm.

By all means put this (and the earlier) letter on the website if you wish. Include the e-mail address if you do
Must go now as its 01.30  

Best Wishes

Geoff Pigott




Sent: Sunday, October 10, 2004 3:09 PM
Subject: Salthouse History

Please could you let me have details on how I could purchase the book on Salthouse History which includes some of my relatives, the Pigotts.  The Salthouse site I have found very interesting and have only just recently been introduced to it.
My Great grandparents and their parents all came from Salthouse and if possible would like to know more about the place they came from. 
Many thanks

Gina Warner

Sent: Friday, October 15, 2004 7:52 PM
Subject: Re: Salthouse History

Hello Val
Many thanks for getting back to me about the Salthouse book. 
Yes, I would dearly love to have one, so will send you a cheque as requested.
My connection with Salthouse is through my mother Phyllis Pigott (1927)and her father Charles Russell Pigott (1898).  It was his mother Hannah Jane (1864/5) who was born in Salthouse as well as both her parents Robert (1825) and Hannah(1826).
Hannah Jane's husband, was George Hillary Pigott (born in Essex) and his father James Henry was born in Salthouse (1865).
Strange as it seems, we live in Essex not too far from where George Hillary was born!  Hope this all makes sense to you.  Paula's connection with me is her Grt grandfather and my Grt Grt grandfather were I think brothers.  She can explain it a lot better than I can as she has done more research than I have!
Very many thanks, I look forward to receiving the book and having a read through.
Our address is
38 Gravel Road, Eastwood, Essex SS9 5AS
Gina Warner
Sent: Monday, October 11, 2004 3:34 PM
Subject: Re: Salthouse History

Hullo Gina
Thank you for contacting, I would love to know who your Pigott relations were? Paula Round has done a lot of research on the Pigott family and you can see the abbreviated tree she sent me. There is a link to it somewhere on the website (can't think exactly where at the moment.) I have had a complete computer crash and have only just got set up again and I have a great backlog of things to attend to!
There are only a few copies of the book left, but I can send you one if you send a cheque (make it out to 'Sathouse History group'). The book is £15 and the postage is £4.30 because it is rather heavy!
My address is The Old Bakery, Coast Road, Salthouse, Holt, Norfolk NR25 7AJ  and I'll need your address to send the book to. If you could visit Salthouse of course you could have it for just £15 so let me know
Best regards


Hello Val
I understand my daughter Jane has been in touch with you, regarding my mother's family.My name is Jennifer [although I hate being called that] my mother was Molly White nee Cooke born 29th July 1916, died 15th April 1977.
I notice on the Cooke's family page you have her named as Martha she would have absolutly hated this as she was always known as Micky.
I was born in the house in which Uncle George lives. I have some photographs of my mother taken in her younger days, I spent so much time at Salthouse when I was a child, and have so many happy memories, going samphire picking, gathering mushrooms, and many other things I did with Grandad, at this time I won't bore you with anymore, but as Jane say's I must get things down before my lights go out completely, plus
I am not ever so sure what I am doing with emails. I do hope I haven't rambled too much and that I manage to get this to you.
best wishes Jenny Moore

Sent: Sunday, September 26, 2004 10:13 PM
Subject: Salthouse website

Hello Val,

Many congratulations on such a great site to which I was directed by Margaret with whom I share a gggrandfather (John Dewing Jarvis). My line follows his son John Dodman (b1855) who ended up teaching at Cambois, County Durham.

I'm hoping to visit Salthouse next year, all being well.

Well done again!

Alison Jarvis


Sent: Saturday, September 11, 2004 4:36 PM

Subject: the Cooke family

Dear Winnie
I realise I had got it still a bit wrong in the names of the photographs!  I had said it was Selina in the photo on the right with daughter Priscilla, instead of Esther. It's right now.
  I met Richard Cooke today and he was interested to hear about you. He is the son of Leslie Cooke who is the son of your uncle Isaac! It was Richard who gave me the names and dates of all Esther's children. Unfortunately I still can't find Selena Wichelow's address. She isn't on e-mail, but I did have a letter from her.
I have now taken the photo of your mother off that page and put it where it should be, with her brothers and sisters in the Alphbetical list. You may get to it if you click on this:  while you are connected to the internet,
if not, you will find 'alphabetical index' on the home page to click on, and then click on 'C' for Cooke!
Kindest Regards
Sent: Saturday, September 11, 2004 7:12 PM
Subject: Re: the Cooke family

dear Val, I was delighted to receive your email, and have looked up the family history,
all very interesting so must tell my daughter. I was interested to hear about Richard,
will try to get in touch with him,
Selena's sister Elizabeth has sent me the Salthouse book,also Selena's address,
I have written and hope for a reply
my cousin Rhoda also lives in Jersey, her mother was Rachel Cooke, I will try to find out more about her as she died very young and Rhoda went to live with Stephen and his wife Gertrude have shown Rhoda the Salthouse book,she is most interested as she was brought up there.
I lived in Winchester and don't remember much of Salthouse,
Ishall get in touch with my cousin Ivy Nightingale
more next time

best wishes and many thanks

from Winnie 

Sent: Friday, September 24, 2004 9:04 PM
Subject: HMS Princess Victoria

I found your website and noted you have had enquiries about the loss of HMS Princess Victoria in 1940. My father was one of the survivors of this event. Unfortunately he died in 2003, but I recorded his memories of the sinking [the ship hit a mine in the Humber estuary] and I have a couple of short newspaper cuttings and a photograph of the ship.

Do feel free to pass on my email address to anyone who's interested and would like copies of any or all of these items.

And do post a cvopy of this letter if it would help.

Yrs, Nicolas Kinloch [living in Cambridge]

Hello Val
Just thought I would let you know that I have introduced my youngest brother to the Salthouse site he say's its brilliant. I also asked him about the H.M.S. PRINCESS VICTORIA . He says it was sunk off the Humber Light Vessel when it struck a magnetic mine, there were 34 causualties, 2 destroyers [the Grafton & the Gallant] and 1 frigate [the Foresight] went to there aid, Maybe I should have said that my brother was coxwain of the Humber lifeboat until he retired last year. thought it would give him something to do in his retirement. All the best Jenny

Sent: Tuesday, August 31, 2004 8:57 PM
Subject: Re: Salthouse church screen

Conratulations on the web-site! It is really good and must be appreciated by many of the Salthouse 'diaspora'. Thanks for putting my piece on. Its only now I notice the punctuation typos! But at least the meaning is clear.

 Yes, you are right - I don't think I did see quite all the screen panels. I shall have to come for another look.
Anyway, well done on setting it up!
to see Carole's 'piece' about the screen click here
Sent: Tuesday, August 31, 2004 11:03 PM
Subject: Elizabeth Ann Dix

Hi Val
GREAT WEB SITE, well done... HAVE JUST READ  whoops sorry... just read Chris', letter to you.. re the DIX family Elizabeth Ann Dix was married to my GGF Levi High
would this be correct....?Im only just researching this slowly....
Remember I'm Ken Browns daughter Shirley

Had a meal in The Dun Cow a few weeks ago looking out over the marshes....very peaceful...brought back a lot of childhood memories.....
Keep it up


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Sent: Friday, August 13, 2004 11:31 AM
Subject: Salthouse History Question :-)

Hi there
> I am emailing you in the hope that you can help me with a family
> history project that I have been working on for a couple of years.
> My grandad, who is now 83, was onboard HMS Princess Victoria during WW2
> and was sunk off the mouth of the River Humber on 18th May 1940.
> I have been working on getting as much background information as
> possible surrounding the incident and the people involved. Using local
> newspaper archives I produced a list of those crew members killed or
> wounded.
> From that I searched the Commonwealth War Graves Commision website and
> discovered where most of these were buried or commemorated.
> This leads me to the Salthouse connection :-)
> One of the crew, James Burrows OBE was buried in Salthouse Churchyard.
> Last week my dad, grandad and I were on holiday in North Norfolk and visited the Churchyard to see the grave ( there are also others at Sheringham and Cley ).
> My reason for emailing is that we are trying to find out why they are down there. We don't think they were from there originally, our only idea is that they may have been washed up there ( not a very pleasant thought ).
> I was wondering if anybody you knew had any recollection or memory of such an event - or even if the local newspaper may have run an article at the time.
> Basically, any information would be tremendous
> Thanks for reading
> Mal Skelton

Hi Mal
nice to have a message from you. It is very interesting about those wartime
graves. There are people who may know, and  I'll try to find out.


Richard Jefferson of Cley just happened to be doing a full-scale research on that very ship that was sunk in 1940. Here's the result of that:
Sent: Saturday, August 14, 2004 8:25 PM
Subject: Fw: Salthouse History Question :-)

Hullo Richard,
here is the message I was telling you about in the church just now. It does look as if this is really a survivor of that ship, alive and kicking. I was wrong about them saying one of the crew members was buried in Blakeney and I was wrong about them coming down soon -- they've just been down. I will look forward very much to reading the result of your research in the
the Blakeney Area History Society Newsletter.
All the best to you

Sent: Saturday, August 14, 2004 9:53 PM
Subject: Re: Fw: Salthouse History Question :-)
  I'm amazed by the marvels of modern technology....that I should look at my emails at 20.45 Sat....and find your email....and Mal Skelton's original to you....What a pity that the visit has taken place.  Anyway I am going to make contact ASAP.Many many thanks for your help!      Best Wishes       Richard

Sent: Tuesday, August 17, 2004 8:02 PM
Subject: Re: Re: Fw: Salthouse History Question :-)
you have really unearthed a treasure trail by putting me in touch with Malcolm Skelton....for both of us...two emails since Saturday have flooded information backwards and forwards.....and I am sure we shall pool all our information, as we have so much to help each other.        The family have been down (sadly) at the end of July....and I have a photograph of grandad standing behind the three graves in Cley on my computer!      how glad I am that I mentioned the whole thing to you.        Three cheers for modern technology.....when it is useful to one.

All the best      Richard


From: "Christine Watson"
To: <>
Subject: DIX
Date: 06 August 2004 17:43________

Hi Val,
I just had to write to congratulate you on your fascinating web-site!  We have just returned from a visit to Norfolk, where we were trying to find out more about my, and my husband's, family history.  My family came from the eastern parts of Norfolk but, during this week's trip, we discovered that some of my husband's family originated in Salthouse!  It seems that his x3 Great Grandparents were John DIX and Anne DYBALL, who married in Salthouse in 1798.  Their daughter, Elizabeth DIX was born in 1807 in Salthouses and married James LONG in Blakeney in 1825.  They then settled in Glandford.  Two of their sons, William and James, moved to Newcastle-on-Tyne in the 1860's.

We had never even heard of Salthouses before this week but, having spent a couple of hours there on Monday, we shall definitely return on our next visit to Norfolk.  What a lovely place!  I am now going to order a copy of the Salthouses book from the Norfolk Family History Society and look forward to reading more about its history!

I noticed that there is some information about the DIX family on your web-site and I would be really interested to hear of any other people who may be researching the family.

Best Wishes

Chris Watson


From: "eric mason"
To: <>
Date: 05 August 2004 15:22
As my wife's father was born in Salthse, John William Pigott B1899, and having come to last years exhibition we have a great interest in salthse we think the web site is fantastic.  Well done Val for putting it together.
From: <>
To: "Mrs Val Fiddian" <>
Date: 05 August 2004 13:51

Good afternoon Val Fiddian,

What a truly delicious site, will put a link on our links pages with pleasure.
You've even got the story of Onesiphorous Randall, a personal favourite of mine.
Our congrats brilliant site, will enjoy trawling through it.
Keep up the good work.
One thing your 1953 flood map on your home page is broken. [mended now]

Kind regards


Sent: Saturday, July 31, 2004 12:16 AM
Subject: Pigott. High Spence et al Family History

Hi Val,

One of my cousins has recently pointed me in the direction of your wonderful salthouse history website. I have heard your name mentioned before and have been meaning to send you an email for somtime about my branch of the family and the info I hold taking the family back to the late 1600's. My Name is Paula Round, luckily my grandmother Alice Elizabeth Cunningham is still around and knew a large number of these people, plus she will be very interested in your website as you have her grandparents and great grandparents photos on there. I also have a large number of old family photos for this side of the family. My grandmother or the way we say it Nana is the daughter of Mark Richardson Cunningham b.1887 and Elizabeth Pigott (Bessy) b. 1889 South Shilds, County Durham. Bessy's parents were Gabriel Pigott b.1849 and Elizabeth Margaret Pigott b.1854, they were first cousins as Gabriels father was John Adam Pigott b.1819 and Elizabeths Father was Gabriel Pigott b.1821. You have Bessy's parents down as having three children in actual fact they had 8 only three were born in Norfolk though. Also the picture you have of Elizabeth and Caroline. I dont think this is actually Elizabeth my nana's mother i think it is probably Alice Elizaebth  b. 1876 as Bessy wasnt born till 1889 making her two years younger than Caroline. Perhaps we can compare photos and I will ask my nana to check as well. Perhaps we shoudl try to meet up online to discuss the family. I use MSN messenger and AOL instant messenger if you have either of these available to you. I have been researching the Pigott line for 8 years now and have thousands and thousands of names plus have found loads of cousins all over the world. Please let me know what you think.

Kind Regards

Paula Round
North Yorkshire
Paula writes again:

Sent: Saturday, July 31, 2004 10:13 PM
Subject: Re: Pigott. High Spence et al Family History

Hi Val,
Lovely to hear fom you again so quickly, and I have noticed you have already amended my family page to say 8 children, and have changed the names on the photo . . . I dont mind you putting any of my emails online as long as they dont refer in too much detail to any living relatives.My mother has just been around and I have printed the photos from the website for her to take back to my nana who is 87. I also have loads of photos from the Pigott side so will have to get these scanned in for the website and my nana just about remembers everyone she has ever met once . . . Could I ask your relationship to the family? I dont mind that it might be a week before we can talk again I totally understand when things crop up in life that pull us away from family history. I have also attached for you a copy of a descendants chart for Gabriel Pigott and Elizabeth Pane going down three generations to my nana's mother my great grandmother Elizabeth (Bessy) Pigott. I have a lot more info that what is shown but often find it best to send charts initially.
Hope to speak soon

Kind Regards

From: Sat 26 Jun 2004 05:17 PM
Subject: What was here?

Today we went for a walk at Salthouse along the shingle bank by the sea, directly opposite the duck pond area and we came across an old pill box. Or was it? There is what seems to be a large metal 'ring' that runs around the base of the grass mound where the 'pill box' is and it was suggested to me that this metal 'ring' was a support for a barbed wire fence. Also, there is a lot of concrete on top plus what looks like an air tube coming out from the ground on top of the bank behind the 'pill box'. What used to be there? Why is there a concrete 'wall' in front of the 'pill box' entrance? I've tried finding out for myself but I couldn't find anything on this structure, therefore, could you help with this matter? Many thanks! 

reply: 3 July
Only the old folks, here during the war, would be able to describe what was there exactly, and there are precious few of them left. Jim Radley would have been the one. Sadly he died just before the book came out. He described the great high barbed wire and steel fence right across the middle of the marsh during the last war, and I have got some photos given me of it in the background. There is one in the book (still available in the post office for a while) on page 170. He told me a collaborater was shot in that pillbox during the war! I will ask some people if they remember exactly what was there.

Best regards and thanks for visiting the site!



Jeremy Addis of Dublin says:

The wall in front of the door of the pillbox is typical of
fortifications like that -- it's to protect people inside from shockwave of a near hit. It's a bit like the fence they put on the pavement outside a school entrance to deflect the kids who would otherwise rush straight across the road. This one deflects an explosion rushing straight in.

July 15th 2004
Gerald Cubitt, born in Salthouse 80 years ago, gave this information about the ruined pillbox :

The army pillbox which stands on the remains of 'Little Eye', was a Heavy Machine Gun type of pillbox., hence the large staircase type of loophole which faces west. The strong concrete wall before its entrance was a type of blast-proof doorway. It must be remembered that this pillbox, along with Little Eye itself, was severely damaged in the great sea flood of 1953, which explains why so much of the structure is exposed today.
The concrete footings seen on top of Little Eye are the foundations of a bungalow where an ornitholgist called Mr Garnett used to live in the summer months before the 1939-45 war.
I hope this information will be of some help.

Saturday, July 03, 2004 5:14 PM
Hello from Bormio, Sondrio, Italy

Hello Val

checked out the site yesterday as my mum had given me some information about the book you had written but did not realise that there was also a web site. It is very very good and I have enjoyed reading it - not all of it yet though.

My grandmother was Selena Cooke so the info about the Cookes was so interesting and my mum is her daughter. I am sure we can forward you quite a bit of information about Selena's marriage and children and hopefully some photos as well of some of the others in her family.We are busy putting all our family history on to computer and collecting photos of everyone. Selena married John Cunningham and settled in Winchester.

Congratulations on such a good web site.

 Yours sincerely
Marguerite Zen (nee Le Monnier)  


Hullo Marguerite
lovely to hear from you - this is just exactly what I so hoped the website would do: find more links to the Salthouse people. I'm so glad you are enjoying the book and I look forward very much to any information and photos that you can get together, and many other people related to Selina will also be so interested.

'Bye for now


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