Salthouse parish register, 1713-1818
(PD 23/30) Report from Senior Archivist Jenny Watts NRO


This volume was badly damaged after being buried underground during the Second World War. It is in too poor condition to be handled, but digital and microfilm copies are available, allowing access to the information that it contains. A few pages at the end of the volume were in such bad condition that they could not be copied.


Register contents:

baptisms, 1713-1818;

marriages (two entries only), 1746, 1753;

burials, 1713-1720, 1732-1817.

Baptism and burial entries, 1813-1818, duplicate the entries in the next registers of baptisms and burials, 1813-1996 (references PD 23/4 and 5). Many baptism entries include dates of birth. Burials, 1784 onwards, give ages and marital status. There are burials for those drowned, 1782, 1788 and 1808 and for Robert Keymer , shot by accident, 1793 (only part of this entry survives).



The order of the register

Baptisms are mainly in the first half of the register, although baptisms, 1713-1717, are on folio 33r (there are also baptisms for 1713-1715 on folio 1r, but these seem to duplicate those on folio 33r and are difficult to decipher). Baptisms, 1724-1735, on folios 4r-5v are not entered in strict chronological order.

Burials are mostly in the second half of the volume, beginning on folio 34r. Burials, 1713-1718, are on folios 1r and v.


Alternatives to the register

Unfortunately, many parts of the register are missing or illegible. The Salthouse archdeacon’s and bishop’s transcripts can be invaluable in supplementing these areas. The transcripts are contemporary copies of parish registers. Every year, the clergyman was supposed to copy up register entries for the previous twelve months and send them to either the archdeacon or bishop. Salthouse archdeacon’s and bishop’s transcripts survive 1601-1925, although there are many gaps in the series. The transcripts are available on microform in the Norfolk Record Office’s searchroom .


The first page of the register

The first page is very discoloured and the entries are particularly difficult to decipher. Fortunately, archdeacon’s transcripts do survive for April 1713-February 1715. By comparing the Salthouse transcripts with the few words which can be deciphered on the first page of the register, it is possible to work out many of the baptism and burial entries which appear there.

The first entry seems to be for Robert son of Robert Mays and Mary , baptised 1 November 1713 . The last one appears to be the baptism of Cristian daughter of William Lownd and Elizabeth , baptised 16 January 1715 . The baptism entries on this page seem to be duplicated on folio 33r.

Copies information: Colour images of the register pages are available electronically on one of the computers in the searchroom and as a printed version with the transcripts on the searchroom shelves.

Related material: The Salthouse archdeacons' and bishop's transcripts, 1601-1925, (but with many gaps) are contemporary copies of the registers, made by the rector. They are available on microform in the searchroom. Some of the entries are transcribed in Salthouse the Story of a Norfolk Village (Salthouse History Group, 2003), also available in the searchroom.



Val Fiddian 2007