THE MARL PIT at the top of Cross Street c.1914

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If you take the track on the right above, and walk up a little way towards
the heath, then turn to face the sea, you will see the view in the picture below!

Gerald Cubitt, born in Salthouse 80 years ago, used to catch tadpoles here when he was a boy. He says that this pit came about as a result of the need for marl which was dug here and used for the making-up of roads in the immediate area - Bloom Stile Lane, Cross Street and Market Lane.

When the much larger marl pits (located on the western side of the Dun Cow public house) came into use, the Cross Street pit was no longer needed and the bottom was sealed over by puddling a mixture of marl and water into it. It then provided a useful supply of water both for animals grazing on the heath and for allotment holders when planting out greens.



    The view from Butt Way in the 1930s - 50s



Gerald as a boy