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The Lynn family of Salthouse


William Lynn (Master Mariner?), born c.1812 in Salthouse. He married Hannah Mary ---, b. in Field Dalling in 1821.

  The children of William and Hannah Lynn were :

Robert John Lynn b. 1849 in Salthouse. He married Eliza Ann -- born 1850 in Blakeney

  The children of Robert John and Eliza Ann Lynn were:
    William Edward Lynn b. 1875 in South Shields
Peter Lynn b. 1876 in Salthouse, married Edith Eleanor --- , and died in Salthouse in 1948
Robert John Lynn b. in Salthouse 1881 and died in Salthouse 1882
Dora Ellen M. Lynn b. in Salthouse 1885 and died in Salthouse in 1888

Richard May Lynn b. 1859 in Salthouse and died 1828 in Salthouse. In 1909 he married Alice Dack b.1877 in Yorkshire.

  The children of Richard May and Alice Lynn were:

Hannah Elizabeth Lynn b. 1909 in Erpingham District and died 1992 in Salthouse
Eleanor Gladys May Lynn b. 1911 in Salthouse. She married Harry Alex Manson

        The children of Eleanor and Harry Manson were:
  Richard Harry Manson b.1934 in Salthouse
Donald James Manson b.1936 in Salthouse
Alexander William Manson b.1942 in Salthouse
Christine Elizabeth Ann Manson b.1945 in Salthouse
  Elizabeth Lynn b. 1854 in Salthouse. She married William Dew (Master Mariner?) b. 1840 in Salthouse.
  The children of Elizabeth and William Dew were:
      William Dew b. 1876 in Salthouse
Hannah S. May Dew b. 1881 in Salthouse
Richard Dew b. 1887
Alfred Dew b. 1899

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