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Walter Holman and his family

Walter 'Rooter' Holman


Betty describes her father as a brilliant shot with a gun. He used to go about in his pony and cart and she can remember him shooting pheasants from the cart standing up.


Later on in life he was boilerman at Weybourne Army Camp, but in his early years he made his living from the heath and the marsh and his allotment.
He was a Warrener. Rabbits were the only meat most people had in those days.

Roy Holman as a boy
Roy remembers going rabbiting with his father. It was his job as a boy to catch the little rabbits. He would sell them to people for rabbit pies, at a shilling for 4 or5 in a bunch.



Sarah Holman



Roy holding the pony Ginger with Betty, Bobby and Nancy, the three youngest on the village green. Behind can just be seen the Brittain's holiday hut 'Millmarsh' where the old mill once stood.

Roy and John  

As they were at Peggy's Wedding


John Holman


Sid and Peggy Emery

Peggy and Sid Emery

Roy Holman




Nancy Holman


Betty Holman


Bobby Holman


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