Mary Ann Rudd (nee Holman)

Mary Ann Holman was born in Salthouse in 1871, she was the daughter of Isaac and Ann Holman who came to Salthouse from Thursford.
Mary married Robert Hancock, and by 1891 the couple were living in Holt. The 1901 census shows Mary Ann and Robert Hancock living in London with their children: Isaac born c 1892 in Holt, Winifred born c 1895 and Samuel born 1898. Another possible son was William Thomas born c 1903 and buried in Salthouse . His gravestone gives the date 5 January 1930 for his death at the age of 27. Nearby is the grave of Samuel who died on 25 December 1953 aged 55 after falling in the creek one dark night.
Mary Ann's Hancock children

Mary's eldest son Isaac. He married Muriel High one of the daughters of James High, and they had a son Robert James Hancock b.1925

Samuel Hancock

Pauline Lemon, granddaughter of Mary can name five Hancock daughters in addition to 3 sons, of Mary and Robert :

Lottie , Daisy, Hilda, Winifred and Lavinia (known as Aunt Jenny, seen below with Pauline's sister Mary).

After Robert Hancock died, Mary - with eight children - married Jethro John Rudd in 1908. He was a widower with 12 children of his own by his first wife Rosanna: William 1874, Alfred 1876, Henry 1877 Frederick 1880, Horace 1882, Alice 1883, Ellen and Florence 1884, Herbert 1888, Edward 1891, Ada 1895 and Edith 1896. Together they had three more children Julia (Pauline's mother), Margaret and Kathleen.

Mary Ann (now Mary Ann Rudd) with daughters Margaret standing on the seat, Katherine sitting on her knee, and Julia (who married 'little' Fred Woodhouse).

Julia married Fred Woodhouse and had Geoffrey, Pauline, Mary and Barbara. Margaret married Mr Wall and had Joan.

Margaret and Julia with
their own daughters

Mary Rudd with her grandson, Julia's eldest son Geoffrey Woodhouse.



Fred Woodhouse who married Julia Rudd c 1941 with their daughter Pauline and their son Geoffrey at the white bungalow that Friday Forsdick built, where they lived opposite Beach Road, Salthouse.


In this final group Mary Rudd sits extreme right with various members of her family, not all of whom are named - Margaret (now Margaret Wall), is one of the two in the foreground, and Julia is centre in the white hat.
It may be Gertie Cooke in the other hat with the glasses - she was Gertie High and married Stephen Cooke. Muriel and Gladys High are also there somewhere in the picture.



Many thanks to Pauline Lemon for most of these pictures and information


Jethro Rudd died on 15th January 1917 aged 58.

Mary remained a widow living in Cross Street.
Leslie Cooke, in his early memories of Salthouse recorded for the Salthouse book, said that Mary was his grandmother and that she lived up the top of Cross Street:

" She lived alone and she kept a pig, nearly everyone had a pig and they used to breed and have a littler every year. They'd have at least eight little pigs and that would pay her rent and rates the whole year, and if anything went wrong and the sow didn't have any they'd be in a muddle you know, that was their bank."

Left: The Parish Magazine records the burial of Mary Ann Rudd. She died aged 69 on December 31st 1939.

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