Richard Joseph High and family


Salthouse post office 1908
Dick High first took on the job of postmaster from Ruth Lewis in Cross Street, who had herself taken over the job in 1900 when her father Henry Lewis, post-master since 1892, had died.

Then, in 1908, two years after the birth of their daughter Freda, Dick and Mary moved the post office to a building which had been once the local coast guard's house on the village green. In the picture on the left he and Mary pose with Freda aged 2 behind the fence he put up himself.

Then, when Freda was 6, Mary died and Dick married Polly Dawson and turned to farming instead of the post office.

Read Ray High's pages for the full story. (see below)


Mary Craske first wife of Dick High

Mary High (nee Craske), Dick's first wife who died when her daughter Freda was very young



Dick High with his second wife Polly (nee Dawson), Raymond and Roland

Dick High, Freda, Polly (née Dawson), Dick's second wife, and their sons Raymond [see below left] and Roland (3rd son Wesley not in the photo)



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RAY's pages

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FREDA's pages

Ray  High in the army 1939

Ray at the start of world War2.


Freda married Alec Morse who was employed at the Hall as gardener by Commander Frederick Champion de Crespigny, (the brother-in-law of Frank Stagg who used to visit the Hall in the 1930s).

Alec was his bearer on shoots, and his gardener. Later, he and Freda moved to Kelling and worked for Jim Deterding, the present lord of the manor of Salthouse and Kelling, at Kelling Hall.

Freda and Alec Morse in KellingFreda and Alec when they were living in Kelling

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