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The High FamilyTree

showing the Salthouse descendants  of William and Hestor High (1705 - 1823)
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Mary Ann


James (died at 1 year)




John William

Ernest Porter


Lucy Ann

Richard Thomas
(died aged 2 months)

(in his autobiography,
Jimmy High the son of Henry says that
his father was one of a
family of sixteen, but there is no record any others than these listed here.

But what about the Sarah and Martha in the 1851 census, mentioned right? ->

There may have been more that died in childhood.

Hannah and Richard Joseph High
had 12 children

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In the 1851 Census

Christianna Pigott - aged 18, -straw bonnet maker,
Sarah Anna Pigott -aged 15, and
Martha Anna Pigott aged 12, were all three listed as Grand-daughters living with
Widdower, John Moy aged 81, in Purdy Street, Salthouse

Their grandmother (Hannah's Mother) was Sarah Ann Pigott nèe Moy, wife of William Pigott. Was she the daughter of John Moy? and were the three girls his great-granddaughters?


Home    SALTHOUSE the North Norfolk village with the Fascinating History

The Matriarch of the Salthouse Highs



Hannah High (nee Pigott)

with her youngest daughter
Lucy who looked after her in her
old age - as so many youngest daughters did in those days. But she was married in the end to Jack Dix

Susanna High married Bond Farrow

Lucy Ann High the youngest daughter. She married Jack Dix

 Lucy Ann

Christianna High. She married Charles Kendle
Hannah's daughter Hannah
James High


Ernest Porter High
Ernest Porter
John William High
John William






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