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Henry Lewis was post master at the post office in Cross Street, Salthouse from 1892 until he died when his daughter took over the job. He was present at a vestry meeting at the church in 1894. He was also the village school master —

Salthouse actually had a school before Kelling school existed, and the Kelling children had to walk to Salthouse! Kelly's Directory for 1854 says of Salthouse:
" . . . Here is a National School for this and the adjoining parish of Kelling ".
By 1864 it was attended by about 40 children and supported by subscription.
But, in June 1875
, Salthouse parish was united with Weybourne, Salthouse and Kelling School Board, and Salthouse children were obliged to walk to Kelling every day, and Henry Lewis became a member of the Board of Govenors for Kelling School.