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Looking after St Nicholas' Salthouse in past times

Pages from the notebook of Mrs Matthews Churchwarden 1930s
information from 1930s notebooks


The notebook of the Rev Hermitage 1930

restoration etc
18-- The church was provided with the present seats. The poppy heads preserved and placed. at a cost of nearly £300
1810 A faculty was granted to dilapidate an ancient vestry on the North side of the church
which had been unfit for use for about 50 years.
1810 A faculty was granted to sell one of two bells hanging in the tower, with part of a bell taken down many years before weighing together 18 cwt. 2 qr. 16lbs.      Sold for £87
1811 Church restored. Much then disappeared: HELL window sealed. click here cost of: £537. 16 .7
1878 The East window of the South aisle was fitted with stained glass.  [no longer there] to the memory of the late Mrs Mary Girdlestone
1913 The Nave was re-roofed with oak, and other improvements effected. The Rector was the Rev Dalby. the cost: £680
1916 October 24th Church bell returned to church having been recast. having been cracked by a cannon ball in the time of Oliver Cromwell . . .
1917 August9th Consecration of part added to Churchyard for new burial ground by the Bishop of Norwich. hymn: "Let Saints on earth in concert sing"
1917 September 7th Bell consecrated by the Bishop of Norwich. in memory of two Cobbold brothers killed in WW1
1920 February 14th War memorial erected by subscription and dedicated by Canon Marcon. Church full, Good choir. Beautiful weather. Splendid sermon.
1922 The North and South aisles were re-roofed.
Sir Alfred Jodrell gave the oak for the N and S aisle re-roofing. Total cost of new roofs £1077/14/0
1924 Many windows renewed and the stone work put right. Sir Alfred Jodrell and Sir Henry Deterding each gave £100 towards the cost of the windows: £447
1924 New oak doors were given by Sir A Jodrell for the South porch. the gift of Sir Alfred Jodrell
1929 The dilapidated vestry was perfectly restored at a cost of £187
by Cornish & Gaymer, North Walsham.

Church Restoration Committee: Rev J. R. Bowden, Sir Henry Deterding, Commander F. Ch de Crespigne, Mr Ronald Deterding, and Mrs R A Matthews Churchwarden

The money was raised for the vestry through the constant help of Miss Eaton and Miss Raby (of Whalmer Hall, Sturry, Kent) who, in 8 years, contributed £100 by means of £5 collecting cards.    The Norwich Diocesan Board of Finance also assisted. They gave Grants from time to time of £15, £25, and they also gave the Almsbox in the church.
it is written that
The North aisle was a private Family chapel-- a Chantry Chapel.
The Private door is still there and was entered from outside, before present vestry was erected.
from the Rev E. Hermitage's notebook.
1931 Screen restored.  
1932 The Jacobean smaller altar was put in the Lady Chapel and new altar installed. The altar stone was removed from the step of the font to its proper place on the high altar. by the Rev C. Swainson
1933 Pavement restored. cost: £25.15. 6
1933 - or 1934 A piscina was found in the chimney of an adjacent house during alterations, and restored to it's proper place in the pillar close to the vestry. Thus the three altars now have their piscinas intact says Churchwarden Mrs R A Matthews in her commonplace book.
   1934 The Sanctuary was replastered on the walls, inscription dated 1639 discovered and a priest's door opened out. (cost?)
1934 November 21st Bishop Robbins consecrated new altar furnishings. cost of furnishings for new altar from Church Shop Walsingham: £32


Restoring the large East window. East window restored by Cornish & Gaymer cost £130.
1936 The ruined chapel in the churchyard was excavated. Some of the mediaeval tiling discovered there, was placed in the paving of the North and South aisles of the church.  
1950 Miscellaneous repairs to the Tower and Belfry. Interior walls of the Nave replastered.  
1951 West window of the Tower restored.  
1996 Public meeting to avoid closure followed by the setting up of "The Friends of Salthouse Church".