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Subject: High Family Tree and Data Base Project

High Family Data Base

This project commenced in April 2002 with six stages to guide its development;

Stage 6 was to enjoy what was left of life. The time has come to spend more time and money on other things.

The data base has taken over 4000 hours to compile and contains 784 descendants of William and Hester High and a total of  1345 names. These include the ancestors of some of the spouses of High’s.

 A lot of time was spent firstly trying to locate the appropriate records and secondly searching the records for ancestors or clues to ancestors. Another big consumer of time was verification to ensure the person being researched is indeed who they appear to be and form part of the descendants of, in this case, William and Hester.

I would like to thank all the people who have provided information on the family over the past two years. Without this help the results achieved would not have been possible. The major means of communication has been emails with over 300 being received from various family members and other people (about 37) who have been researching the surname High.

To this point in time I have made hard copies of the Family Tree and distributed them to many family members. Unfortunately this has proved to be a costly exercise and one I can no longer pursue.

As mentioned in previous Newsletters, the Salthouse  History Group, as a part of their project  are developing a website. In many communications with Val Fiddian over the past year on the High’s of Salthouse it was suggested that a section of that website would be devoted to the High’s as they are very much a part of the history of Salthouse from at least the early 1700’s.

The website is up and running, but still very much in the development stages,  and the High family have a section devoted to the descendants of William and Hester. This includes a PDF file of the latest version of the family tree that can be downloaded using Adobe Acrobat  Reader.

The website address is http://www.salthousehistory.co.uk and access to the relevant pages is achieved by opening the Home page and clicking “Alphabetical Index”, then click “H”, at the bottom of the text  on the High’s click ” go to Fred’s page” then to go to the PDF file on the Family Tree click “here”.  

From time to time as new or additional information on the family becomes available the family tree and other snippets of information will be published on this website.

From now on I will keep only a watching brief  on the development of the family tree and history. It is hoped by publishing it on the Salthouse history website and giving my email address other ancestors of William and Hester will make contact and add to the family.

It is also hoped that sometime in the future another member of the family will become enthused and have the resources to continue the research into our family. The Chinese, who have a tradition of recording their family and its history usually only update their records every 20 to 30 years.


Revelations from Whissonset, Colkirk and Oxwick Parish Records

After many months of waiting for the Parish Records to be made available through LDS, they arrived and a search of the Colkirk Parish Records revealed the two unidentified children of John (b. 1819) and Sophia.

Arthur High was born on 17 November 1848 and died about 10 days later on the 27 November 1848. Matthias High was christened 14 March 1852 and died 23 March 1852 with the notation that he was 2 weeks of age.

The mystery of Rosanna High who was christened on 16 May 1858 and was living with John and Sophia in Colkirk at the time of the 1861 Census was solved as she is recorded as having died on 16 October 1864 at the age of six years.

Also on the microfilm where the Parish records of Oxwick and in those it was revealed that Benjamin (born 1776 Salthouse) and Frances High had a daughter Ann High who was born on 30 March 1802 and christened on 11 April 1802. Shortly after this they must have moved back to Salthouse as all their other children where born in Salthouse. Further research confirmed that Benjamin and Frances where married in Yaxham on 16 December 1801.

 Another notation in the Oxwick Parish Records shows that Benjamin and Frances High and their 6 children received a “due payment of 12 shillings” in 1823. 

While Benjamin was born in Salthouse about 1776 he must have moved around to find work as in 1801 he was in Yaxham when he married Francis, Ann their first child was born in Oxwick in 1802, from 1804 to 1822 they were in Salthouse where all their other children where born, in 1823 they must have moved back to Oxwick were they received payment from the Parish and as both Mary Ann (born Salthouse 1808) and Benjamin Youngs (born Salthouse 1804) where married in Whissonsett in 1829 it could be assumed the family had settled in Whissonsett prior to that date.

Frances died in Whissonett on 18 August 1844, the records noted she was aged 66 years. Benjamin also died in Whissonsett on 10 May 1862 with the records showing he was aged 89 years, that if this is correct, would mean he was born about 1773 not 1776 which is what all other records show.

All the details of the people shown on the family tree who were born, married or died in Colkirk and Whissonsett have been confirmed from the Parish Records. There are too many to list individually. 

Other High’s in Colkirk and Whissonsett in the 1700’s 

The earliest the name High appears in the Colkirk Parish records is 1737 where a Richard and Susanna High are listed as parents of Elizabeth who was christened 17 November 1737. Other entries show them being the parents of Richard who was christened on 28 September 1739, another Richard christened 28 January 1740, Mary christened 21 September 1745, John christened 12 July 1748, died 15 October 1753 and Susanna christened 23 April 1749.

On 15 October 1766 Richard High was a witness to the marriage of William Howard and Susanna High.

A John and Ann High also appear in the Colkirk Parish Records as the parents of William christened 28 April 1756 and Richard christened 23 January 1763.

In the Whissonsett Parish records the first appearance of a High is William High who was christened 25 February 1727 and his father was John High (alias Heath).

Another entry shows a William High whose father was William High (alias Heath) died 21 November 1732.

John High (alias Heath) is recorded as having died on 20 June 1729. 

On 20  November 1732 a Judith High was christened and her father was recorded as John High. A Susanna High was christened on 17 February 1733, died 4 March 1733 and Edward High was christened 21 May 1737 for both these the parents were record as John High and Mary High (Lucas). A John High is recorded as having died 29 August 1753.

While no connection has been made to the Salthouse High’s, who are descendants of William and Hester High, it is interesting to note that Benjamin the grandson of William and Hester moved between Salthouse and the Whissonsett, Colkirk and Oxwick area on at least two occasions. Also the Christian names used by the two sets of High’s are similar to later descendants of William and Hester. Also it is not known where William High (born about 1705/10) originated from although is confirmed he and Hester lived in Salthouse from about 1734.

The children of Richard and Susanna (Colkirk), John and Mary (Whissonsett) where all born in the same period (1730/40’s) that William and Hester were having their children. The question is whether William, Richard and John could have been brothers.

Unfortunately of all the parish records of Norfolk churches I have researched, the births, marriages and deaths recorded before 1725 appears to be restricted to the titled or landed gentry not the ordinary folk.

The Future

While it has been a very interesting and personally rewarding time over the past two and a bit years that I have worked on the High Family Tree I no longer wish to devote a significant amount of time and energy to going further with the project. However, that does not been I will abandon it all together. I will continue to do some research when I have the inclination and of course if family members have contributions to make, I am more than happy to update the family tree and the High page on the website.
The project gave me the opportunity to make contact with relatives I had never meet or for that matter never knew existed. I trust over the remaining time we have on this earth that those communication lines will remain open, even if it is just occasionally, say at Christmas.
At some time in the future I intend to publish a photo album of all the photographs I have of various family members and distribute them to all. In some cases there are photographs with names on them, others we know are family members but there is no positive identification.
Again thank you to all for your contributions and support over the past couple of years.
One day I hope we will meet face to face,
Best wishes and kindest regards to all
Fred High

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