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blacksmith shoeing a cavalry horse in the courtyard of the Dun Cow during the '14-'18 war

During the 1st World War a Canadian Cavalry unit was stationed for a time near the Dun Cow on the coast road (then the Cley Road), and the picture (right) of a cavalry horse being shod is probably a Canadian army smith.

The unidentified girl leading a horse away from the smithy - judging by her dress - is probably much later. The smithy was closed when Walter Graveling died in 1955 so it must be pre that date.

The Dun Cow public house on the West side of the green

as it was in the year 1909

The landlord at this time was Walter Graveling. He was also the blacksmith and had his smithy in the building you can see on the right of this picture, which is now part of the bar and restaurant of the Dun Cow





Val Fiddian 2005