Doug Preston's photos
of Salthouse

Just a few of the photos of Salthouse taken by Doug during his and Brenda's holiday at
the Old Bakery Annex in the summer of 2005

Click on the pics to enlarge a bit then close the window before clicking on another one, or they pile up.

the Dun Cow in the evening

The Dun Cow
in the evening

the green and Cookies Crab shopeastern half of thevillage green

Cookies Crab shop restaurant at night
Cookies Crab shop
at night

the marsh
the marsh

the 'Crick' from the start of Mill drift looking west

The 'Crick'
looking West

Mill drift today. the Mill is no more
Mill drift
bridge on path to little Eye and the sea
The bridge
the track to the sea
shingle beach and the North sea
The sea
the view from the footpath that crosses Bloomstile fieldThe church from
Bloomstiles footpath
'long church lane' approaching the churchLong
church lane

an evening/afternoon view of the crick looking east

and the Crick

Weybourne beachWeybourne

beach and cliffs