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The Dack family of Salthouse

Matthew Twite Dack

who had 25 children

Matthew Twite Dack was born in Beetley, Norfolk, in 1819 and died in Holt in 1900. He married twice - first to Mary Ann Brown in 1840 and he had ten children from that marriage. His second marriage in 1879 in Holt, Norfolk, was to Sarah Ann Bone-Steward of Holt and he had fifteen children from that marriage! (for the list of children from both of his marriages - click here)

Mathew Dack (who came to live in Salthouse c.1880) was the second son of Matthew Twite Dack's first marriage. He was born in Whissonsett, Norfolk, in 1848.

He was apprenticed into the shoemaker's trade. As a journeyman shoemaker he travelled up to Tynemouth in search of work and married a local girl, Mary Alice Taylor, in 1871 in Orsden.

Their first child George William Dack was born in Tynemouth in 1873. The family then moved to Loftus Heights in Yorkshire (a Methodist stronghold) to join a cousin of Mathew's - Benjamin Dack, son of Mary Dack, sister to Mathew's father - who was already living there with his family.

Mathew Dack

Mathew and Mary Dack with some of their family CLICK to enlarge just the group

By 1880 Mathew and his family had moved to Salthouse in Norfolk to live in the house in Cross Street now called The Seven Whistlers

Mathew was a strict Methodist and probably a part time preacher. He lived by the Bible and the words of scripture. His son Alfred (known as Joe) was born with a club foot but his father, though a shoe-maker, refused to make him a special boot to help him walk, believing that it was God's decision that Alfred had been born with this disability. Mathew died in Salthouse 22nd March 1933.



Above: Early 1900's, Mathew and Mary Dack in the back garden of their house in Cross Street (now 'The Seven Whistlers')
and (below) the bottom of Cross Street with their house on the left of the picture.


Left: Three Salthouse men on an outing to Yarmouth in the 1930s,
Joe Dack, Alfred Hancock and Matthew Dack -caught by a street photographer.

The children of Mathew and Mary Dack

George William Dack, born 24/4/1873 in Northumberland and died 29/5/1954 in Blakeney, Norfolk
Mary Ann Dack, born 15/11/1875 in Holt
Alice Dack, born 5/11/1877 in Yorkshire and died May c. 1964 in Salthouse
       Alice married
Emmanuel Williamson in 1902 at Salthouse
2nd Richard May Lynn in June 1909 in Erpingham area
Matthew Dack, born 7/2/1880 in Salthouse and died 23/3/1935 in Salthouse
Alfred (known as Joe) Dack, born 16/2/1882 in Salthouse and died c. 1964 in Salthouse
James Dack, born 7/11/1883 in Salthouse and died c. June 1918 in Canada
Eleanor Rebecca Dack, born 26/01/1886 in Salthouse and died o9/12/1941
Ernest Dack, born 22/01/1889 in Salthouse amd died 31/05/1976 in Cawston, Norfolk
       Ernest married Jean Appleton ic. 1912 in Smallburgh, Norfolk
Hetty Isabella Dack, born 19/11/1892 in Salthouse, married Arthur Shales c. march 1917


This family history has been kindly donated to the site by Jenny Adams, who is the granddaughter of Matilda Dack, one of the daughters of Matthew Twite Dack by his second marriage. [see his page]


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