Fred Woodhouse
(nickname "Hoss") was the uncle of Jasper Woodhouse (on the right below)  who worked as a boy at the bake house on the coast road.  Jasper, now aged over 80,  remembers the time  when he was 11 and he was invited to visit  his Uncle Fred in London.  

Fred Woodhouse

Read Jasper's description of it:
"When I was 11, I went to London with my grandmother.
   There was an old boy when I was young, called Martin Foulger - I donít know if he had any land down here in Salthouse - he might have. He was friendly with my grandfather, and he used to come down to the pub about once a year in an old van. He used to have meat and all sorts on the van, and he used to live in it while he was down here, in the pub yard. Of course they had some booze-ups. Martin Foulger his name was; he used to wear a big hat. It was Armistice week when we went to  London, and my Uncle Fred,  he was a Policeman, and he paid for us to go up

Jasper Woodhouse
 Jasper aged 80

 for a week and stay with some people we knew. He was on duty in Westminster Abbey at the service there. He said ĎIíll take you down Petticoat Lane Sunday morning, thereís a market there, and theyíll steal your watch as you go in one end of the lane, and sell it to you at the other end!í They knew him, because of him being a Policeman up there. So we went down there, and there was an old feller selling chickens and do you know who it was? That Martin Foulger who used to come down to the pub here. Iíll never forget it! There was an old woman, she bought a chicken off him, and she was swearing at him because there was a great lump on the chickenís breast. Iíll never forget it till the day I die, I never expected to see him down there selling chickens! Oh, she was swearing at him, this old girl!
Martin Foulger, there wouldnít be no one now here remember him."

You can see Fred
'Hoss' Woodhouse in plain clothes in Salthouse with the football team


This excerpt is  from Jasper's pages in the book
: Salthouse the story of a Norfolk Village, edited by Val Fiddian. It  was published in July 2003 as a limited edition . Click on Jasper's photo on this page for his story,

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