STORY from Marilyn Wigley:

She was named Chirpy by my daughter Naomi when she was just a child herself. She considers Naomi to be her mother and makes different noises for her to those she makes for anyone else. Even now that Naomi doesn't live here she recognises her voice when she visits. She loves a cuddle but is getting old and doesn't really enjoy pottering round the garden any more, prefering to remain in her 'house' and netted area.

As a baby duckling she escaped into our old garden from a large consignment delivered to a farm and the farmer allowed Naomi to keep her but warned that she probably wouldn't even survive the night. 14 years on . . . . .

CHIRPY at home

Chirpy gets a hug


We have just received the very sad news, that on Saturday October 4th at 10.30pm, Chirpy died.
She is mourned by the whole family who loved her very much.


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