Kenny Brown


Ken aged 3 with sister Nora's boy-friend's motorbike, at the top of Grouts Lane

Outside their house at the top of Grouts Lane, Ken aged 3 with his sister Norah on a boy-friend's motor bike.

Kenny Brown today



Ken today,
he wrote a
collection of childhood memories

read them


Russell Brown


Phyllis née Brown

Russell Brown's wedding

Russell's wedding, his mother Evangeline on the left, and his grandmother Elizabeth High, the wife of Levi High, is on the right.


Phyllis JacksonPhyllis at the unbelievable age of 84. The winner of a Bowls Trophy.

She married Tom Jackson and has five boys.


Both Phyllis and Ken wrote memories that were published in the Salthouse book.
They are now available for you to read here

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