Art group September 30th '09

Edna's from last week finished Edna's begun today

Edna's last week's marsh scene finished (see it click here) -- and this week's sea scene ^
[widen your screen and it will come above]
see next week

Muriel's last week's and this week's mysterious cottage in the psychedelic mountains

Val's second poppy pic

val's 2nd poppy pic to be finished (it was scrapped)

Muriel's 1st and second cottage in the mountains

Muriel and Sue J. discuss technique
Muriel and Sue J. discuss technique


Sue (J)'s mountain scene begun

Sue J.'s new mountain view (she'll bring the finished? red hotr pokers next week) see Oct 7th

Sarah's mysterious Green Door started last week now finishedSue L.'s daisies
Sarah's mysterious Green Door - begun last week
Daisies by Sue L.


Virginia at workVirginia's church in the making

Virginia's view from the heath

val's cygnets from a photo

Sue L.'s second picture today1
Val's crick pic during the week ^
Sue L.'s second painting today ^


the group discussing next week some of us will do a 10 minute watercolour from Haxel Soan's little book!!




Next week we might try 10 minute watercolours from hazel Soan's little book!!


(But we didn't because Sarah wasn't there and we waited to do it with her on Oct 14th)

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