Art Group November 25th
 (No pics of December 2nd, Val wasn't there to photo) the next is >Dec 9th

Edna's bridge Virginia's Pooh bear for her great grandchild!
Edna's bridge (finished see below)

Virginia's picture for her great-grandchild's room! (finished see below!)

now finished





now finished

Jacqui's rocky beach finished

Jacqui's beach finished

Jacqui's flower studies from last week

Jacqui's flowers finished

Sally's Moreston scene nearly finished

Sally's Moreston scene

Muriel's view of Cross Street from her bedroom window  advancing rapidly

Muriel's Cross Street from bedroom window progressing at a pace click here

Val's evening looking east beginning
Val's Beach road under a dark sky (it got abandoned)

picture I gave up on and cut a good piece out (see right!)


^This bullock picture wouldn't go right so I cut a bit out >
and had a small pic instead!!

coot cut out and rest discarded!

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