Art Group November 11th

Edna's last week's Holkham beach finished
Jacqui's looking out of the window, sketch
Edna's finished Holkham beach scene

Jacqui's 'looking out of the window' scene

Edna's new picture begun
Jacqui's filling in time with her coffee mug!
Edna's bridge begun (see next week)

Jacqui's mug

Sue's Ayers Rock

Ayers Rock by Sue J.

the view from Muriel's window down Cross Street (in progress)

Sally's boats

Muriel's view of Cross Street from her window

Virginia's tree branches
Sally's boats (in the making)
Virginia's tree scene (in the making)
Sue L's apple and autumn leaves
Sarah's village view from the marsh
Sue L.'s autumn studies
Sarah's view of village from the marsh (not finished)
Val's seagulls rising
finished - if a bit 'overworked'
Val's seagulls ascending - not really finished
Sue L's leaf studies  
Sue L's autumn studies during the week


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