SALTHOUSE ART GROUP January 27th 2010

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Photos taken by Muriel
this week because Val wasn't there
Sally's Fuschias begun last week and now finished at home

Sally's Fuschias for her Mother's birthday

Sarah's begun today

Sarah's newly begun (see next week)


Also Sarah's

Sue J.'s red hot pokers now finished

Sue J.'s cottage now finished


Virginia's bridge

  Muriel's "Near Tromsø"


Muriel's "Near Tromsø" Norway finished at home

Muriel's "Trondenes Church, Harstad"

Muriel's "Trondenes Church, Harstad" Norway finished at home
(I might add mine (Val's if I do any more) later)
Val's last week's one changedsame pic before
This is after putting in dark sky and washing it out again and putting in dark sky again!
(this time cheating with gouache!!)

this one doesn't exist any more!



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