SALTHOUSE ART GROUP January 13th 2010

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Jacqui's begun pastel of the Crick under snow

We had Edna and Virginia and Jacqui and Sarah and Muriel and Val

but the session was nearly just talk - only Jacqui got something down from scratch [see left] the rest just pencilled a bit. Val added one scratch to what she'd got ready to carry on with, and Muriel brought terrific sketch-book holiday stuff to show.

Next week:
Wed 20th


Jacqui's pastel of snow on the marsh not finished

                                                                             Sarah's own Cattle at Bayfield during Christmas holiday  
Sarah's Cattle wintering at Bayfield
Val's begun Church from Market Lane view unfinished  

Val's view of Church (meant to be in sunlight and shadow) not finished

                                                          From Muriel's sketch-book while on holiday from Muriels sketchbook  
striking pictures from Muriel's holiday sketch-book
another from Muriel's holiday sketchbook    
Another from Muriel's sketchbook

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