all but Sally making tea and va taking photol

Salthouse Art Group Sept 23 '09


Edna's watercolour unfinished




Edna's work - not finished

see it > click here


Jacqui's now finished




Jacqui's now finished

Murie's not finished                Muriel's not finished see it next week click here

Sally's door with some bricks appearing




Sally's mysterious door unfinished

Sue J.'s in the makingSue (J.)'s red hot pokers unfinished

Virginia's in the making




Virginia's cock in the making

Sue L.'s watercolour done during the weekSue's L.'s second one done in the week
two sea scenes by Sue L. [really sorry I didn't photo the one she was on - I didn't have space on my mem card (old mem card 4gigs, gone phut suddenly)

this looks like distorted shingle bankfrom a photo

very very worked over
(I lost the sky when I decreased the height of the shingle bank so I had to mess it in with acrylics) - below are two crick pics
val's 'Crick' done during the weekanother crick with cows unsuccessfully superimposed (they look like dinky toys!)
two crick scenes by val during the week (the cows are too small I think - they are superimposed on a crick pic I had done already and they've all got wonky backs!!)


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