Pictures from The TOWER June 2018


Over the past two months John Allen Masonry, the contractor, has continued to hack off the old cement mortar which is near to completion. The top platform section of the west Tower wall has been re- pointed with hydraulic lime. Most of the quoinstones, saddlestones and mullions, which need replacing, have been marked and new stonework has been brought on site ready to be worked. Inside the Church, the floor timbers have been removed from the silence chamber ready for new flooring, which is on order. The flaking paint and old cement mortar have been removed from the east arched wall including the  base of the Tower, and now await the sub contractor to be onsite who will re-render the walls. Additional work, filling of cracks and holes, is required in the stair turret and elsewhere in the Tower. The two north aisle windows have been repaired and re-installed. The restoration will continue until the end of the year.
New photos of the damage to the fabric of the Tower are on display in the Church, including photos of damaged stonework and a photo of the top section of the west wall which has been newly re-pointed. 

photos by Andrew Wigley


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