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is available now from The Old Bakery, Salthouse
and from The Norfolk Family History Centre at St Giles, Norwich

see: "News for Medievalists" this link has changed They had an article on the Salthouse Buried records at

The Cost is £10 (+50p postage and packing) and the proceeds go to 'the Friends of Salthouse Church'

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For the Latest NEWS on the 2nd SALTHOUSE REGISTER

The second Buried Register dating from 1713 - 1818

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Find out more about
these Buried Records

The History

the Newspaper reports

The burying


For SALLY LAWFORD's exhibition CLICK HERE       

To see some pictures taken during
click here

THE BURIED RECORDS EXHIBITION  ended April 30th '07      For some pictures click HERE
Find out about the Salthouse 1538-1713 register at the 'Buried Records' page, or read Newspaper articles describing it,
or read about the burial of the register.        


for Salthouse 07 - 5 july to 5 august click here

Birkin Haward (Senior) EXHIBITION 18 August - 6 September see pics of the opening

2006 WORKSHOPS click here

BURE VALLEY 2007 here

Salthouse History Home page click here to go to the home page


click here to see pictures taken at the opening of Landmark 10 yesterday click here to see the new Priest's door nearly complete! click on virginia's horse to see art group 14th july
click on these pictures to read Barry's account of his time at Bard Hill
click here to see july 7th art group
memoirs of W D Dawson who served at Bard Hill Radar station 1947-9
click for July Coffee/Gossip! click here to see Marilyn's latest pictures  
Benefice Retreat at Quiet Waters
Frank & Annette by the river
<click the picture

June 23rd

June 39th

'MESSY CHURCH' at Weybourne on 9th June

Phyllis Jackson

click to see pictures of it
click here to see more pictures e  
click on the picture to see all the pictures of the opening

details below



click on Sue's picture to see June 9th efforts!
A Salthouse cottage sketched in 1917 see it today

John Hurst Exhibition 2010 - Saturday 5th - Sunday 20th June-

St Nicholas Church Salthouse, Norfolk Coastal Colours.
A book launch and solo exhibition of new watercolours


click on Muriel's picture to see Salthouse art group of May 26th 2010click on sarah's painting to see the June 2nd art group efforts
click here to see a bit more
click here to see latest pictures  by salthouse Art group!click on the pic to see
May 12th art group
click here to see Marilyn's spring photos
CLICK to see
Marilyn's Spring photos


click here to see latest (May19) art group stuff

click on the roses to see
May 19th art group

Coffee/gossip April 7th Shirley has just done a twirl to justify her new Sue Rhyder jersey and the company is in fits of laughter!
Coffee/Gossip April 2010 was a laugh!

Art Group April 7th (CLICK THE PIC!)click on these tulips to see latest efforts for April 14th

Click on Sarah's picture to see the art group's efforts for April 7th or on Edna's tulips to see April 14th




The Funeral took place on Thursday March 25th of

Anne June Wright of Salthouse

to see more of the floral tributes
Click here

the card on the floral tribute from her grandchildren

Art Group March 24th

Click on Edna!

art group March 24th click on Edna!


March 17th

only 4 of us

see above for April 7th

latest art group march 17th

19402 at the Dun Cow


< Yesterday and Today >


bowling today

Coffee Gossip March '2010





see it above^

conversation in full fling while more coffee brewing behind the hatch... Frank and Annette do good business with many new lines
CLICK HERE for Art Group pics March3rdClick the pic for Art group march 3rd
John in demonstation mode
(he's just cracked a joke)

On February 10th, the Salthouse Art Group was honoured with a very helpful teaching session
and Demo offered to the group by John Hurst.

It was very much enjoyed!

John Hurst has us all in order

Eight of us all paying attention to John

you can see photos of John's Ehibition in same village hall
and photos of his son's wedding on this page (click the highlighted titles)
AND his forthcoming exhibition

Coffee/Gossip on Feb 3rd 2010

CLICK on the picture

People came and went - a good time was had

This is the first lot,

MORE pics of FAYRE
clickhere orhere





Salthouse Under Snow
photos taken by Marilyn

Art Group

13th Jan (see Home page for latest link)

Muriel's sketch on holiday

click on this pic to see the latest efforts!

Art group
25th November

click the picture

CLICK the picture for Marilyn's October photos

Click the October sea for Marilyn's October photo gallery!or on the church below, for


at the Salthouse Coffee/Gossip morning on November 4th



Fair Trade providing good Christmas presents. Come to Coffee morning on December2nd and see the catalogue

East window on glorious autumn morning


Marilyn's November photos!

Frank's ordination


Just a few photos in church before the service and lots of random photos taken at the reception

clickon Frank

Sheila back in Salthouse on visit

Sheila at Salthouse
Oct 7th

not quite as calm as it looksMarilyn's August photographs

click on the picture

earliest meetings and
selection page
- click here

see recent group efforts:
AUG 12th and
August 19th and 26th
and September 2nd and September 9th
September 16th
September 23rd
September 30th
October 7th
November4th (the latest)


Harvest thanksgiving at the Dun Cow Sept 6th'09harvest thabksgiving at the Dun Cow Sept 6th'09


Our harvest Thanksgiving Service and Supper this year was celebrated again at the Dun Cow where over 30 people - locals and holiday-makers had a good time. Father Phil led the service of Thanksgiving, and hymns were accompanied by Angela on her portable organ. Many thanks to Kay and everybody at the Dun Cow for their hospitality and an excellent meal!

Bank Holiday Exhibition in the Village hall by Watercolourist John Hurst of Salthouseh
Have a look at
just a bit of it
click here


Have a look at the Salthouse SCARECROWS

they were judged
on Bank Holiday SUNDAY

one of the scarecrows to be judged on Sunday

and NOW see ALL the 24 scarecrows!!


the judges and



Michael Horsely's


in Salthouse St. Nicholas Church


see the opening
on August 18th





click on this to see pictures of King Henry's Band in Salthouse Church Aug 9th
played in the church

It was a 'come and go as you please' continuous one hour programme - from 2.15pm till 5.30pm -
of deliciously tuneful music from the 12th to 16th centuries.

King Henry’s Band plays a wide variety of fascinating and amusing early instruments.
It was featured in the EDP (October 2008) and it was a highlight of the St Nicholas Day Mediaeval Fayre in December '08 Over £360 was raised for

to see pictures of the afternoon click on the picture on left.

amazing pictures of the Mummer's Play of December 6th taken by a mystery photographer

Ten lovely photographs were given into my keeping during the King Henry's Band performance (see left) in the church, by a photographer who was passing through on Dec 6th'08 and again on Aug 9th '09. See these pictures and all about it by clicking on the picture above.


Sally Lawford's
pictures of

Malca Schotten's

Workshop Aug 1st

he is painting a loved-one from memory
July photos
of Salthouse Marsh and garden
click on the picture
what is this wader? ladybirds pandemic on the marsh Ladybirds on the marsh  

butterflies in my garden
butterflies in my garden


the August Coffee/Gossip morning in Salthouse


Wedding Service of meredith Hurst and Catharine Gorner

photographing outside the North door


See photos of

Bride and Groom
and general scenes outside the church


Marilyn's lovely marsh and garden pictures for June now can be seen - click on the picture ->

calf meets egyptian goose


Bookbinding workshop July 19th '09
a very occupied Village hall at the beginning of Susan Kasper's  bookbinding workshop
see how they did (they all said they had learnt SO much!!)

Sally Lawford's picturesSally Lawford's photos of the Book-binding workshop '09

click on the picture

WEAVING A WALK - the final of 4 walks
led by Artists Liz McGowan and Jane Frost
on Sunday 12th July
click here to see photos of the walk

Having walked from the church up beach road the conversational walk proper begins . . .

Below: this shows where the Rocket house stood in c.1928. The black little squares on the left, are bathing huts!     more walk pictures:

Beach Road from the other end  eighty years ago


Sally Lawford's photos of Laurie Rudling's Print-making Workshop 2009


Sally Lawford's

of Laurie Rudling's



click on the picture





click here to see workshop pictures of Sheringham High School in action!

click on the picture click on the picture to see them in action


see pictures of the Opening by clicking here







The opening of the exhibition by Jonathan Holloway Artistic Director and Chief Executive of the Norfolk & Norwich Festival

by clicking HERE

Opened by Jonathan Holloway, Artistic Director and Chief Executive of the Norfolk & Norwich Festival

as you come in the door . . .
more photos of the exhibits will be shown soon click here to see them


some of the happy audience watching the schools' entertainment

the organisers of the 1st Coffee/Gossip morning

For PICTURES of The First and Second Salthouse Coffee/Gossip Mornings

Click HERE


will be October 7th 2009

10.30am - 12pm
in village hall

and after that:

1st Wednesaday in every month
write it in your dairy!


Winnie's Fete May 24 2009 with live Music
'Drawing the Line' Exhibition by Patience Foster, Salthouse Church 16th - 30th May2009

HERE'S the LINK!: see
Patience Foster

A few paragraphs from the 'hand-out' at the Exhibition
Visit the Church and see the exhibition

Patience says:

"Drawing the Line" is intended to have multiple associations beyond the straightforward act of drawing; the line of defence in wartime or in a local sense the coastal defences of Norfolk. A further reference is personal . . .

to read this bit click here

. . . . The line between water and land in Norfolk is a frontier between stubborn land and the encroaching sea. In "Drawing the Line" there is a juxtaposition of the results of that battle and man's capacity to create similar conflict. The desolation and emptiness of the fields of battle in France creates images that are reflected in the battered and overturned barriers set up to defend the coastline.

In "Drawing the LIne I have used images from the vulnerasble coastline alongside photographs - some taken by my father - of the devastated landscape of war. I have used collage combined with the drawn line to create a resonance suggesting both other times and today's realities as climate change and rising seas escalate and renew their assault on the beaches, marshes and cliffs of North Norfolk. Increasingly I've enjoyed using layers of collage to explore the subtle, random but cohesive imagery that both subjects provide and adapting my drawing skills to the images that the coastline creates.

Patience Foster, May 2009

Click HERE for Pictures of
the opening of the Patience Foster Exhibition
in Salthouse Church and the remarkable:

some of the band during performance at the opening of the Patience Foster Exhibition in Salthouse Church on Saturday 16th May '09



for future in Salthouse see:

sunset over the shingle bank 13th May '09 by Andrew Wigley

© A.Wigley

Sunset Tuesday May12th at Salthouse

at Salthouse St. Nicholas


After the catastrophe on Good Friday last year when the second half of the Kelling Consort and Orchestra’s performance of the St John Passion in St Nicholas Church, Salthouse had to be abandoned because of the failure of the church’s electrical system it was a cause for rejoicing that the conductor, Angela Dugdale, having first ensured that the electricity had been suitably fortified against a repetition of the disaster, decided to give us a repeat performance of the whole work on the following Good Friday. It proved to be well worth waiting a year for.

All Bach’s sacred compositions present a huge challenge to singers and instrumentalists alike, not so much for their technical difficulties, though these can be demanding enough, but because of the extraordinary emotional intensity with which the music is imbued. Last night, the Kelling Consort and Orchestra, both of the small size that Bach employed himself, rose splendidly to the challenge.

Christopher Barnes sang the Evangelist’s role with great expressiveness and purity of tone, although having to sing the tenor arias as well evidently put some strain on his voice. His rendering of the phrase ‘and wept bitterly’ at the end of Peter’s denial, which is one of the most moving moments in the whole work, was infinitely poignant. Christopher Gadd, who sang Christ and the bass arias, also gave a beautifully nuanced performance and, ironically, only showed signs of flagging in the aria ‘Haste all ye whose souls are weary’. The soprano and contralto soloists, Chloe Barnet and Vera Cooke, both performed competently, but lacked the dynamism of their male counterparts. However, Vera Cooke’s rendering of ‘It is finished’ was memorably eloquent.

The chorus, after a slightly hesitant beginning and some rather rough singing in the tenors and basses, soon got into their stride and sang with attack and increasing confidence. They produced a rich, warm sound, especially in the chorales, and the audience was reduced to a respectful and reverent silence in those chorales which they had been invited to sing with the choir. The numerous dramatic interjections were handled with commendable precision and clarity, notably the notoriously difficult ‘Oh where’, the tricky chromatic passages in ‘If this man were not a malefactor’ and the complicated counterpoint of ‘Away with Him’.

The orchestra achieved a nicely judged balance with the choir and the soloists, and the obbligato playing of both wind and strings was especially noteworthy. Bruce Grindlay played the continuo and sang the role of Peter with equal authority.

Altogether, this was a performance of one of Bach’s most sublime works that both as an act of worship and a feat of musicianship would not have displeased the composer himself.

Holy Saturday, 2009


Easter Eggs at Catriona Court on Easter Sunday arranged by WinnieEASTER EGGS at CATRIONA COURT click here!!

EXHIBITIONS 2008 and 2007






at Salthouse St Nicholas

Elektra at her Baptism in Salthouse St Nicholas Church on  22nd February 2009

click here


Salthouse Parish Council now has it's own website at
the official website of Salthouse Parish Council

They say: 'We aim to provide a simple, fast website that enables residents and
other stakeholders to obtain information about the council and its business
We hope to provide useful information and links.'



click the pic



see the photos of


Filming at the church

click here


MORE photos
click on
the pic>
photos taken by Marilyn

Click on this picture to see the gallery of photos


2nd day of filming -Bill Nighy is caught in the
dark with
2 admirers
CLICK on the PIC!

click on the picture to see the EDP article

click the picture for EDP account

click on the pic!

See pics of Winnie's fete 2008

Winnie's fete 2008


click on Jan


click the sheaf



Read about CHIRPY


See unofficial pictures of Sunday October 5th reception in church after the Group Service at Salthouse. click here


TOM FOX'S 90th Birthday Party pictures taken by Jane Baskett click HERE

Val and daughter Sue at Royal Garden Party on July 8th
The Weather vane pictures click here
Private View and opening of
Salthouse 08
by Sister Wendy Beckett
click here

Salthouse 08

for 2007 EXHIBITIONS click here

click here

for Eric Smee and the June Exhibition 2008

Tony Bellars and Andrew Schumann Exhibition
2008 Click HERE

St Nicholas Church Salthouse

The South aisle with the Lady Chapel in the distanceSee the Lady Chapel refurbished
for private meditation and prayer

and the New Cross

Click on the picture
©Andrew Wigley of Salthouse




For the state of the Shingle Bank Jan 1st 2008
at present click



  BIG DRAWCLICK HERE to have a look! SURGE at Salthouse NOVEMBER 2007
click for pics
      Bure Valley School 2007 project click here

Catriona Court garden

see more pictures
Harvest Thanksgiving
Service & Supper
at the DUN COW

Harvest Thanksgiving in the Dun Cow

The Harvest Thanksgiving Supper was an enormous success and over £260 was raised for Water Aid

see pictures

Salthouse Can-do

click on the group to see a page of pictures

BAPTISM of Joshua and Spike Wright September 9th      click to See pictures!

for the life of DOROTHY THOMSON


Dorothy Thomson, well known and well loved, ex-Churchwarden of Salthouse, died at her home on the 3rd of September 2007 surrounded by her family. 
St Nicholas' church was filled on Monday 10th September for the Funeral and Celebratory service of Thanksgiving for the life of Dorothy.  Dorothy was remembered and celebrated by heart-warming accounts from her son-in-law Jay and her granddaughter Lucy. The service was taken by Father Phil and by Revd Martin Oram, a friend of the family, with Revd Angela Dugdale playing the organ and finally glorifying everything by singing the Nunc Dimittis.  The reception was held at Edenfield, the cottage of Birkin Haward, and the sun shone. see her page

for 2007 EXHIBITIONS click here
For Church Services for August Click here

The Guinness Trust On Friday 7th April 2006, Julie Mogford and Tim Gray of the Guinness Trust came to Salthouse to view the new bit of garden that Winnie and Tracey of Catriona Court have been making to beautify the communal area with shrubs and plants. The Trust contributed money to buy more plants and brought delicious cakes for a gathering of village people.

Winnie, Julie Mogford, Henry Cordeaux
Tim Gray , Julie and Winnie
ceremonial planting

click on the pics to enlarge


Chief watering can operator




Latest on the Buried Records

The NRO Newsletter issue 29 gives its whole back page to the Salthouse Parish Register Project.


To read it click on the pic



See the very latest pictures taken by Antoinette of her work at the moment - click here

On Wednesday 18th January 2006, a privileged group of Salthouse residents and Salthouse researchers were entertained at the NRO to a tremendously interesting and absorbing display, prepared for them by Archivist Jenny Watts and Conservator Antoinette Curtis.


One of the group is invited to have a feel
of the folio inside the humidifier
The first sight of the untreated register
(there was a gasp!)


The whole group

click here to read the EDP article for 22December 2005
click here to see the correspondence from Charles Swainson's son Peter



Reverend Charles Swainson Rector of Salthouse and Kelling 1930 - 1945

Churchwarden Frederick Champion de Crespigny
with Alec Morse, his bearer.


When Britain was under the threat of invasion during the second world war, the Rev'd Charles Swainson and his churchwarden Frederick Champion de Crespigny, took the precaution of hiding the oldest parish records away from possible harm somewhere underground in the churchyard. When the war ended the churchwarden had moved away and Charles Swainson was recovering from an illness in a nursing home. The 1538 parish register stayed where it was underground until 1959 when it was discovered in an unreadable state.

Now —having experienced the current excitement and delight connected with the gradual bringing back to life of the old document and its contents— I begin to wonder if Charles Swainson and his churchwarden's action might have been in the nature of one of those 'mysterious ways' in which God is known to work; creating challenges and surprises which stimulate far-reaching developments!

—The fascination of the dramatic story has attracted the local press and TV so that publicity has been drawn to what the Norfolk Record Office is so lovingly undertaking; their expert skill and the technology which has evolved for the purpose of repairing such damage.

There is such a community spirit about the whole venture which has drawn attention to the value and the contents of these rescued parchment pages and, had it not happened, a lot of people would have been the poorer.

How interested in all this those two might be if they could see it all !


See new photos of the Dack family, also Pigott family, -descendents of the famous Gabriel Pigott's elder brother John Pigott born 1841 see new article on SALT see new flood pics and stories, Kelling School groups, Salthouse Farming workers, Salthouse Hearth Tax, Salthouse Wills, 1841, 1861, 1871 and 1881 Censuses, Marriages in Salthouse Church - since 1839, 2 new Kelling School photos, Wedding photos, New site map, James Olley (who rode in the Charge of the Light Brigade ) Accommodation at Salthouse and some October holiday pictures New pages on the early history of the village and the Heydon family, the cutting of 'flags' on the heath in the past, New pages of Charles High who worked on the railways in Australia, Graves newly revealed in the churchyard, small family trees, early marriages from 1755

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