The mystery photographer squatting in the aisle during the Mummer's Play last December turned up during the performance of King Henry's Band on Sunday August 9th '09. He was 'passing through' again and brought with him a disk of photos taken at the Mummer's play. Here he is, caught by me Val at the time. I hope he won't mind I had to cut his photos down see below. Father Phil and Peter Alexander will have the disk.

taken by Val last DecHere he is in action in December 2008 and these are his photos below ( cut down of course by me Valtaken on August 9th '09  at King Henry's Band If you have trouble with needing to log on to Cooliris after clicking on 'slide show' click here to see a Photoshop gallery of same pictures

The Mummer's Play in Salthouse Church Dec 2008

and these 10 pictures below were taken by him and only turned up now in August when he was passing through again. He is Jeremy Nicholl, based in Russia, see him at

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