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The letter owned by Nils Solberg, written by Johnson Jex to a Mr Bury: (see below it for Nils' transcription)

Mr. Bury                                                                     Letheringsett 22nd July 1821



I am glad to find that you comprehend by description of the Dbl Gun – You seem to think that the Pans will not look well if inclined at an angle of 60 degrees – but you will recollect that the touch hole is at the above inclination it is therefore proper that the pans are in a similar position which no doubt will greatly assist in priming itself & you will consider  that in the usual way the pans are inclined a little towards the butt end, because the lock plates are not parallel to each other, but closer at the hind end than the fore end – therefore the two pans are not in a strait line nor each at an angle of 90 to the axis of the barrels, suppose about 80. – so there will not be any thing in the appearance so disagreeable as you seem to apprehend.

Hope you clearly understand me, that I wish the touch hole the Pans & the part of the hammer which covers the Pan & the hole underneath the hammer which was directed to be bored & afterwards cut open below to be alike inclined at an angle of 60. & although the part of the hammer which covers the pan (when shut) is thus inclined yet the face and the joint of the hammer must of course be as the last Dbl gun – (this you will particularly observe as I forgot to insert it in my sketch sent). I shall not object to the extra charge of £1 if the work is done in the best manner _ & hope this 4th Dbl gun will be got up so as to be free from faults or imperfections – I wish you to get up for me a Pair of double bolt guard saddle pistols with spring bayonet & spirally rifled barrels bright Bodies & blue Barrells @ 40/-

I remain sir,

Yours respectfully,

J Jex

P.S. you forgot to hand me the price of cross bows for Bullets. I wish you to send me 4 slides for Sikes patent bolts which should have been sent in the last parcel. I do not know that I gave the proper name.  I mean the part which stops the shot in when the charger is withdrawn.
Mr Brasher                     Birmingham                                    Warwickshire


© Nils Solberg 2008

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