A cut wrist is given a little pressure and elevated to help stop bleeding
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This innovative First Aid Class - was the idea of Julie and Carrie Large (both in the team on the left) and is the first of many Community ideas to come - all financed by the Guinness Trust and the Scarman Trust - and organised by a Group of Salthouse people.

On the 27th October Wayne Challinor a member of Holt & Communities First Response Unit, kindly visited the British Columbia Hall and provided first aid training for members of our local community.

Wayne not only is a responder but also within the unit is the equipments officer and, as a HSE registered first aid instructor, he assists the local community paramedic (Doug McCoy) in training the other members of the unit.

Wayne was able to pass on lots of experience and advice in first aid, as not only is he a responder but also having spent many years in the armed forces and at present is a serving prison officer. Roles that have given him many situations to deal with, involving first aid. He kept his class rivetted with attention the whole time, and though there was plenty of laughter and fun they really learnt a tremendous amount of basic first aid Click here to let Wayne explain a bit more about it -


Resuscitation and the kiss of life