Salthouse Bowls Club  in Past Years photos contributed by Derrick Holman


Derrick Holman, Reggie Holman, David Bartle, Club captain
Dennis Hurp, unidentified man behind, secretary Walter Cooper and Club chairman H. J. Prothero.

Derrick Holman bowling at the Dun Cow c.1960

Derrick Holman bowling at the Dun Cow c. 1970


Vivien High as a boy

Vivian High c1936. with Jock 

Vivian High remembers the Salthouse Bowls Club when it was at the Hall, and his Uncle Bertie Woodhouse was team captain. Vivian used to wipe the bowls on damp occasions. Mr. Alec Morse was the gardener at the Hall, and he also looked after the bowling green in the walled garden.

The Ladies of the Salthouse Bowls Club 1940 -50
at the Dun Cow

from top left: Priscilla Holman, Primrose Dawson, Dolly Cooke, June Cooper, Alice Graveling, Alice Holman. The Ladies of the 1940s Ladies Bowls Club

on the Dun Cow green c.1940

The Ladies bowls club playing on the Dun Cow green with the marsh and sea beyond 1940-50.
2nd from left Priscilla Holman (Derrick Holman's Aunt and Mother of Ivy Nightingale).
The smoke house belonging to the hall farm behind the wall no longer exists.

TODAY at Cross Street

Photographer Muriel Olin

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