The very latest from Conservator Antoinette Curtis
at work on the conservation of the 1538 - 1713 Salthouse buried registers

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Antoinette yesterday in the Conservation room at the NRO, with the final achievement: each resuscitated parchment folio in it's own tailor-made protective sheet. Easily handled and easily read.

Two years ago, here is Antoinette looking at

the solidified mass

The start of the work was delayed until November 2005 -

From: "Watts, Jenny - NRO"
Sent: Monday, November 28, 2005 3:46 PM
Subject: First Salthouse register

Dear Val,

Just to let you know that Antoinette has started work on the register. The first two bifolia have been treated and she's working on the next two or three. The ones that are finished and are now in the press have come out really well - the parchment has regained its flexibility, it is flat (so should copy well) and the writing is very easy to read. She hasn't yet tackled the worst affected sections which are stuck together, but we're really pleased with the initial results.


Jenny Watts
Senior Archivist
Norfolk Record Office

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